P Sword and Flamer nerfs were justified

They were both already very strong, and worst of all they were boring to use (coming from a Zealot main with Vet being my second most playing). Only using heavies on P sword, or just holding down mouse click on flamer to win wasn’t good for game balance or fun. While I agree that weaker weapons should be buffed, if everything was as strong as those 2 the game would be even easier.

Obviously there might need to be some fine tuning, give P sword its movement back and maybe adjust mag size on Flamer but give it some time before raging so hard. It’s crazy the amount of people I’ve already seen whining about these justified changes.


Have a look at how people are feeling about this patch in the reply’s on the steam discussion. It’s not looking good.


These are not justified changes. They are made by weak, clueless devs who did the wrong thing and listened to a vocal minority with too much in-game time. They are simply making fun weapons worse. That of course doesn’t improve gameplay at all, since unfun weapons are still unfun, and the fact that you have to activate the PS every second like a spaz just added another unfun weapon to the pool.

If you wanted challenge you could always play non-meta, non-optimal weapons to challenge YOURSELF. But you didnt want that. You wanted Fatshark to nerf them for EVERYONE instead, because you couldn’t control your own metaslavery and compulsion to use the same weapons every run.

And that of course isnt the end. Before long we will see the same screeching about Brutal Momentum, Braced Autoguns, Autopistol, Bolter, etc anything that is actually fun and doesnt REQUIRE tailored perks blessings and feats to actually perform like it should.
The only solace for me is that they did this braindead changes before updating the skin shop so i didn’t spend any more money on this inept company.


I stopped using them because they were too good and boring. The made the experience for everyone on the team worse. Nerfing 2 objectively op weapons is fine and good for game balance. They were not fun to use, they were extremely easy and simplistic.


Yes it seems everyone is raging at a couple of reasonable changes to their best easy mode weapons. Again maybe in the case of the P sword it was a bit much but in general it is fine.

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Whos everyone? You do realize that if your partners do good, you win. This is a PVE game.


Funny you´re still here moaning about everything.

FS buffed so many stuff recently, yet they come with 2 highly needed nerfs and the world goes nuts i guess.

You aren´t just a 2nd account of Commander are you? I´m pretty sure you 2 will never be happy with anything FS is doing. It´ll always last in “But this still sucks…”.

And you could go and play a lower difficulty to feel broken. What´s the point?
It´s a bad game-design if you bring different challenging difficulties, but you actually have to cut yourself to have some sort of challenge. So far yes, it´s easier that poeple just play lower difficulties if they don´t want to put some efford into the gameplay.

And imagine this comes from a guy playing non-meta stuff and who gives af about breakpoints or mandatory-blessings.


Imagine not everyone needs a free win. It´s the gameplay that is addicting and it´s no fun if a guy kills everything within 3s, so it lasts in a walking simulator.


Thats ancient Greece type of tragic irony, since you’ve been here literally since the beginning defending like its your job (probably is right? wink wink) every single shitty decision ever made, on every thread. You’re like an AI prompted to write bad takes.


There’s a difference between “doing good” and “trivalizing encounters.” A sharpshooter killing some groups of enemies that approach them with P sword, a flamer killing basic mobs? That’s fine. But when a Vet with a power sword can clear ambushes easily by themselves and a Flamer is a kill everything machine, then it’s a problem.

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Genuine question, literally a real question:

If you are feeling hypercompetitive, to the point that you need Devs to nerfs stuff that your teammates use, why in the world wouldn’t you play a PVP game instead of PVE? Why?


I’m not trying to be “hypercompetitive.” I’m fine with the flamer and the Power Sword being strong choices for people to use, and people doing better than me if I use them. However lot’s of people have complained about the overall difficulty of the game, and bringing some of the over preforming weapons a bit down is a sensible way to adjust it imo.

