Patch Reaction

Preface I can live with the nerf to my weapon ive tested it and I can still use it but its a bit janky. Guess im not a “flat footed vet” as a certain salt farmer once named me :stuck_out_tongue:

These are from your community. Interesting reading edited some swear words out

Valaska … could we not nerf the flamer? Zealot already is a crappier version of Veteran, flamer was its only redeeming quality.

vodanPoor veterans and zealots

AzeffR.I.P. powersword.

水墨sama noooooo my power sword

CheriosWhat’s the point of introducing balance changes to a Co-op PvE game?

EastCLiff The most xxxing stupid idea of the year. Thanks for your late confession, noob dev.
Now I confirm your childish philosophy on this game one more time. Thanks really. It’s not a sarcasm. I can avoid to buy your next title.

HUNTERycz Fine, still no new misson type, weapons, map, class, bless or even skin. Only thing you have is to making players upset. Stop nerf players! Its a PVE game! We need more funny map, ,misson type and weapon for new build!

Darkcat Just when I got the Power Cycler 4 blessing for my power sword…

Texan What did you do to mah power sword?!

[AdorableAurora] nerfing the flamer that much is soo stupid. its what keept the zelot a decent class to the others and it was fun burning hoards.

[92nd] SANIBELBABY Why are you “balancing” things in a Co-op game balance the ai not the players lol

LightWay Why nerfing Flamer and PowerSword instead of making other weapon useable. Many of non-unique weapon are trash and still have 4 variant. This patch confirm that balance team/dev. don’t even play their game in T4 or T5.

ShinPippo the moment i got power cycle it’s get nerfed…classic

Blunts Why are you nerfing classes and weapons in a PVE game rather than adding new content?

xFIRKx imagine nerfing certain types of weapons instead of buffing the others to make them more in-line withe rest, in a PVE coop game, devs really should stop listening to whining kids about “nerf this, nerf that”.
no offence, this “patch” is pure :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:.

Grayser Talk about kicking preacher while they are down

Zephir Are you tards balancing for malice, forgetting that heresy and damnation exist?

Jij Why you always nerfing a pve game with no scoreboard?

Lil’Kraber.exe Why you :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: kill “op” weapons. Just buff other trash weapons. ITS A PVE GAME

Saph whoever is making these changes can rightly :heart::heart::heart::heart: off

add content to the game and buff the weapons as a whole they all need love not just specific weapons creating a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: meta in a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: coop pve game im tired of this stupid :heart::heart::heart::heart: just take advantage of the core gameplay and make it fun for the love of god

Crayzus They play malice and cheat their way to level 30. If they played damnation High intensity they would realize how foolish these nerfs are.

Nexus Did any of devs go through t5 difficulty? Are you absolutely sure that players above t3 do not play? Another trash. FIX everything to 0 in :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: pve game. 0 content, but nerfs…ofc

MoarAsianThanU How about less nerfing fun weapons and actually ADDING CONTENT?
Where are the new maps?

=MoonShard= Oh yeah keep nerfing things so I can swap back to the old weapons and forget about anything new added.

把钱还给我,我不玩了 trash update,nobody care your “balance” that only nerf.

Zlobereth NerfShark

Hagbard great idea to nerf stuff instead of fixing obvious issues!
GG FS!!!

InFerNos1 >no one using the bad weapons

nerfs the good weapons so that the they are in line with the bad ones
only bad weapons remain

N7 Yeti 1 step forward, 2 steps back…

Winterwolf RIP power sword

:biohazard: βioClone λx-45 :biohazard: :inquisition: hope is the first step to disappointment :inquisition:

Soul Fire I feel like this nerf is a bit much (as a psyker main) I already felt that pergatus and fire psyker build overshadowed preachers flamer in terms of hoard (unlimited ammo solid dps and spread on perg and huge range and infinite pierce aoe on asendent blaze in it’s cone)

The Darkened Soul NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! WRONG DAMN DIRECTION DAMMIT! You don’t NERF an already crippled class like that! The Zealot’s flamer was what made me even like that class to begin with! You don’t just nerf two good weapons and buff nothing else! That’s not how you do that!!!

