Moonbow hit effect

So Fatshark, I never had the chance to use the original pre-nerf AoE Moonbow, but as I’ve seen in videos and such, it had a really cool impact effect.

And now it has NOTHING.

I won’t ask for the AoE to be back but, couldn’t you just, like… bring at least a nice little “poof” on impact (a bit smaller than the old non-charged impact), instead of the arrow just doing nothing and widdle blue flames appearing?

Hit feedback is atrocious in this game, and seeing a really cool effect just begone completely when it could still be used is depressing.


It’d have been nice if FS made it more visually clear what the difference between charged and regular shots are yeah.

I understood to nerf it because it was OP, but I didn’t think they’d go so far as straight up removal mechanic without adding something else to make it obvious the charged shot is supposed to be stronger somehow