I think a good example of this was pre nerf flamer. No matter how many or what type enemies were thrown at you, 1 person with a flamer could pretty effectively CC and kill them by themselves. This would leave the rest of the team to kind of just watch.

I think the nerfs need more fine tuning but they emphasize teamwork and intelligent strategies rather than 1 person not trying hard doing everything, if that makes sense.


It’s a heavy nerf and it negatively effects a lot of people who put their time and effort into getting the power cycler blessing in the first place. Not to mention most of the other weapon alternatives suck lol.

They are not raging a lot of them are just straight up quitting. Think about it for a moment lets say they put more time and work into something else who’s to say fat shark wont just nerf that further down the line? Do they trust fat shark enough to put that time and effort in again?

They where on thin ice in the first place it was a bad decision imo.


I really never in my over 370 hours of DT had the feeling of: “oh my god, it´s ruining the game or it´s making my game worse” when someone was using the Powersword or the flamer. I really don´t understand the big discussion. if someone doesn´t like a weapon, just don´t use it but let the others have fun their way. in the end it´s a coop game, nothing to lose for anyone. why not just purging the enemies together, everybody as he likes to.


“Objectively OP” based upon what metric? Unless there’s something I’ve overlooked (and if so then I genuinely apologize), the basis for this analysis seems to ultimately be based on your subjective opinion.

If that is so, then what makes your position any more valid than mine, or any others who prefers the pre-nerf iteration of the weapons?

Having a diverse array of options is, I would posit, not just fine, but indeed essential to any community, lest we all devolve into a boring echo-chamber. The inherent issue here is that this pro-nerf position is built on taking something away from the other group, offering nothing in return. The claims of “game balance” are subjective and frankly, insufficient.

Furthermore, if you’re trying to make a case for your position, then you’re not doing yourself any favors by starting out so combatively and jumping straight to namecalling. By way of example, I think I fundamentally disagree with pretty much everything I’ve read from @Ralendil on this topic, but I can’t accuse him or her of being rude in those comments.

THIS approach on the other hand, helps no one.

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Flamer nerf is… well, I don’t understand why people complain.
They nerfed it and it is really yet powerful.

About PS nerf, I can understand that it can hurt people that were using the weapon for a long long time.
However, this weapon was really too strong.
I would say that, with this nerf, they should reduce the move penalty on it. But, I think, and note this is after just one run, the weapon seems yet good. It needs to be used correctly as you cannot hit several times with energized special attack, you have to carefully use it.

I would say that the weapon could get less move penalty now after this nerf. A slight reduction of the move penalty could be , now, justified.

For sure if your going to have to shove/dodge etc to activate it etc your going to need the extra movement. The fact it wasn’t included in the same patch as the nerf is pretty funny.

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This argument seems to assume that people don’t actually play horde shooters to get overwhelmed with enemies, which if that’s your MO sure play lower difficulty. Don’t actively campaign for it to be kept alive in higher difficulty lobbies in the form of terribly balanced weapons. I want a challenge, I want hectic action. That doesn’t always happen in PVP because player skill is so varied. Hence the PVE niche. Where people do want skill based gameplay and difficulty. And if you don’t, that is why there is 5 difficulties in the game.


Tweaks, buffs and nerfs, followed by subsequent buffs are going to be part of this process. Just look at autopistol. It went from decent to bad to OP in a matter of few months. I bet more changes are coming yet again after the buffs to the basic characteristic and blessings made it crazy good as short ranges.

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In-game experience? Healthbars, creature spawner test in the psy-lag and sublematary scoreboard results. This way you can move away from subjective opinions to what at least approaches stat based data.

You hardly need these to arrive to an opinion about power sword and flamer pre-patch being over-tuned. What should have happened to power swords is actually nerfs to the special attack spam AND buffs / changes to their below average light/heavy attacks.

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@JanZamoysky Beg your pardon, are you referring to mods? If so then I can’t really speak to that one way or the other since I don’t have any installed and don’t have a frame of reference, unfortunately.