Witch Hunter needs a buff

Playing Salzpyre meens playing the Bounty Hunter. I would love to play good old WH again, but he is simply weak.
I would be even ok playing him as a supporter, but his Ulti takes simply too long to reload. 10% from trinket, 30% from talent and 2% per crit. melee and it still takes forever. And increased crit chance is fine, but how much is it
Tagged enemies take more damage…how much is more? 1%? 5%? As Bounty Hunter you do so much more damage, that this passiv seems very weak.
And for the love of Sigmar buff his pistols!
Rapier pistol…yea, it was OP and it needed a nerf, but now its so bad, everybody is using Falchion and nuffin else.

Please give this amazing charakter some love.


are u drunk , or what? BH is the most powerful class. You just don’t know how to play it.

He’s saying Witch Hunter Captain needs a buff not BH.


Ah, the first one, not the whole character. IDK, it’s fine for me, just another playstyle than BH

You literally just said

and then immediately go and say WHC is fine? If its so obvious that BH is the most powerful that you called him drunk because you thought he thought otherwise, then WHC isn’t “fine.” Bounty Hunter is in a good place and should not be changed, but the other two classes for Saltz could use a little love to bring them up to the same level. Although, the same can be said for most characters. The classes aren’t terribly balanced atm.


what.I thought he meant all classes of Saltz and I said BH is the most powerful, besides WHC is fine at is. Zealot is weak in my opinion

The Witch Hunter Captain debuff on tagged enemies only applies when they are tagged. It lasts 5 seconds and makes them take 10% more damage. In a better world, to make him more viable, it’d just weaken every enemy without the need to ping because ping is on a 2 second delay and everyone can only ping one enemy.

Bounty Hunter is in the right spot. He can’t solo & tank but he provides meaningful artillery support with guaranteed volleybow crits and has to mix up in melee to keep doing it.

But OP is right. WHC just isn’t viable on Legend, let alone Champion I’d imagine. Anyone playing Saltzpyre in the public setting will be on Bounty Hunter for these reasons and more.

People are going to converse with themselves something like this: you can be the class that gives a middling 10% boost to a tagged enemy for 5 seconds, which isn’t even that much, or you can be a class which decimates everything with skilled play and positioning and keeps the team alive with your infinite ammo. It’s the same deal with Handmaiden vs. Waystalker or Shade. You can be the worst tank in the game with no meaningful talents or traits to contribute to the game, or be someone who can.

Even outside of technical discussion there’s less fun to be had in those underpowered classes than those with game changing niches to fill.


Zealot is barely playable and WHC is in a very sorry state. I really want to love WHC but i can’t right now. Bounty hunter or play somebody else.

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It is true, Right now the WH Captain is in bad shape.

Two things that really need to happen… a smoother sliding scale between all 3.

EDIT: Always Prepared change… No longer applies, corrected after BETA, BH no longer has Double Ammo.
WH Captain’s Always Prepared extra ammo trait should be at 50% more ammo, rather than 20%. This sets a sliding scale from Bounty Hunter at +100% Ammo, to WH Captain at +50% Ammo, and Zealot to base level ammo. For a smoother sliding scale between them all.

Animosity Utility ability needs to be around a minute to a minute and a half CD… the current 3 minute CD is completely unjustifiable now that the bonus is so small.
Originally in Beta this was a 100% Crit rate for 8 seconds… which would warrant that. But that is no longer the case.

Now it needs to be reduced down to the level of the other Utility abilities, many of which are instant AoE kill abilities set on a whopping 1 minute timer. Not just bonus crits for 6 seconds and an AoE Stagger. It also brings it in line with the Bounty Hunter and Zealot’s Utility CDs.

Also… certain weapons should be class specific.

WH Captain: Rapier
Bounty Hunter: Repeating Pistol
Zealot: Flail.

The reason the Rapier Alt-Fire was nerfed had little to do with either WH Captain or Zealot, it was about the Talents of the Bounty Hunter which made it overpowered. So nerfing the weapon… like a chain reaction weakened the other two jobs… but had little effect on the Bounty Hunter’s capabilities.

On top of that the Brace of Pistol’s ammo was kept too low ammo as the Rapier Covered it… but now the Brace of Pistols ammo is far too low to be used as an individual weapon anymore and actually needs an increase in ammo to balance it in comparison to the other ranged weapons.

Which is why you can’t nerf witch hunter weapons… they are a chain which causes a chain reaction which ends up weakening the jobs that are already hanging by a thread. But segmenting certain ones to certain classes means you can make only the adjustments that would apply to that job without weakening the others in turn.


I have to agree. I play Saltzpyre a lot, and due to my inability to play anything that is meta, I’ve forced myself into playing nothing but WHC because Zealot just isn’t my style. And it is underwhelming as hell. Only Battle Wizard is worse. Because at least WHC’s active is useful more than once in a blue moon.

