Moonfire bow feedback

So having used the bow a fair bit i cant help but feel that the explosion seems kinda weak , its small for how much “ammo” it consumes and it doesnt have a unlimited cleave. It also does not penetrate shields despite how you can only shoot 3 of these and you cant rapidfire them. :<

And it feels really lacking that waystalkers ammo passive doesnt work with it at all either, i can understand the idea that 100% more energy would be too strong on it but at least 50% 20%? Its sad that several talents and the passive just do not work with it.

Boss damage is arguably on the low side as well but this might be due to me not having used it with an optimal build during expeditions.

Anyone else got any thoughts about it?

It’s OP.
You just kill nearly anything at least on Legend with one shot.
For the HM it’s a beast weapon.

My current opinion is that its way too good if anything. Might be biased due to the new game mode but it absolutely shreds with most of the setups I’ve tried with it.

Powercreep hit hard and everything is basically OP on legend nowadays if you build it right x)

Ehm…may i ask you to expand on that a bit? What or how exactly does it shred? I love it for the visuals and how it lets me use anything but kurnous reward but i really cant shake the feeling the charged shot isnt worth what it costs.

Damage is there but the AOE is so small!

Dno really what to tell you. It 2 shots most things, has more than enough cleave/dot to bust most hordes and for some reason is not limited by ammunition.
Aoe being “small” can’t really agree with that one. Getting blood shots with this one feels pretty dam good honestly.

On Cata it’s the best bow for HM. Hag, Swift and Longbow still win out on WS though, due to ammo and ranged uptime.

Probably insane on Shade too, but I haven’t tried it.

I have a feeling, if you only go for headshots on Longbow, it’s probably still better due to having more and safer damage on Patrols/Bosses.


I like it on handmaiden and it’s overall pretty strong and fun.
But if you play a waystalker on cataclysm as a dedicated special sniper i’d still go for the longbow.
The recharge time of the moonfire bow is a bit too slow and the DoT takes a lot of time to ramp up, which sometimes is enough for a gas rat to throw a ball or a flamerat to shoot a stream and that can screw your team.
One shotting enemies is nice but it’s not that strong if enemies can still do damage for a few seconds.
You can also only fire a few shots before you have to recharge for quite some time and there is no conservative shooter which is also bad when you have to deal with specials and mixed hordes of sv and monks.
tl;dr it’s good for legend, but it’s not op in cata where specials, zerkers and armor are thrown at you imo. Would still use it on HM and probably shade too though.

You may just not have optimal set ups.
High Boss Damage (especially sub cata)
Pens super armor
1 shots SVs with bodies as well as most specials
unlimited ammo
moderate horde clear
Fast ammo recharge

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It oneshots pretty much anything that isnt bigger than a monk with the exception of raiders which it does kill, on that level it does good…but i mean, longbow also does that(except raiders) on headshots and it has no recharge basically.

When i tried using it on hordes i had issues with it only hitting well if they were hyperdense, like if you put 5 marauders on a row and shoot the middle one then only 3 will be affected which i do not think is a lot. Especially not for something you can only fire 3 times before you are in a melee.

It being good with bloodshot is the one saving grace for using it on WS but then again so is hagbane.

Wouldnt longbow be better for picking specials out of a horde or sniping elites out of one? Moonbow has the best hordeclear for ammo spent on HM but if running a damage build would you really need that?

Also. you didnt mention hagbane on WS, anything in mind?

I probably would too just because the whole “infinte ammo” thing but i cant help but feel WS got a pretty short stick in how only blood shot seems to have good synergy.

That it does but only hits hard on headshots which longbow also does.

Unlimited ammo is offset by a much lower firing uptime relative to any other bow she has, at least for WS. You got 3 charged shots before it´s out or 5 aimed ones.

And that hits even harder for WS who kinda has unlimited ammo anyway, i wont deny that the bow is probably the best for HM and Shade but i still think WS got kinda shortchanged with how so much of her stuff does not work with it.

Moonbow is completely busted right now, even on Cata.
Throw on infantry and skaven modifiers and it clears hordes.

In terms of horde clear its just a worse hagbane for WS isnt it? o_o

With moonbow you got 3 charged (not fast) shots before you need to recharge, the AOE is only big enough to really hit hyperdense hordes hard.

For reference, if you got 5 marauders walking in a row and shoot the middle one then only that one and 1 on each side with be hit while the 2 outer ones will be unaffected. I think it´s about the same as hagbane in this regard but hagbane has no recharge and also infinte ammo on WS.