Roll and the flamer is useless, so the zealot now, which drops to “almost veteran, but in bad”. Can you focus on making real new content rather than RUINING the value of your mind-boggling amount of 4 classes at each balancing pass, and thus the interest of your game. ffs this game is dying…

Monkey I can’t believe you’ve done this to my flamer

dragonmercx4 I mean I WAS gonna start playing again after that new content drop but forget it if they’re just gonna nerf everything in a PVE game. Nerfs in a PVE is a BLATANT tell that the devs are :heart::heart::heart::heart: and don’t know how to fix the issues they have without making the game garbage. NEVER EVER NERF in PVE. Just look at warframe, they drop over 10% of their playerbase EVERY TIME they do a major nerf and almost always have to Undo it or release something to distract everyone. STOP NERFING! However, the sudden drop in player count SHOULD be an indicator to ya’ll that this IS NOT A GOOD IDEA…

FireFist Such an utter trash dev

Muddy shoes holy un-needed nerf bat Batman, now to put my zealot in storage to no longer play. This nerf cut most of the unique things about the zealot at the knees R.I.P.

Demetrion Nerfing weapons in PvE game for the sake of “balance”. And just when things finally started - somewhat, and with the help of a hefty dose of copium - to look up. You really want this game dead, don’t you? It doesn’t matter if those nerfs were justified or not. It’s a coo-op horde shooter, you shouldn’t nerf anything, period. Buff weapons/classes that are lagging behind, this isn’t a milsim for crying out loud! Beef up enemies or add a couple of new difficulty levels if you have to, but don’t nerf stuff. Let the game be insane power fantasy.

Obake Please don’t break the game any more.
You’re really going to lose players.

The return of Uncle Flamer did need a nerf but not one this heavy, it already had a weakness which was its lack of range for gunners, shooter and snipers,alt fire cannot even stagger most things now so you just get hit out of your shots. Power sword got gutted, yeah it need to be nerfed but not that hard, maybe restore the second power swing on heavies and it will be in a lot better place.

Ingovwetrust_1984 A co-op PVE game with few maps, few modes, few occupations but a lot of trash weapons that are not strengthened. Instead of properly updating the new content, it only knows how to vigorously nerf players’ comfortable T1 weapons.

You guys are 100% fools, wish you guys bankruptcy as soon as possible, team disbandment and never set foot in the gaming industry again. You guys might as well go back to your hometown and farm.

Misery So basically you turned Power Sword into a garbage tier weapon?

Fiveball Dang, poor zealot. Flamer was such an effective and iconic weapon.

I don’t play as much as i used to because of all the reasons. Now there is another to give me a little pause.

一本满足 I think there are still too much player everyday for fatshark, so they use these nerf to reduce the number, good job, you actually success.

PS. why you do not working on buff trash weapons make it more useful then nerf good weapon like power sword? its just a PVE game.

Onion Looks like rock and stone is back on menu bois! I’m going back to work for DRG, thx for ur patch.
Simply a trash patch if u are running veteran or zealot, we are going to nerf PS and flamer 75% but no refund for all u plasteel! Grind for new weapons and expect more nerfs!

Hammerstein Do I get a material refund for the countless Plasteel that I put into the futile search for Power Cycler?

Cam Why tf would you nerf the exclusive Veteran power swords’ main ability? And then nerf the main thing a Zealot uses…the Flamer…
Useless aah update

landwhale Good job with heavy handed nerfs on two of the most favorite weapons in the game. This patch is bug fixes, nerfs, and aim assist updates which definitely aren’t part of that console port. Where are new maps? Where are new classes? Where are new weapons? What are you people doing if you’re not working on these and supposedly not working on a console port or cosmetics? :zagsnooze:

MrMan Classic fatshark… nerfing the good weapons instead to buff the weak ones to give more veriety.

Dummy Maya Can u guys stop your alleged FREAKIN "balancing, it balancing my A$$. presumptuously weaken the most usage weapon. think about it, cuz the other weapon are ****. if u really want “balance”, buff the weapon for us, let us got other choice. such a simple thing,don’t you understand ? you donut. Also, plz use those nerf weapon, show us your “excellent” game play plz, T3 loser. u guys never finish T3 of the closebeta, not to mention now, u guys add such fatal debuff, i really want to see u (removed). plz?

