Patch #7


Here are the patch notes for patch #7 that just went live on Steam!

Updated Features

Updated aim assist for controllers with four settings:

  • Full (DEFAULT) - Our latest Aim Assist code. Faster and easier to use with a slowdown when close to aiming at enemies. This applies to melee and ranged and will follow the target in a rotation if you aim and strafe.

  • Light- The same as “Full” but with some features disabled, including the rotation lock when strafing.

  • Legacy - The classic Aim Assist code used in Vermintide 2 and previous Darktide versions.

  • Off - Turn off Aim Assist.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where ‘Covering Fire’ sometimes didn’t trigger correctly.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Deimos Mk IV Blaze Force Sword and the Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Sword to block ranged attacks without the Deflector Blessing.

  • Fixed an issue where the Achlys Mk VII Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber had partially unlocalised texts for stat details.

  • Fixed the graphical effect for wounds caused by the Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Sword’s activated special attacks

  • Shortened time between firing and reloading weapon special while aiming down sights for Shotguns.

  • Fixed a bug where the Deimos Mk IV Blaze Force Sword and the Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Sword had made you move faster than intended when swapping weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where stats weren’t applied correctly to 4th light attacks on the Deimos Mk IV Blaze Force Sword and the Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Swords.

  • Fixed an issue where some sounds, for example, from Force Staff projectiles, always played as if the listener was in a first-person view.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Exorcist’ Blessing triggered on all hits, not only weak spot hits.

  • Fixed an issue where the Agripinaa Mk VII Combat Shotgun couldn’t shoot through thin walls and covers when using the special shell.

  • Weapon special attacks on activated weapons (Chain swords, Thunder hammers, Force swords, Chain axes) now always stop on Elites, Specials, Monsters, and Captain regardless of cleave.

  • Fixed issue where Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Sword weapon special attack did not activate the Psykinetic feat ‘Warp Absorption’ correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer and the Rifthaven Mk II Purgatus Force Staff where crits would not apply correct damage and/or burn stacks on burned enemies.

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a server crash when using the Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff and attacking enemies dropping down from ledges.

VFX / SFX / Animation

  • Fixed issue where shotguns hitting Carapace Armor played incorrect vfx/sfx.

  • Ogryns have been instructed by Hadron in proper auspex handling, and no longer cover the display with their thumb.

  • Fixed issue where Achlys mkVII Heavy Stubber braced reload had no sound.


  • Resolved an issue with the crosshair alignment for the new shotgun marks when using the special attack.

Other Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed issue where dead players could receive health from medical crates and drain medkits resources.

  • Some work to try and reduce the amount of disconnects caused when players join games.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t deploy an Ammo Crate while sprinting.

  • Fixed issue where the player indicator on the auspex scanner was not rendered correctly when scanning in a scanning event.

Balance Tweaks:

Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer

  • Lower clipsize range from 30-50 to 20-40, reserve from 90-250 to 80-200.

  • Lower alt fire spray armor mods:

    • damage vs Flak mod near-far from 175%-75% to 100%-50%

    • impact vs Flak mod near-far from 100%-25% to 75%-10%

    • damage vs Carapace mod near-far from 25%-0% to 10%-0%

    • impact vs Carapace mod near-far from 20%-10% to 10%-1%

    • impact vs Maniac mod near-far from 150%-125% to 100%-50%

  • Lower burst armor mods:

    • impact vs Flak mod near-far from 100%-100% to 100%-50%

    • impact vs Carapace mod near-far from 20%-20% to 10%-1%

    • impact vs Maniac mod near-far from 150%-150% to 100%-50%

    • Reduce initial impact on alt fire spray, ramps from impact range 1-2 to 10-15, was 5-9 to 10-15

Dev note: “We wanted to adjust the broad capability of the flamer to deal with pretty much all targets, specifically when combined with the Zealots ability Chastise the Wicked that grants armor penetration after use. By increasing the value of armor for our poor burning enemies while limiting the amount of stagger, we hope to create a clearer use for the Flamer. Since the armor penetration effectively degrades Carapace armor to Flak armor, the removal of high damage vs. Flak helps bring flamer-wielding Zealots into more balanced territory. Combined with a lowered clip size, we hope to move away from a general-purpose purging tool that leaves nothing left alive into a more defined horde-clear role that benefits from some help dealing with heavily armored enemies. It should still leave most things dead, but it might require slightly more diligent purging.”

Munitorum Mk III and Mk IV Power Swords

  • Reduce number of attacks per weapon special activation from 2 to 1.

  • Removed the extra weapon special attacks when using heavy attacks.

  • Power Cycler blessing: Reduce the number of extra attacks per weapon special activation from 3 to 2

  • Fixed an issue where chaining attacks would sometimes not count toward the number of activations properly.

  • Summary: Powerswords get 1 activation default, total of 3 if running Power Cycler. (Down from 2 default and 5 with blessing)

Crucis Mk II and Ironhelm Mk IV Thunder Hammer

  • Reduce action lockout time from 1.1s to 0.6s on activated hit stun.