The tag ability is insanely weak and on top of that it’s atrociously explained. It needs so much more. I am baffled by the nerfs its level 15 talents received, too. The health talent in particular rivals stunted savior for most worthless talent in the game. The 2 temp HP you get for dead elites fade away within two seconds.

The only fun part of WHC is the infinite frontal block which is useful for clutches. Nothing else is, not even the killing blow headshots.

The tag ability needs to be majorly changed, turned into an option instead of a terrible, lackluster ability that is not even team-oriented despite WHC seemingly being his support option. And his hidden, obscure bonus to melee headshot damage needs to be increased and replace the killing blow. I’d much rather consistently deal a lot more with my melee headshots, actually giving me a gameplay niche in combat, than have a random chance of killing an elite with a swipe against its head.

And the insanely long cooldown on his ability, which in and of itself is a boring swap of Mercenary’s… I mean, even all the other copypaste actives are at least kind of different and fun, but all this does is have a different buff for your team and be worse. No no no. This just doesn’t do.

The incomprehensible design behind the rapier’s pistol I won’t even get into…


I only pick for his innate headshot damage bonus + lvl 10 headshot talent because 1shotting stormvermin with rapier is fun. That’s it.

Zealot is stronger than BH in just about every way if you know what to do , believe it. :slight_smile:

I would love an explanation that justifies this statement, considering he does neither have a free crit or teamwide more damage for markable enemies.

And yes I played him in the beta, but he felt odd after release (possible nerfs? I do not know) and I prefer WHC attire anyway.

That’s about the funiest thing i’ve read on those forums. I bet you don’t even know that a bunch of his talents don’t work.

Today I got instant group kick when they saw me as WHC in legend

Still dunno if those guys kick me because lack of knowledge that WHC is support class, or they just kick me because they are scoreboard cheasers, or maybe they got spot for friend…

But it was just keek to get instant kicked same second you joined the legend (im 600 PL, I alredy managed to do legend runs(even pre nerf) as WHC, so I wonder whats reason from kickin me, and why they not love WHC)…

If you ask me raiper pistol need little buff (it feels weak, using it only for CC purposes)… otherwise is fine, raiper is high skill cap weapon, if you practice enought to hit heads you are fine. (but thats ok, i love raiper , really invested alot of time practicing it)

Better survivablity, 25% power if you use barrage-swap correctly, you can lower the cooldown on rapier alt-fire if you swing-and-altfire immediately (and it’s effected by attackspeed. Haven’t you guys played vt1?). So many neat tricks you can do with Zealot thats not limited to having strong ranged, but it takes way more effort than waiting for blessed shots

The only thing BH has over Zealot is boss burst damage. It’s the comfort-spec due to familiarity. I’l rather have on-my-feet crowd control to deal with unlucky RNG and other stuff.

What next, you’re going to say firestorm staff is bad on sienna because Beam can snipe?


A lot of people giving feedback don’t seem to understand strategy or even variety of gameplay. They just number-pad as if this is an MMO. A hooray-for-me-and-f**k-you attitude.

Yeah most of WH Captains Talents are either non functional at this point or so slight they have no effect on the game.

So I’ve left out that part until I can assess the Power Level code screw up from Fat Shark that apparently affects every job. We’ll see when it gets patched in.

But yeah they’ve been non functional for a while now.

Apparently even the bonus you were supposed to get for tagging an enemy is also either non functional or only lasts for 5 seconds according to some who have experimented with it.

And Justice Bounty?
Lol yeah don’t make me laugh… a whopping 2 TEMP health after killing a tagable enemy… lol that disappears seconds later? Yeah that’s a… don’t waste my time trait.

Whoever said WH Captain was a “support job” lied their rear end off. They obviously just made it up as they went along. Its no more “supportish” than any of Krubers Careers.

This is very, ahhhm, toxic behavior, and will be a big issue moving on, buuuttt… WHC is legitmately bad compared to other choices. He’s just, he’s bad. He’s not Zealot in how he doesn’t function; he functions and he’s just not good. He’s still Saltzpyre so you can play him efficiently but you could be doing so, ssso much more as either any other support class if you want to be a support, or as Bounty Hunter or even Zealot if you want to play Saltzpyre.

He can’t be a support right now. He would be if his tag tangibly increased the damage for the entire team, if he had more than the tag to offer, if his ability - a lame, boring copypaste of Merc’s much more useful ult (all other copypaste abilities mix something up aside from a number) - didn’t take a year to recharge, and if his level 15 talents weren’t unnoticeable. But instead he’s a mishmash of a flanker and a support, and you could really do better.

This is the one occasion where I would almost understand kicking a player based on their career on legendary. I wouldn’t defend it or say that it’s fine, but I’d kind of understand it from a pragmatic point of view. He’s just not good enough at anything.

Im not calling for buffs, just giving my opinion, and sharing what happend to me today, people kicked me same second when i joined legend grp as WHC, so I wondered whats wrong with WHC. I know there will be always people who wish to play with Meta heroes only, regarding all others as inferior, but WHC is overall fine if you ask me, maybe just few minor tweaks.

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