It goes on and on I would like to take a moment to say Nice work fatshark ! congratulations ! lol

Duct Tape Two steps backwards, one step forwards. Same old song and dance.

Helevu Balancing efforts are usually appreciated but can you focus on making all the weapons worth using before nerfing the usable ones ?

General High Ping Working hard to remove fun i see…

STORM It took over 600 hours to get the ‘Power Cycler’.
If you nerf the 4th level blessing this much, how will you compensate for the plasteel and diamantine that went in?

BadChé power sword nerf = too bad…
Bad day today for this game

Black Napalm Time to uninstall the game . . . . . again

sant This “patch” was meant to force meta-players into another RNG grind-loop. They have done it in the past and they will do it again.

tortellini3 makes me sad

スカイライン might as well chop off one hand from veterans

supertango It’s like everyone forgot they did this same :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: in vermintide, they removed every fun build from the earlier versions of the game and rendered several ranged weapons completely useless on the higher difficulties (repeater pistol vs repeater pistol’s early crit build)

Zealot is by far the weakest class too, but now they’re a joke

coldgarden Noo don’t nerf flamer or chainsword

apuapuapuapu go eat :heart::heart::heart::heart: fatshark

NeonSponge I haven’t played 40k since like 7th or 6th edition but flamers and power swords are supposed to be powerful? The sword is designed to go through armour and give a regular human an equal footing or an advantage to say an Ork on Mega Armour or whatever.

CastellanDraigo Honestly, if you think your game is lacking build variety due to some “OP” weapons, maybe you want to buff the other weaker weapons so people would actually use them, especially on higher difficulties?

Blacksh33p ruined flamers, ruined power swords, ruining the game. well done great update, idiots.

Cooli167 Whyyyyyy so many nerfs to the fun things???

Commie I rlly dont understand why were nerfing the few good weapons instead of improving all the :heart::heart::heart::heart: ones, ohh yes lets just make everything bad instead of improving other gear. Do the devs not ask themselves why you only see specific weapons on dif 4 and 5? I would love to know the thought process behind this.

Valkyr-24 [FR] Don’t wanna play Preacher anymore, flamer was the only fun part of it. Devs probably don’t know what “fun” means for the players.

Brock Stones All they have to do is remove locks or allow them to be removed by spending diamonds. Going to stay uninstalled until this happens, especially with balance changes like this. Players need an easy way to change both blessings.

bostondunn PUT IT BACK It would help if they made other weapons actually worth using, instead of just blanket nerfing stuff. Seriously the Catachan Blades are utterly worthless, but I’ve never seen them buffed. The chainsword could use some love too.

Rewasder “We realize that the game has some issues and everything we do will be reviewed with critizicing eyes by the community, so we have decided on killing the most fun weapons instead of bringing the others to fun territory, maybe if we make the game utterly umplayable we can end this suffering.”

Ravensblade The last big patch was a nice step forward. This patch was a kick in the balls.

You don’t make the game more fun by taking things away from people. You give them more options for said fun. You could have made the flamer less of a no brainer by improving some of the many garbage tier weapons in the game.
I can even somewhat understand the change to damage vs. armoured opponents but the ammo nerf is a slap in the face.
Change it back Fatshark!


supertango The plasmagun is still so completely worthless that I never see a single person use it and it’s the ‘unique’ weapon for the veteran
stop sniffing :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: glue when you balance the game

Serafim Ammo nerfs are just sad, pls tweak other parameters.

I_Was_Born_In_The_USA Yet another dev team that buffs underpowered weapons and classes by nerfing the rest. Yet another PvE-only game that is balanced like a competitive shooter.

Genkai ammo nerfs for the flamer are just bad and since power cycler NEVER EVER EVER EVER rollz the power sword is also a big F right now

GoosE “We wanted to adjust the broad capability of the flamer…"
“Adjust” is not the right word for nerving the hell out of something. Like in so many games they buff and nerf NOT in little steps and see what happens. “Clipsize” and Ammopool just reduced by 25% and less effective… wow, good job.
Just don´t let the flamer combine with the zealots special, then it was ok imo.

