Suggestion for Moonfire bow

I see people say the Moonfire bow was overpowered and got overnerfed or it’s just okay now. But I’m just interested in weapons being really interesting to use so I just wanted to post an idea for the bow.

They should rework it be really unique in how it works and effective if you use it in a peculiar way.

What if aiming an arrow charges an explosive shot. Holding the shot too long before firing it and it’ll explode in your hands doing a lot of self damage. Shoot it too soon and it’ll just do impact damage on hit and apply the DoT, but no explosion (so exactly what it does now). The perfect way of using it is to aim at the empty space between everything and time a drawn arrow to be shot so that the explosion happens just as the shot reaches the empty space between enemies. So it becomes a risk/reward weapon. I think those are neat types of weapons.

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