Javelin nerf was too much imo


Don’t get me wrong that weapon deserved a nerf no question about that, i was not against it at all but that much it feel like an overkill.

The biggest problem imo was his insane cleave/really too much but now it’s quite the opposite his cleave is ridiculous/almost non existant… If this was the only nerf why not but a compromise on this aspect would have been more than welcome when i see all the other nerfs.

If we add to that the loss of breakpoints in cata (even on legend i heard) and all the others little things too, this weapon doesn’t really have much going for it right now other than having infinite ammunition but on this aspect you might as well take the moonfire bow.

I was happy to hear about the nerf until i read it and finally tried it myself.

At the end of the day i don’t really care that much because i play everything so i just play something else but i find it pretty sad to put this weapon from “op tier” to "trash tier"at this point.


After what happened to the moonfire bow I was anticipating a change like this.

I feel like both weapons definitely needed to be nerfed but I feel that maybe with such significant changes they may have been better off doing a more open testing or maybe fewer nerfs and gradually tuned them into a good spot.

Again they needed the nerfs but I feel they may have gone a tiny bit overboard, but hey I’m not too fussed. :slight_smile:


I mean, the sister of the thorn nerf a while ago was too much too…

But ya know… Gotta hate on the elf.

SoT in her current state is still high B/A tier in terms of how much she brings to the team, Javs meanwhile require the highest level of stat&talent investments possible to just headshot - kill a single stormvermin. It also doesnt penetrate anything at all bigger or thicker than two clanrats.

I´d say the latter of these two got hit harder than the former.

As for “too much” in SoT´s case at all, i woulda liked to still have a damage ability but beyond that i am unsure if anything´s really wrong.


When will you people realize that when Fatshark nerfs something it’s never “just right” and always overdone. You asked for a nerf, and you got it. Reap what you sow.


And not even the infinite ammo is a compelling point to take jav over a longbow. With both weapons you have to aim for the head in Cata, both can regen ammo on a headshot. The only difference is that Jav has a long reload animation in case you miss to often…

'+ Ammo in general isn’t an issue due to the amount of melee only careers you meet in qp (or Sienna)

hmm imo the nerf is ok, i still play with it a lot. They did a good job. Glad we asked for it and i like what i sow :). IMO the buffs were overdone, not the nerfs. WP and OE are damn OP

Whether it’s true that it’s overnerfed or not, it’s always a far better alternative to being flat out broken OP as it was before.

So it’s still an improvement regardless.

Dumbest take I’ve read in ages. They get it wrong sometimes but often get it pretty tight too. Underperforming is better than fun vampire anyway.

Also super weird to just assume people previously asking for nerfs are the exact same people now saying it’s under tuned. The community isn’t a hivemind that makes zero sense.

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To be serious the breakpoints shouldnt be changed so the longbow still has the top spot for sniping, but maybe the devs can take a second look at the cleave, the cleave before was a bit too op but a minor buff to it would be nice. So it turns to a cleaving stagger range weapon which underperforms in sniping, i think that would be nice niche for it. For cata i wouldnt mind if they give the full cleave potential back, there are enough armoured and shielded minions in a mixed horde so the cleave wouldnt be too op. I only considered the cleave as broken on legend. But since i dont play legend often, i wouldnt care.

While it’s true that game developers often strike a balance between adjustments, some players argue that the recent changes have resulted in underperformance, impacting the overall enjoyment of the game. The concern is not necessarily about the developers always getting it wrong, but rather about finding the right balance to maintain both competitiveness and enjoyment. Additionally, it’s possible for individuals within the community to have varying opinions, and those who previously called for nerfs may not be the same ones expressing dissatisfaction with the current state of the game. The diversity of perspectives within the community should be acknowledged, and constructive feedback on both underperformance and overpowered elements can contribute to a more refined gaming experience.