Hagbane shortbow is way too weak. Need buff


It only has 17 base ammo.
But it takes 3~4 shot to kill an elite on cataclysm.
Is this bow supposed to kill only 5 elites?
Main problem is that DPS is too low against armored or berserker unit.
Second problem is low ammo.
Third problem is that arrow penetrate assassin. AOE can’t hit assassin so that it takes two shot to kill an assassin.

This bow isn’t that good against even horde. AOE DPS is still low. AOE isn’t big. AOE can’t kill armored units. You don’t have enough ammo to waste on horde.

Hagbane shortbow need at least half dps of moonfire bow enabling 2 arrow can kill stromvermin, mauler and monk with certain breakpoint.
AOE should penetrate armor.
When arrow hit an assassin, AOE should happen right there.

There is no reason to use hagbane over moonfire bow or longbow.

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How about we don’t powercreep to the level of moonfire ~~

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Is this a joke post? Of course you’d take Moonfire over hagbane on her melee classes due to ammo restrictions. If you take Moonfire over hagbane on WS though you either have no idea what you’re doing or are trolling. Hagbane on WS is easily one of the strongest ranged weapons in the game.


MF is actually pretty decent for single target burst on WS, Its not my go to by any means but its viable.

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Wasn’t trying to suggest it isn’t viable, I just find the idea of “bringing the hagbane up to Moonfire level” hilariously backwards for the most part


Why do you always tell weak build is strong build? Hagbane have low dps and low ammo. Piercing shot+moonfire is much better than hagbane. But i have no choice other than using hagbane because bot or other players always take monster aggro(thanks to torpedo).
Monster is too important with twitch mode. I’m forced to use hagbane no matter it is good or not. I always suffer when i play WS. Slow elite kill with low ammo. Enemy don’t die but my ammo always run out.
I don’t understand what do you do with hagbane shortbow to make it best.

This isn’t even bait, you’re just throwing the whole fishing rod in the water


Because it’s no secret hagbane WS is extremely strong? Most C3DWONS players around here I’ve seen refer to it as overtuned if anything.

@Kitten you’re probably much better equipped than I am to explain exactly why the hagbane is very strong.


hagbane waystalker has been a meta choice for…years now


Hagbane WS is borderline OP in normal gameplay.
If you have a str pot spammer GK with you, it is beyond broken.
You can easily delete a monster with hagbane before GK even has a chance to get into strike range.
Yea, hagbane is weak.

And that is being on base game cata.
Cata twitch or modded realm it gets even more broken OP.
Only reason to take longbow over hagbane for WS is if you really really REALLY need antispecial like high level weaves or hypertwich + deed combo, but than you would need more antispecial anyway.

Otherwise hagbane has:
-OP splash
-huge DoT
-insane stagger

You can single handedly delete a full skaven patrol on cata3 before they can get even close to you.
Better yet, you can chainstagger them even close range without any danger.


Sorry, I’ve just been lurking and didn’t log in for 4 days.

HunApo summed it up anyway.

Amount of AoE damage and CC + ammo sustain.

Really wish they would remove the Stagger and just give it a slow, similar to TW:WH.


Hagbane is the best bow for the elf and in general one of the top ranged weapons in the game. It shines on waystalker as she has virtualy unlimited ammo thanks to her talent choices (Shade ammo regen was nerfed quite a bit). Benefits/traits are are already listed by those who posted before me.

Low dps what?

Low dps is swiftbow, you can pour out all 99 shots and do like 500-700 monster damage. That´s low.

Similarly longbow bodyshot damage is also bad.

Hagbane? You can give 0 f*cks about headdshots and whatnot, slap on a barrage and go to town with infinite ammo on waystalker. Fire 6-10 shots into each horde wave and you´ll have killed most of it by yourself.

Grab a strength potion and you´ll be competing with beamwiz or leading shot engineer for boss DPS.

By default be the terror of all skaven and goat patrols.


The one advantage i´d say moonfire has is that it does have better armor damage and yield per shot for area affected. That is to say if you really gotta pick out an armored target or two from a horde or anti a clustered group before entering melee you can do that faster with MB than hagbane.

But if really playing as a ranged specialist looking to use a bow more than blade? All hail hagbane.

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I dont really have an opinion on this topic but I also agree Hagbane is weaker than the Moonfire outside of a few niche scenarios, but then I saw everyone commenting about how they think the Hagbane is so much superior on WS than the Moonfire but right after I went in game to test it out damage wise, and in every single test the Moonfire outperforms it besides of a bit more boss damage, but then again if you take Moonfire you can take piercing shot which will outperform Hagbane at monster damage if you can aim it properly.

This is simply not true, but if you can show a video of this being true please do. Just tested this out and they will long be on you before even the first one dies let alone all 24+ or however many are in a cata patrol. Moonfire will clear the patrol significantly faster than the hagbane out of every test I did on WS in cata3

Your testing doesn’t make any sense to me. On WS you should be able to spam hagbane just about non stop, whereas the Moonfire has an extremely restrictive energy bar. If factoring in Kurnous the higher damage of Moonfire won’t matter, because you’ll be firing the hagbane bare minimum 4x as often. It would need to be multiple times weaker than Moonfire to come out beneath it by virtue of sheer spammability.

In short, the hagbane wins hands down because you almost never need to stop firing with it, and while not as strong per shot, it still handles the vast majority of threats very very well. While the Moonfire is the opposite, you get 4-6 arrows at a time with a very significant wait time in between those bursts.

I don’t know why I’m still engaging though because again, hagbane WS being meta and generally extremely good is exceptionally old news. Heck it was meta on Shade too before they nerfed bloodfletcher and AoE Ult generation.


You say all this but the way you talk about it makes it sound like you really havent played with the moonfire or used it in a game. Yes the energy bar does limit you from firing nonstop, but the thing is you dont need to, it takes 1 arrow for every single special on cata, hagbane simply cant kill specials as fast as the moonfire, let alone armor damage. Go play some games and you can feel the power difference significantly, and im talking about on cata and above. On lower difficulties it doesnt matter what you use since everything is viable.

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Yet all the C3DWONS players here agree it is very meta. How strange. You realise special sniping is only one component of a ranged weapon right. You will never touch hagbane’s overall DPS with Moonfire. You can kill just about everything on the map with hagbane, with Moonfire you’re stuck reserving it solely for specials and the elites here and there.

Again though, I’m not wasting my time arguing further. If you don’t get it you don’t get it, but honestly whether or not Moonfire can potentially do better by virtue of piercing shot isn’t even relevant to OP’s original point. Hagbane has for the longest time been considered borderline busted if anything. It most certainly does not need buffs.

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