  • Increase headshot/crit configuration of light attacks, from 2.5%-7.5% bonus to 15%-45%.

Shotguns and Ripperguns

  • Fire Frenzy blessing fixed and rebalanced across the tiers:
    • From 4/6/80/10% to 7.5/10/12.5/15% per stack (still max stacks of 5)

Dev Note: “Tier 3 was bugged and could stack up to 400% damage bonus!”

Other Fixes and Tweaks

  • Deployed Medical Crates now last for 5 minutes instead of 1 minute.

  • Lower burning DoT damage from all sources vs. Flak armour from 200% to 100%

  • Added missing finesse boost to Munitorum Mk VI Power Sword’s activated push-followup so that it does the proper amount of damage compared to the regular push-follow-up.

  • Surgical: shortened stack gain durations overall from 1 second to around 0.25-0.5 seconds per stack, depending on the weapon.

An update on the feedback we have been receiving:


oh god thank you , i know its evil to take pleasure in nerfs but my loathing for this weapon knows no bounds nerf it to the ground! hope this means might get the odd game with only one of these accursed hindrances now

oh and gl with the incoming storm over those PS changes! :wink:


Any plans to change ogryn skill tree? His feats choice seems fairly limited


I will continue to wait for bug fixes of weapons (as always… here the link)

Flamer and PS nerf are welcomed.
Surgical fix is great.

Now I await… Rashad, Latrine shovel with brutal momentum and Shock and Awe for hammers fixes.

It is seriously not…


Come on lock removal chop chop where is it

also power sword nerf LMAO I still dont have power cycler now I don’t wanna bother with getting it thanks fatshark


Even with the nerf, I believe that PS still stay very strong.
However, now, it is a more balanced weapon.
Also, several blessings will now be useful. Before they were useless (BM by example).

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Too bad, you ned Deflector blessing again. But i am prepared and build one with it, yesterday. Flamer and PS nerf sound nice.
I would really love it, if the Force Swords dont need Deflector anymore to block range attacks. Someone had a nice idea for the blessing. Like, blocking range attack, increase your next special attack dmg. Something like that.


some strong nerf but probably deserved ones. I like the sustained updates.

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Brutal Momentum was always THE choice if you didn’t have Power Cycler. You got up to 3 extra powered swings if you proc it in the first swing.

Fixed an issue where some sounds, for example, from Force Staff projectiles, always played as if the listener was in a first-person view.

I hope this doesn’t affect Void staff secondary, it was always cool that the sound of it hitting things was a bit funky.

Pitifully incompetent balance changes. Devs need to go take a game balance 101 class. When something indirectly gets tagged without intention of being nerfed, it receives compensatory buffs elsewhere in order to restore it roughly to it’s original position. Nerfs to ALL sources of burning, clearly targeted at flamer, and yet, no compensatory buffs to all other weapons? Purgatus? Accatran lasguns, the most underwhelming weapon class in the entire game, already in dire straits to begin with? I would consider this shameful on the devs parts, but never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.


Not now with reduced charges… however BM can now be used without energizing the sword (something I do).
And I use slaughterer + supercharge.
Now, Power cycler and Sunder will really be powerful blessings

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Does this mean that the ranged interaction with Zealot’s Chastise the Wicked is official, intended, and will be staying? It might be worth tuning it so it gives crits to melee for it’s duration like it had for the beta/early release to give parity up to its ranged use.


I have understood it like that…
But, sure, an official word would be great.


If the underlying logic is still that the charge reduces by mass hit and time, I think BM will still affect charged hits.

I like the new blurbs explaining rationale but I still wish some of these notes were more detailed. Does this one mean no more double burn stacks on crits? Sounds likely but hard to be sure based on what’s written here.

Does that include while they’re downed? Cause that was kinda helpful for getting revives sometimes.

Generally solid patch as far as I can tell. Hope this pace continues and we see further tweaks for crafting and resources (the gap in crafting mat drops between Heresy and Damn seems needlessly severe for example).


If it works… please tell me in PM.
I destroyed one PS with BM few days ago… but I can craft an other one…

I dont care about the Purgatos nerf much. Because Trauma staff can do the same. Face tank a horde, as long as you want, with some practice. Even when surrounded, you can hit all enemies around you, when you aim at your feet.

Looks like they changed the logic, hard coded to number of swings. The second swing still has the lightning effect but not the damage or cleave through even with BM active.


How about fixing the surge blessing on the Trauma staff so it actually works with the charged up attack


I don’t think Soulblaze really counts as fire burn but I could be wrong. Accatran itself currently is just bad as hell even without Infernus so it just generally needs buffs, especially to the ammo economy.

But in general…I don’t think burn damage really covers to THAT MANY weapons out there that would really make things troublesome. So honestly whatever.