Moonfire bow suggestion - Exponential vs linear recharge speed

This bow is almost too good right now. I’d suggest that instead of filling up the energy bar at a flat rate, you use an exponential rate so you get energy back faster for not using it as much. The values can be tweaked so that the energy completely refills in the same time

so instead of giving it

  • 1 energy/second
    give it
  • 2 ^ (5 - seconds since it was last fired) energy/second.

I think that people will be more likely to want to keep a bit of reserve energy, just in case a special shows up so they’ll be less inclined to spam the bow as much with this change.

that would give it 32 energy per second, RIGHT after using it?
2 ^ (5 - 0) = 2 ^ 5 = 32

I think the bow should get a charge boost by dealing damage from all sources; dots, melee and direct hits with the bow, as such: Dots regenerate small chips of energy and every first melee strike recharges it massively with every consecutive cleave recharging the same amount as a dot tick.
As is, you can barely get off a few shots before you can fire again, and it doesn’t even recharge while aiming.

Got my math backwards, should be ( seconds since last fired - 5). The actual numbers like the base, time’delay’ and any scaling for the exponent should be tweaked accordingly.

It’d probably be more like; energy+=2^((time inactive-7) /3)

It’s fine as it is. No need to nerf an already lackluster recharge.

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Can we not nerf it before waystalker gets something good out of it? T_T

None of her passives related to ranged business or even ability related to ammo do anything for it.

Also if you wana look at OP, those new pistols on BH are no joke, seeing one gun down a horde running at him is almost surreal.

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