Moonfire Bow nerf was overkill

Did we really have to delete this weapon from the game like this ? Why did i even pay for it then ? Like i can understand nerfing it but holy bananas this is just straight up butchery. There is absolutely no reson to use moonfire bow right now because it is terrible at everything. Unless you wanna give yourself an extra challange that is.

Like people kept complaining for months about moonfire beeing OP and it was overtuned yes but you just had to reduce the numbers a little bit and change how the dot damage worked. People complain moonbow could kill anything, hell do you wanna hear about a weapon that can actually kill anything ? How about dwarfs tactical nuke that weapon can actually oneshot an entire chaos patrol do we remove it form the game too ?

I’d like to remind fatshark that we players paid for this weapon and i would like to, at least, see it as a valid option to use rather than a paper weight.

Thanks for reading my rant-ish feedback thing.


i want to remind you that i paid for the game, and therefore no one should be able to deminish my enjoyment of the game by using overpowered weapons. because i paid for it.

see the problem here?
all things you rant about are subjective, like almost all discussions about balance, all the devs can do is hear out the majority and hope that the majority actually likes the result. and it seems that most people in the forum agree with the nerfs intentions, and the result is prefable to the state prior to its nerfs. (addmitedly here in the forums are mostly veterans).
it just so happens that this time you weren’t part of the majority


While i would pick this over the previous state if i really had to choose, i do still honestly think it was a low blow by fatshark to do this. We asked for nerfs for over a year, and had to endure that horrendously overpowered state for such a time. Then at the end when something finally happens it gets remade into a longbow for dummies.

That isnt exactly what i´d consider a satisfactory outcome by any means. If this was going to be the outcome it should have happened much, much sooner.

Then maybe we wouldnt have to wait so long for it to possibly get a deserved remake, which i think is what will happen at a much later date now.


Its still better longbow in most cases, so I would say your complaints are mostly skill issue


How is a bow that needs to headshot like longbow to be optimal but does less than longbow on a headshot, better than longbow?

The stat-stick builds? The “for dummies” usage of multiple bodyshots?


Trollhammer has very limited ammo, long load time and much hard to aim at distance.

All we need is for the Javelins to be snapped across Kruber’s knee and we’ll be golden /s

Nearly no fall off easier trajectory, no ammo managment problem. Yes lets do it just better longbow with hagbane like it was before. Unlimited ammo and straight trajectory must have so downsides dont you think?

The only elf weapon with a really noticeable trajectory shift as they fly on are the javelins, longbow shots got a little, really not much.

And i never stated that the previous state was better?

Furthermore, unlimited ammo? Present moonbow needs to headshot to work at their best but if you headshot well with longbow you basically got infinite ammo and do more damage. Infinite ammo even if you bodyshot? Well yea, but you need 2 outa your 4 shots per 20 sec to kill anything.

Uptime is incomparable compared to decent longbow user.


It is not better than longbow. You can ask every experianced player on twitch on forums and everyone will tell you longbow is superior than both Javelin and esspecially joke of a Moonbow right now.

Longbow is faster, has WAAAAAY more damage, has more ammo, moonbow is in theory “infinite” but it is not “infinite” you get around 5-6 shots before you have to wait and let me tell ya any difficulty that matters waiting just to be able to 2 shot that special around the corner will wipe your team. Javelin suffers the same issue.

Right now Longbow is the superior weapon. Period. What about moonbow? Moonbow may as well not exist right now, it is that bad.

I am ranting about this because i love the look of the moonbow and the concept behind it. I understand the reason for the nerf but i do not understand the extreme butchery it had rather than just getting nerfed reasonably.


I am playing cata twitch, cata deeds and weave 80+ with the moonfire bow and i am fine with it. In my opinion the bow is now where it belongs. Sure for Waystalker there are now better options, and sister can take staff. But for shade and handmaiden the bow seems to me very balanced. I appreciate the work of the devs.


Calling it superior to the Javelins isnt quite right, for while there is some potential overlap in usages its still true that Javelin can do things that longbow just cannot, like hordeclear, or even knocking down multiple unarmored elites.