SaINt.Mayhem I’ve got to be honest, I think the flamer changes missed the mark.

andreas Gutted the power sword noooooo :steamsad:

reeferman73 you Fatshark :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: are a bunch of heretics! you nerfed the flamer!wth man! i mean really? the flamer is supposed to kill everything its a FLAMER!!! more selective purging pfahh!

Foster wow thanks for making one of the best weapons to play with absolutely useless now :slight_smile: literally no one asked for this.

Exadius So they took the lazy option.
Instead of buffing all other weapons (cough chainweapons cough) they nerf the power
I swear they get some sort of gratification pissing off their playerbase

Ninjamammoth You guys :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: it up with this game. way to go to ruin your rep.

Big Balls hey, here’s a thought, how about you fix one of these first before trying to work on balances:

  • votekick popup, blocking the entire screen
  • constant loading, even switching between characters
  • having to reroll 20000 times for a perk you want after you already unlocked free rerolls
  • see people’s loadout
  • specials and elites spawning behind players on doors they’re next to (imagine poxbursters coming out of door behind you after the first second of the audio cue)
  • spawning 4+ disablers or 4-5 poxbursters at the same time (from the same spawnpoint literally running at you in a b-line, because that’s the shortest path toward you)
  • specials and elites shooting through other enemies and objects (while doing almost no damage to their friendlies - and players cant shoot through their friendlies?)
  • snapping onto targets hounds and mutants
  • mutant turning 180 degree
  • trapper shooting through walls and floors, not needing line of sight (as long as they’re in range)
  • counterfire doesnt tag scab stalker (cause they’re close range shooters, when they shoot at you in packs of 8-10 from 5-8m+)
  • ogryn bulwark shield hitbox
  • ranged damage stunlocking or cancelling your animation (like ogryn charge ability)
  • connection stability

fix any of these first, then more horrible decisions on balances might be better received.

Lagasaurus rex Im gonna say it: they should take everyone working on this off and replace it with the vermintide 2 team.

nakedhand So now that the flamer has almost no impact left, the enemies will just run through the flame and melee me while I’m flaming with 25% less ammo in the canister. Got it, thanks.

What a truly horrible patch.

Tuska3.04 Did fatshark ever noticed, the game is not going to a better When only nerf the popular weapon build. This will only waste the passion of the player.

Hexagoros You know what Fatshark? :heart::heart::heart::heart: you and :heart::heart::heart::heart: your crap game.

Why hand out a bunch of nerfs to a game currently struggling to keep players?


Seljka Maybe rework how zealot works instead of nerfing zealot weapons. Being able to use flamers with their ability was what made it unique compared to other classes.

Professional Re**** Zealot sisters not like this…

Abel T-Type Just a CRAZY Idea…how about finishing the Game and working on Balance later ? I mean you already don’t have much to Show to your Audience.

Arkady Unwanted nerfs ty FS you did it again.

Ceres Clouds Maybe instead of nerfing the only weapons people feel are consistently reliable, try buffing all the weapons nobody is using because their roles are undefined or are simply underwhelming and feel like dogwater to use? You have a real problem with being afraid of your weapons actually being good at weaponing.

Skruff Nerfing the best weapon in the game, thanks. Now, i don’t even need to log in for a game of fun flamer action. Thanks i guess.

Dex Well i dont share the hate most people here have, however please considering boosting useless weapons first before rendering my setup infeasible.
I am absolutely not happy, while i can understand that a Powersword did put out more damage for hordes nerfing the flamer is just not understandable.
At least i can approximate my previous performance by finding/making a powersword with powercycler i dont see the same for flaming zealot.

HashSlingingSlasher Another worthless patch by incompetent devs, make sure to balance and nerf because its important in the 5 maps we have. How about you stop balancing and start making actual content? You devs really are the worst of the worst, I wish tencent would shut you down, or give the game over to devs that know how to make an actual functioning fun game.

Tech Welp, been playing this game since closed beta. Seen it go through its fair set of changes. I love this game I really do. I think the mechanics are great and with time this game could be better.

But im a sharpshooter player and the one thing the sharpshooter had in terms of dealing with most enemies in close quarters just got nerfed. I think a few people said it already, but you guys need to buff the weapons no one uses, not debuff the meta.

insomnia Players having fun seems to be an unacceptable thing for FatShark, so FatShark is doing its best to do some disgusting things to reduce the number of players and keep players away from this game.

