Despite the nerfs, Saltzpyre is still very fun to play

I play BH and Zealot a lot, and most noticeable changes for them are the career damage nerf, max ammo change and passive cooldown change for BH, career duration change for Zealot.

BH still functions well in the game, except the career skill is now more used to clear hordes and patrols instead of bosses. Passive cd is never a problem if chose Prize Bounty lvl 15 talent. BH can still do massive boss damage, only thing I feel being affected is that max ammo nerf made some weapons like BoP and Xbow a little bit worse since I have to be aware of running out too fast, hope there will be some other way to compensate their usefulness, but they deal very decent damage so I’m not too worried about them.

Zealot before 1.0 I can keep my charge up almost 100% during major fights, but now its duration got nerfed and resourceful combatant weapon traits got nerfed from 5% to 2%, I can no longer go 100% super saiyan mode all the time, less fun but pretty reasonable.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with Salt’s current status, been having a ton of fun playing him. Just maybe WHC needs some love so I can dig him out of the grave again.

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Feels like saltz is in a good place. I’m loving zealot gameplay, it was my most anticipated career along with ironbreaker and i wasn’t disappointed.

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Bounty hunter active needs some rework, the skill has never been good with horde, now it is even hard to kill chaos warrior. BoP with bounty hunter is not option on higher difficulty, prize bounty can’t save enough ammo for this weapon, once ammo is gone, this subclass is not worth using. Instead witch hunter has great synergy with BoP.

I can’t speaking about how zealot is right now, but I love slayer much more than him, one of the issues is his all LV15 talents don’t increase his damage potential and I feel out of his specialty.

As for witch hunter, did you notice he got nerfed as well? I mean pretty hard nerf to him.

If dev only changed one subclass, I won’t mind too much, but all his subclasses have changed(nerfed frankly), I do want to know why.

I honestly don’t think Witch Hunter can compete with the other two. Bounty Hunter getting a free volley Arrow triple shot every 8 seconds and zealot getting large melee steroid makes them consistent and reliably good. Witch Hunter however gives very little other than his active…which is good but has too long of a cooldown to compete really since that’s all he brings to the table. .

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