Melee monster DPS is also respectable if i am not mistaken. So overall i´d just call them different weapons.

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It got nerfed reasonably, it dont overshadow another special sniper weapon, if you want just straight upgrade then don’t hide behind wanting other weapons. Powercreep that came with sott is disgusting and all that topics ppl say that is worse longbow is just straight up thoughless.

Javs is another very unfun weapon to play with with what brainless action ppl start doing when they have infinite ammo. Atleast for moonbow you have some cooldown.

I would gladly see Moonbow with some more distingue features, like light attacks works similar to hagbane and charged as sniper for example.


wait bro they gonna butcher sienna too.
only after they’ve taken your money and you enjoy the DLC
@Aqshy isn’t that how you how do it nowdays


oh no snorriboy is here, only a matter of time until this thread gets locked, hunker down boys


Yea devs will not stand being called out its happy days though hopefully they butcher darktide so i can have a laugh

Calling someone out is one thing, being an ass about it is another…and you? You could at least have attempted to make one balance discussion thread without going into toxicity but nah.


He is frustrated the boy. And he seems to have a lack of education.

Fatshark do a very good job, and that the slightest “work” that they do on the games they have developed has an impact so much more powerful than your simple and pathetic life.

And then to provoke a person who works for Fatshark as a “Community Manager” is quite pathetic as worthy as your miserable life.

She communicates, it is not she who makes the decisions of the game.


Ok. because i posted several comments where i have defended the moonfire bow. Let me clarify why i think it is in decent place right now. My playstyle with shade and handmaiden is very ammo intensive. I always use the moonbow to deal damage to enemies while i am closing up to them. Either i kill them with headshots on range (you can oneshot headshot stormvermins with moonbow) or if things turning very busy i give them 2 bodyshots so i can kill them with 1 melee hit. This playstyle is not possible with longbow because of the lack of ammo on shade and handmaiden. As well you can 1 shot headshot every special except hookrats and most of the time it works out very well for me, because i have pretty good headshot rate.
The only thing which should be changed is the tickrate of the dots, if they would let the dots tick faster, i would say its a very good weapon on these 2 careers.
And isn’t it a good sign of balance when your weapon choice now really depends on your playstyle? I would say so. Furthermore i appreciate it that the moonfire bow isnt anymore a must have choice on every single elve career. Now the waystalker has its hagbane and longbow back and the sister her staff and longbow. For me is the variety of multiple almost equal options a good sign that the devs have done their job well.


Seems you’re here to provoke. Please enjoy other forums as you’ll no longer be enjoying this one.



No, I don’t think it needs much of a boost, as it has its place and requires you to actually make a choice. With the correct Break Points you can do the following on Cata:

Breakpoints: 10% monster, 20% skaven, 10% chaos

  • One shot-bodyshot Assasin with full charged arrow
  • Two shot-headshot all specials except wargor with quick fire arrows
  • Two shot-bodyshot all specials except wargor with quick charged arrows

Considering this is Cata, has infinite ammo, does not leave you open by requiring manual reload (like Jav or volley xbow), can 2SBS every special, and partial charge shots are faster than full charge longbow shots, it is a very good weapon for players who cannot hit headshots and aren’t playing Waystalker. You are also free to run Barrage or Hunter to fish for more Power. On Legend, it even has fantastic elite BPs to kill man-sized elites easily. Javelin starts to struggle on Cata because it does not have many 1SBS BPs, and 2 moonfire shots are faster and easier than 2 javelins.

If you are sufficiently skilled to land headshots for ammo sustain via Conservative Shooter, then you can run Longbow (or even Javelin if you can). That is a choice based on your skill, and not one every VT2 players has (or really need, I can play Cata on PC using a controller lmao).

A change I’d agree with is making Waystalker more compatible with it, now that it is nerfed to reasonable power. Her passive should double the max Energy of the Energy bar, like with all other ranged weapons. Or perhaps she gets double the energy recharge rate, so she regains arrows faster. Likewise Hand Maiden should get more when she uses the talent for 40% more ammo.

Depending on pickrate, they could perhaps buff it by slightly increasing the max Energy so that it can hold more arrows. But we should wait to see.