MrMak3r Some friends zealot were complaining about this class. And now its worse. Maybe some buff will be necessary, instead of nerf. Buff all classes plz, make the game more enjoyable, not worse.

Anaztazioch Please, make other weapons better instead of removing cleaving power from powerswords.
Thunder Hammer is great due to 1 hitting Bulwarks, but why it cant do the same for Ragers ?


Oakatusz You are so tone deaf fatshark, that it hurts. Why are you killing Zealot? You should’ve buffed the Eviscerator instead of this mess. Where is the content? It’s pathetic that we are nearing half a year of Darktide and you have your pants down without anything to show. Shameful, really. Anyone who is responsible for the management of this project should go herd cows instead of game development.

NanoX What is going on with that devs. Awful. Just awful.
It is like them trying to ruin this game on purpose.

I don’t get it.

acesahn Why nerf the flamer? You take the flamer you are at the mercy of your team to kill most specials. I feel naked with a flamer at times.

Mentok the Mindtaker I spent a lot of time working towards acquiring Power Cycler, and when I finally get it and I’m able to have fun with it, you go ahead and nerf it down to where it was feeling when I didn’t have it. You b̵̬̾a̡̫̋s̹̼ͦͦ́́t̫̠͆̓͞͡ą̧̨̪͙͚ͪ̈̓r̴͕͕ͦ̐͞d̘͎́ͬ̕͢sͮ҉͎ have ruined the time I spent in your game trying to find through RNG this very hard to get Blessing, and I am sick and tired of you ruining fun in this PVE game.

To the Warp with you and your decisions Fatshark. I’m never going to use your MTX system.

Vitek R Fatshark needs to learn the concept of “Incremental adjustment”.

Reduce the PS charges by 1. See how that works for a month. Reduce damage of the flamer by, say, 10%. See how your data is effected.

I assume they have data gathering, you know, the basic feature built into the steam API for just this reason?

But nope. Fatshark just goes balls deep. They go straight to the nuclear option every :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: time they adjust something.

Retro-Slayer '89 Thanks for wrecking the beloved power sword, real champs! -_-

Panzer time to stop playing DT. Thank you :wink:

Kraat Devs, Publisher, everyone. You already pushed a game that should have been “Overwhelmingly Positive” into “Mixed” (and mostly negative if we count recent reviews at one point).
How many times do we need to teach you this lesson old man?

Neekopol gj mf

Lycan why would you nerf some of the only viable weapons? Making everything equally awful doesn’t make the combat more fun. RIP Power sword and RIP Flamer

VeLo Right! Weaken normal weapons instead of buffing weak ones. Soon only you will be playing your game. Continue in the same spirit. If you touch the bolter, you will simply drive the final nail into Darktide’s coffin.:coolsam:

P.S. Nerfing a weapon in a PvE game is the highest degree of intelligence (sarcasm):steamsalty:

FoopThePoofer L

Indrid good job on those balance tweaks, really listening to the player base. /s

Silent Valor Damn here I am hoping for more content and buffs to weak weapons to make the game more fun. Instead they nerf some of the cool fun weapons and are actively making the game less fun. Here is a pro tip Fatshark. Dont do big nerfs in a pve game. Instead you should be focused on buffing weaker and underpowered weapons and introduce new and more challenging content.

MNE_RX105 veteran is dead

Alucard F**k you FS from every zealot :slight_smile: Probably the only true fun weapon for zealot is now usefull. When team manages with 3-4 mutants at the same time its well balanced game…but having a good dps flamer is unbalanced… :steamthumbsdown:

Stredø low battery power sword, lol

Bit oh no people are having too much fun with the few good weapons
we nerf the few good weapons
Well f*#& Fatshark. This is a PvE game, just make the :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: weapons (most of them) as fun to use as the fun weapons (which are now not fun). Seriously if Power Sword is OP there are better ways to handle this other than punishing the few idiots still dumb enough to be playing this dumpster fire by invalidating the :heart::heart::heart::heart: they’ve been grinding for months. Maybe reduce the damage per activate swing or something, not taking away its entirely unique mechanic down to one power swing. Seriously done with this game. No more.