I find it rather pathetic on WS. May be personal, but I’d rather take longbow. Not that WS is limited by ammo on any of her ranged options, except moonfire. Because, you know, 4 (charged) shots is all you get as ranged career.

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Yes, Moonbow is the love child between Hagbane and Longbow. Hagbane has better horde clear, Longbow has more ranged. However, MB has both of the two together.
Weapon special button allows you to zoom, no drop off on shots, 4 charged shots create a massive bloom of DOT, but on barrage, and with no ammo I feel its very good. However, I should of clarified that I think its best on hand maiden. If I was playing Waystalker I would 100% use long bow over MB.


Wait it has a built in zoom? Another thing WS doesnt benefit from…but damn i made a mistake when checking the number of charged shots it produces. 4 instead of 3 it was.


Oh nevermind the zoom was WS exclusive, had me worried there.

As for it likely being the best on handmaiden, yep i think so too. Infinite ammo is just much too good to pass up in case of hungry teammates even with some struggles like packmasters riding a horde or monks.

Right i also think its kinda strange how WS just doesnt get anything out of her passives or abilities that relate to ammo and sniping. I honestly really feel that at least the non charged shots should not drain so much as they do if a worry about hordeclear is what prompted the present case.

Heck i´d take it even if it was just a 20% or so faster recharge.

It’s extremely strong on Handmaiden, probably subpar for Waystalker, and I have no idea for Shade.

It provides just what Handmaiden needs in slow but steady ranged fire. It can deal with pretty much every special enemy, and putting heavy shots on cooldown into a boos will give respectable amount of DoT. Getting headshots seems really consistent for it, too, and I think it gives Handmaiden a really good weapon for kiting mass armor.

I actually feel power creep while using it, it works so well. If anything, I feel like its recharge rate could stand to be a tiny bit slower. But I’m not complaining!

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I actually don’t think +100% capacity would be too strong at all. Assuming the energy charge rate remains unchanged (so double max energy means twice as long to fully charge), you can only shoot more if save up for longer.

Moonfire is really good don’t get me wrong, but on WS it is very definitely just a much much less spammable hagbane. Giving WS just a little synergy with the thing couldn’t hurt.

Yeah I think it is precisely a WS problem. Being robbed of a passive and having almost 0 synergy with it relegates it to being a bit of a meme option with her.

Yeah except longbow requires quite a bit of finesse to consistently and in panic situation’s to hit those headshots. Moonfire is a bloody laser and you really don’t even have to headshot some of the more important specials to guarantee that they die.
Sure the weapon might not be the most optimal thing ever for WS but is that really a problem? Its still perfectly usable and opens up some alternate talent builds without going into F tier dog levels of bad.
Then again if you’re playstyle revolves around shooting absolutely everything that moves then sure, I guess its bad.

But this is honestly sounding more like WS problem than anything with the bow itself.


Eh true i suppose, shade and handmaiden are happy to have a infinite ammo source but its not quite as good for specials as you say it is, the issue of no penetration whatsoever really hurts when the target is obscured. A longbow or swiftbow can just keep pounding through a few enemies until the target is hit but the moonbow can easily just dry out before it´s done.

It also strikes me as strange that the damage on monks and zerkers is so low.

But really for WS i think there isnt any good justification for her being kept from having any real good synergy with the weapon! .c At the very least her passive should apply even if downgraded to one extra charged shot only and somewhat faster recharging.

I guess? Honestly haven’t had that being an issue for me personally yet and if the target is obscured in such a way then you are unlikely to even make that longbow/swiftbow shot either.
Don’t know I’m just having slightly hard time picturing a shot I could hit with longbow and I could not with moonfire. Packmaster would probably be the first candidate but even that is diggable with 3 shots from moonfire imo.

Packmaster riding behind monks and the like is the worst matchup i can think off, monks can eat all the moonfire and still have enough gas to run at you but would die from a couple longbow shots or a swiftbow barrage.

Really any scenario where you kinda want to shoot through at least 1 or 2 enemies that you could pierce normally to hit a special is really tough because you´ll waste almost all your ammo to get it done.

In a multiple specials scenario that´d be deadly…or rather it is i can say having been there. And while it´s an arguably fair downside, which i agree it is, i think it mainly serves to highlight how its versatile but not exceptionally good at anything else.

A good weapon to be certain…but that makes the lack of synergy with all those waystalker things feel worse, feels like it´s just one step short of something amazing that is artificially denied for no real good reason .<