Moonfire need rebuild

I think Moonfire is too weak
At least a crit can explode
This is not what a weapon bundle should be like
(From recommending a friend to buy a bundle to not recommending)
I understand Fatshark balances gameplay
But in a way fatshark is losing players

I hope this feedback can be improved
A lot of my friends want that, they just don’t talk here

But I have to tell the truth
fatshark is a good team
The game is improving so far


‘I can’t recommend a DLC because it only has 3 broken weapons instead of 3 + 1 god weapon’

Personally I don’t think they went far enough, considering javelins/trollhammer/coru/griffon foot, but sure guy.

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One truth does not exclude another.

The other weapons being overpowered doesnt mean moonfire wasnt changed in a way that yielded poor or at least unsophisticated results after more than a year´s waiting time. It doesnt mean that the present state of it isnt bad, which it really is. Which in turn does not mean that it should be a priority over anything else, it just is as it is.

Leaving feedback of the present state what this part of the forums is for last i checked.

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Yeah, one of the main reasons I was arguing about nerfing weapons in the old ‘Moonfire bow thread’ is because I was concerned all the noise created in the forums about OP weapons would incentivize a hamfisted patch created by a few beleaguered programmers who are out of touch with Vermintide 2 while also working on Darktide. Still, I suppose I prefer this new Moonfire to the old one purely in terms of balance, however, I still think scoreboard envy and gamer ego clouded the issue. You mainly hear about the most OP stuff, not the things that are underpowered because nobody wants to admit they could possibly be less successful with something less practical.

I got to say, if I were going to rework it again, I’d say it looks kinda lame without the blue puffs of fire; I might just add that as a cosmetic feature so that it looks pretty when you hit something. For balance, I’d like it if the regular shots function as they currently do, and if the charged shots did AOE, while also taking significantly more energy to do so.


I can not use the moonfire bow anymore.
I agree it was overpowered before the nerf, but now it feels useless and boring.
Keep it as before, with charged aoe and magic explosion on hit, but with higher cost and/or lower damage.
Or add some other unique feature to make it useful (with the magic explosion on hit).

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I would argue that the nerfs have not made it unusable, but rather that it’s only worth using on handmaiden (without the talent that gives you more ammo, obviously). Because the moonfire bow is essentially a worse longbow, but with a heat mechanic.
Waystalker has way better options, what with the potential ammo regen and built-in max ammo boost. Same for SotT, who has the deepwood staff available.
Weirdly enough, I like having it on with handmaiden because it’s easy to very quickly switch to ranged and kill specials with 2 mid-charge shots without everyone else also shooting them while they burn to death. Even in difficult situations, and especially when everyone is too busy to pay attention to specials.

Moonfire still deserves a little boost, because outside of that specific build I would never ever pick it :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe ammo talents could be applied to the heat gauge ?

I think it got nerfed a tad to hard. Thing is, the nerf just accentuated the OPness of the Javelin. Now that the Moonbow isn’t OP anymore, everyone and their mother uses Javelin. I feel like I’m out of touch for taking the Longbow nowadays, i can’t even remember when i last saw a Hagstalker. It’s weird.


Of course every darn career except WS would hard lock into javs, both are ammo free but javs are simply better for almost anything (style included) except the need for manual reloads.

WS meanwhile is probably the actual best user of the javs, hard to get around the synergy of oneshotting a slaverat into then bloodshotting a nearby elite or even a big cluster of unarmored enemies to death near instantly. Without even switching weapons.

As for hagstalkers, lots of people do not like the feel of the weapon so they wont use it from what i heard, that´d be why it supposedly wasnt used much in general even before moonfire, despite being terribly strong even then. And heck, my last few runs in the wastes suggest that its still a potent weapon after all this time, even with javs in the competition.

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