It’s a Trap Stop F***ing with the power sword, god please

XYEBEPT I was hunting down Power Cycler for two months and now it’s nerfed to ass, thanks. I agree that PS was a bit owerpowered, but this nerf is just :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:. Well, back to jerking off “special attack button” twenty times a second, hooray!

jj64 Wow… the tone deafnesss of this update finally made me uninstall this trash pile.

urShulgi Why not combine the different PC environments?!! Just amazing how horribly lead this game is… so much potential that just ends up being ignored. Wonder why your play numbers drop so badly?! Its not the bugs…

PestNox omg… you really want to lose all players yes?

:cloud: Loud Cloud :cloud: RIP zealot, :heart::heart::heart::heart:

painkiller074 see some hardcore player with pro team and top PC clear a damnation stage with no sweat, oh the game must be broken, let’s nerf it. let the rest casual players suffer with random team and optimization issue and rigged RNG. lol check the stats pls, u dont have much of a player base left anyway, but u still dont get what ppl want. another high hope ending in botched job, well done!

EXTREMEPANTS How about, instead of nerfing the only viable weapons for certain classes, buff other weapons to make them more viable?

Gabriel Angelos so the developers went from being useless to actively trying to get rid of half of the existing player base by nerfing everything… I guess keeping the cost of the servers doesnt pay off anymore…

the spiciest of bois This is an april fools joke right? Everything but the thunder hammer flinch… is well… bad.

PestNox You are ruining this game permanently. There was no need to nerf, it’s a pve game, weapons were fun and okay, literally you are loosing the few players left. Congratz, varlets.

Farseer RIP my Godroll Flamer T_T :fire:
The last patch motivated me to return to the game, but now I just want to quit after 200 hours.

white gorilla Because of all the cries of people not enjoying the flamer or power sword?

I don’t know if balancing favorites is what fatshark should be doing when it takes so long to get a loadout. The last few weeks I’ve been rolling and building Powerswords for my veteran and your brilliant update just waste plasteel, diamantine and more importantly my time.

JDawgg Why Completely Nerf the only thing that made the Power Sword Viable?

Chaos Lord Almonius ah yes, lets nerf one of the only really good ranged weapons for zealot, especially at higher difficulties. Yall need to stop :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: on ogryn and zealot.

ItzDaganBoii I haven’t played power sword for a while on my vet because i found the activation time to be too annoying so i just use a quick tact axe. Guess I’ll never revisit it. That nerf seems pretty harsh.

Skelly Jelly Why is Fatshark prioritizing nerfs for player weapons in a PVE game, full of countless other more pressing issues?? These changes to the flamer and power sword have completely killed any remaining interest I’ve had in playing.

Egg’0 j’te fume a gogo I’m not so sure about today’s patch, I think maybe buffing the less used/weaker weapon would have been more wise, but I reckon it might be hard to do so without trivialising the harder difficulties.

Farseer Belated April Fool’s Joke

Vapor 2 things.
Your game is not at a playable state at which nerfing things should be your concern. Focus on bringing bad weapons up to snuff rather than taking the over tuned things down, more so considering you always seem to do so with a bit too much gusto.
That’s thing one.

The other thing is Solo Mode. Please.

azurepunk98 this aint it chief, stop ruining the powersword 2 hits was fine

Jonah i just got my zealot to lvl 24. was loving the flamer and playing the class up until seeing this patch. thanks for wasting hours of my time devs. i guess i will just go to a different class now. i dont understand why they have to nerf the good weapons like power sword and flamer rather then buff all the :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: weapons instead. it makes no sense. literally worse devs then tarkov…

Pushrod302 Jesus f-kin christ.

Kurt Bukakke Idk guys i think your approach to balancing is really really bad and i am out again until next content drop.

Jaxon Fixed bugs? Happy :slight_smile:
Nerfed my favourite weapon for veteran and second favourite for zealot? Now sad instead :frowning:

Hans Gruber III Congrats on the utter and complete destruction of what little good will you had rebuilt since launch. Looks like I’ll be going back to world of tanks.

