Weapon balance soon?

I really hope we´ll see a weapons balance patch soon, and yes… nerfs included.

With the changes that all weapons / classes sit on 0,85s dodge now, just another point of balancing seems gone. So actually worse weapons, which have probably most been faster one-hand weapons without extrem damage spikes, are even worse now.

On top i would like to know why some weapon types do nearly the doubled damage from similar weapons, even if they have nearly the same gearscore AND bars filled? Doesn´t make the choice obvious does it? Why even have different types of e.g. autorifles then?

Or have there been changes in the background not mentioned in the patchnotes?


Yeah i was hoping for more balance too but zealots ult, while buffed in the sense that ranged fire no longer interrupts it anymore is still majorly suffering from the nerf from the beta.(if they had just never nerfed it zealot would be perfect. its frustrating)

Thunderhammer is not changed at all either and needs to be made less clunky.

Chain weapons are still borked with zealot’s ult due to the ult nerf.

Im honesly kinda dissapointed but its my fault for having high expectations. I am still super happy that ranged fire no longer interrupts zealots ult though. The compromise on chip damage is nice too. Once they revert the nerf from 1.08 zealot will be great i think.

Ogryn weapons need love.

Club is just a worse shovel. Cleaver is good except it’s useless against carapace armor. Grenade Gauntlet is the only gun that can reliably snipe (with good dps to boot). Kickback shotgun needs a shorter reload.