Preemptive balance suggestion (Saltz new Ranged Weapon)

If those Dual Wield Pistols act as Shotguns or Blunderbus, please don’t allow Zealot to use them, as his Ranged Weapons still benefit from his Power, and he will become completely broken.

His Ranged Power should have been seperated some time ago, imo.

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Unlike the BH which is perfectly balanced :wink:


At least his melee is somewhat gimped to be fair, Zealot does not suffer from that^


Yeah that’s definitely true. It’s just double shotted which annoys me, it’s so broken. It can melt bosses in seconds, and the same people who use it are the ones complaining the game’s bosses are “too easy”.

Zealot applying his bonus power to ranged attacks on the other hand (while it doesn’t make much sense) is only useful to reach some breakpoints. I don’t mind if they remove this effect, but it’s definitely not what’s breaking the balance of the game atm.

EDIT: Strenght potions increasing ranged damage doesn’t make much sense either (well, maybe for bows)


I’ve yet to see armor damage numbers on thid weapon. Every ‘content creator’ keeps shooting the same dummy 30 times. Anyone have an idea?

From watching people use it in Chaos Wastes looks respectable with crits, not so much without. Pretty sure Super Armour damage will be low even with crits. Definitely gonna be a Bounty Hunter weapon from what I’ve seen. Maybe Zealot can do some work on infantry with it but I doubt either of Saltz melee careers will want to give up a sniping weapon for what it offers.

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