B@ll@s WOW i have played all classes to max level almost unlocked all the achievements…where is the end game? also the class i started playing was the zealot i soon realized is was the worst class by far… now you go and nerf the only redeeming factor??? what are you thinking this is only gona to push people away from the class making more and more veteran/ogryns as they do what the zealot does but better. A PVE GAME WITH NERFS TO THE WEAKEST CLASS ONCE AGAIN WOW

Side note stop making your game unfun… and limiting the players builds.

Edward Cullen Why are we nerfing players in an already aids pve game on the higher difficulties. There is no pvp there is no reason to nerf teh power sword if a verteran wants to horde clear in melee in melee it was a must now we are going to see people try and use catachan swords again and die.

QQEQQ instead of nerfing weapons, create new and stronger enemy, stop being so lazy. stop nerfing weapons people love to use. This is not the way to balance a game

GeezusCryst Sucks for the people who bought this game they don’t seem to be listening to the community at all

Czupurek I am very dissapointed by this patch. I feel like i cannot enjoy this game the way i want, even thou i believed that devs will bring this game to its glory in few months… for me its the end of the line, im out

Floasted Legend hot garbage

Forsaken Cool so the powerswords are worthless, thanks for that. Great idea to nerf the weapon that gives the ranged character survivability when they find themselves overwhelmed. I remember all the times I got through those 2 swings and still had 40 mobs in front of me devouring my toughness and hp thinking “Oh well :heart::heart::heart::heart:, this weapon is too strong. I wish I could only swing it once after being vulnerable for a full second or more just trying to activate it” Next, you should consider taking away it’s cleave.

UPGRAYEDD Jesus Christ, stop nerfing stuff. This is a game about having a power fantasy, let us have some friggin fun with OP weapons.

B1ackSwordsman Well back to the uninstall list you go Darktide for a stupid nerf in a PVE co-op game…

Child of the Omnissiah no new misson type
even skin

but instead a NERF IN A NON PVP GAME
what happened to oyur company after vermintide?
or is games workshop like
“Dont make the game actually GOOD because then no one will buy our overpriced minis”

Tenshi Pretty S H I T update

RafaelSannn MY FLAMMER?! WHY???!

DeagleDad420 The flamer just outright sucks now because unlike Vermintide’s drakegun it eats up ammo and require slow reloads instead of just having an overheat mechanic and there’s so many bloody shooters in higher difficulties you’re sacrficing a lot of utility. But instead of using common sense and actually playing the game, balance changes are being made based off stupid stuff said on reddit. People hated the flamer because it denied them the opportunity to murder stuff in melee not because it was overtuned.

Cookie (Tarantula Enjoyer) Player nerfs in a game where the most broken aspect is your :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: AI director? Why dont you reduce overall toughness per class while youre at it? Make gunners shoot more frequently and do more damage too, cause obviously you played recently and assumed it was too easy.

DISASSTERB8 guys did not need to nuke the power swords for the soldier, nuking the metas doesnt balance the game it just moves the metas around until everything sucks and the games no fun to play anymore. needed to buff the shovel and add some cleave blessings to it and the other normal swords needed a big buff. not to neuter the one that was setting the standard.

:clap: Golf clap fat shark :clap:


Hmm…I sense you might be a tad upset.

Im fine :slight_smile:

I’ve got a decent power sword with power cycler and it still works fine. This is a commentary on the random guys you bump into with low tier pen gear or shop brought cosmetics that you protect in damnation.

They are a tad upset I think. Like it or not if they leave games a bit more dead…

(my favourite portrait frame is the one for picking up 1000 people btw)

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Of course it does. All it means is you need to press the special attack button more often and dodge a bit more. Oh yes, they also fixed some bugs which allowed to extend the special attack chain further. Does it make a good / balanced weapon? Nope and I don’t see Fatshark solving it as it would require more fundamental changes.

Also I played few games on damnation today, a preacher with a flamer was still filling the killfeed with elite kills.

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They ^ are not going to understand that though… I knew this would happen when I was talking (arguing) with people about this here recently.

Community good will does matter you know. They damaged it here for a lot of people.


A crowd of kids getting upset about patch changes should not influence gameplay balance. I’m sure feedback is still welcome, hopefully supported with some reasoning and data.


Check some of their profiles they brought this game to have fun. Some of the things they said make sense. Anyway I’m going now gn :slight_smile:


It’s amazing the degree to which the community here, on discord, and on Reddit has been saying - quite consistently - that if the devs start nerfing things that people are grinding like speed freaks to achieve that they are going to be pissed. Especially given the RNG hellscape you have to endure to get these items in the first place. It’s pretty freaking simple.

And these people do have a point. More things should be made more fun (eg buffed) rather than taking fun things away. There have been a lot of cases of taking fun things away is the 4 months the game has been out. It’s pretty sad overall in my opinion.


nah they should make all sorts of gear more accessible so you can actually play whatever you want, and not be chained to nerfed weapons if you don’t like them after the nerf,
but balance is mandatory for game health and that includes nerfs.


Why did you spend so much time copy pasting this stuff?

I just skimmed most of this but it is amazing how much of it is just textbook baby rage at a crutch being removed.

More proof that majority opinion is often poor quality (as if steam forums wasn’t evidence enough of that on its own).

I get people being mad is compounded by the gear grind but that is honestly no good reason to be mad at balancing. That is an issue that will only be solved with changes to itemisation itself. Gonna aim this at you in particular @Mezmorki . Stop muddying the waters by conflating these issues. Power sword and flamer deserved nerfs. If you grinded a good one you have lost NOTHING, unless you were specifically looking for a crutch rather than just a good weapon (power sword and flamer are both definitely still good). Blessing balance change was unaffected so nobody has had their grinding time wasted and it is very disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

Also super sick of hearing the lie that FS is just nerf obsessed. Their patches since release have been absurdly weighed towards buffs, nerfs just stand out more and cause way more gamer rage than buffs cause gratitude. People are goddamn unpleasable unless everything perfectly matches their own vision a lot of the time.


I should say for the record that I don’t have a big issue personally with the nerfs. They maybe went a little too far, but the weapons are still good choices.

My intention in conflating the power cycler blessing nerf and the RNG crafting system was merely to point out the issue with the RNG heavy crafting system, which is that it can take a stupefying amount of time to acquire something, and once you get it, the value of your efforts can be undercut in a heartbeat with a nerf. It makes for a feelsbad moment. Alongside this are the locks, which of course can result in players getting stuck with something that they put in a lot of time to achieve and may or may not be able to repurpose because of the locks.

All of this is to point out that many predicted this exact situation playing out and the masses getting angry about it and causing a backlash, which is exactly what happened. Nerfing a blessing wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t shafted by locks or didn’t have to spill your blood for the RNG god in the first place to get it “when it was good”. That’s all I was trying to emphasize.


I’m more of the opinion that the power sword now feels horrible to use even if it still does the same damage/cleave/etc. as before the patch. Usable does not equal fun or feeling good. Quality of life is just as important as numbers. Flamer was mostly number changes, the feel of it is still pretty much the same. The feel of the PS is noticeably worse, and that’s going to get a lot more reaction. Add to that the RNG hellscape of the itemisation system and you wonder why so many people are leaving the game.


Look at how many people throwing tantrum just because 2 weapons in 77 weapons roster got adjusted.


The bad thing is, is that they did the thing I knew they wouldn’t do when they nerfed it, and they didn’t buff its defensive stats. If they nerf the offense, they gotta buff the defense at least.


There is no other weapon for zealot, flamethrower is useless now… at lease the veteran still have the combat axe, and the zealot?

Suggestion! Increase the difficulty to T6 or T7 and BUFF the other weapons. This kind of BAD decisions just wont work to anyone.

Fatshark was doing so well after that “vacation” period, now this horrible, horrible patch come out…


It works for me. Two outstandingly overtuned weapons were brought down to a sensible level. That’s good balancing. Both of these weapons were severe overkill even in Damnation. If Damnation is too hard for you now you were being hard carried by these weapons fr fr.


Does this mean you didn’t use the power sword before but now because it is now more fun for you?

I haven’t played Vet since patch (haven’t had time to play much at all in the past week or two) but yes, I am now actually tempted to build a proper power sword rather than snoring through levels with a bad stat roll one I simply slapped slaughterer 3 on.