Youtube reactions to the last patch

Here what I found some YouTubers say about the patch:

Bottom line: fixing exploits good - nerfing the fun out bad

Bottom line: psykers are nerfed unreasonable hard.

Bottom line: Hard nerfs in a coop game aren‘t fun.

Bottom line: Flamer nerf is warranted - power sword nerf is awkward and reduces fun.

I only included yt reactions I could find with roughly 1000+ views.

There are surprisingly few YouTubers with Darktide content - I don’t think that increasing hated rng and nerfing the fun out of weapons does the dwindling playerbase any good. This last patch seems to me a clear miss.

Feel free to add videos I didn’t find.


Who cares about what youtubers think. They just scream louder than most people. The last time FS balanced their game based on youtubers opinions turned out disaterous.


I’ve been watching clay’s videos for quite a while now. Knows a lot about the game and how it works plays a lot of hours. Yeh you should listen to his opinions. He knows what he’s talking about…


Some of these takes are OK, but remember the audience these people are preaching to.
It’s much safer to be angry about the nerfs then praise them because that will bring in more views (this thread is an example).
It makes sense that they would side with their audience (the players) instead of FS even when FS makes unpopular, but necessary decisions.


Or he´s just talking a lot of stuff in general to get more viewers?

I mean… it´s how youtube twitch and co. make money. Claim stuff the average wants to hear and bait with negative reviews. Just look on the screens above “MORE RNG; MASSIVE NERFS” or “WHY DID THEY DROP NERFS???”

Like seriously… they just jump on the sheettrain to get more views. No need for decent gameknowledge or actually being good at the game to do so.

Exactly. And that´s the same with any game out there. Following the hype- or sheettrain is everything, so poeple will continue throwing money on you.


The man is literally contradicting himself. Says powersword does everything and is the best but now says it got nerfed for no reason? Latest video is just running with opinions for views.


Not what he said at all. Watch the video same advice for the rest of you guys its not hyperbolic at all. Obviously you would try to question the validity of what he’s saying if it does not agree with your own personal rhetoric.

I would have been surprised if you pro nerf people had the maturity to accept an opposing opinion without immediately trying to undermine the people who don’t just agree with everything you say.


Streamers patch is bad - You they are just saying that for views


Steam community response (Patch Reaction) overwhelmingly negative reaction from loads of people far more than post here

You - They are just a bunch of whining hot takes they don’t matter etc etc


I think most people are agree with PS nerf was meh. It’s just a difference there between “i think PS needs nerf” and “PS needs nerf but they nerfed it in a wrong way”

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Nerfs were awaited.
But, as I said several times, nerf on PS is hard and can disturb a lot vet players.
Sure when you have the best ranged weapons and the best melee weapon that can deal with everything, this is a shock to return to something less strong.
Be quiet. Once you will get power cycler, everything will return as before. Cause, yes, a PS with power cycler is… A monster.

About flamer…
Except the nerf of ammo reserve that impact me that doesn’t use the flamer, well, flamer is still very strong.
And here I tested and have seen flamer players.

About psykers… I would like to test but… I play heresy and few times damnation with psyker cause I am bad with this class. Also, I can’t compare as I did not use purge / soulblaze by the past.
I will try at one time, but can’t really speak as if I had tested. What I see is that there’s yet psyker with purge staff…

About PS… If they keep it like that… That"s fine for me. I can wipe entire hordes with my power sword. That’s a little (enormous) strong… But who care, isn’t it?

No. You need to understand that what is

Is not what’s going to happen here.

Watch the video try to understand this is not ralendil tide developed and released for your personal enjoyment and if they break the game because reddit cried population suffer… again and its already F’d as it is.

Who cares about what redditors think. They just scream louder than most people. The last time FS balanced their game based on Reddits opinions turned out disastrous

Oh wait that’s right now.



I don’t think it is developed for me…
I did not ask for a nerf on ammo for the flamer…

However, yes I think that PS and flamer needed a nerf.
And I am not alone.

And I repeat, as I have a flamer with my zealot, flamer is still strong. And PS is also very strong… You just need that Merk’deliver you this blessing.

About this… I ve seen a lot of guys saying that Merk never deliver them something good… Well, he delivered me a PS with power cycler.
About RNG… As I said by the past, there’s a problem with Brunt and also with rewards of missions.
We need to be able to do lot of tries (so more materials), and we need to be able to craft lot of weapons (so we need good base weapons)
When you craft lot of weapons, you finish to get what you want.

But, I can assure you that, with PS and PC, this is as before… You can wipe hordes.
I suspect they made this nerf cause of power cycler.

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I think the nerfs were mostly justified. Maybe some more tweaking to mobility and swing times on both… The RNG though yeah that kills. Now that people have bricked weapons and need to farm all over again it’s just putting it center stage… especially when so many are hunting for a blessing that only exists as a T4.

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People have been saying its a deliberate over nerf to stall us all while they work on more content that’s taking too long to do. Its possible but i think they over nerfed it so they can soften the nerf slightly (but not back to pre nerf status) after a short time so people accept the new nerfed items with no complaint.


On this I agree
Especially cause it is a game changer

I did not have it before the patch and received it after the patch.
So I have tested without and with PC. The difference is huge…
Without, the weapon is boring, that’s true. It doesn’t mean the PS cannot he used or is weak, the weapon is fine. But not fun.
With the blessing this is a pure kill fiesta.

That’s why I think that they should allow 2 swings as base, but with a delay between 2 activations. It would buff normal PS, and nerf PS with PC.

But… The judge is Fatshark. Only them have the metrics to decide what has to be done.

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Well, if they were to fix the RNG I don’t think it would be a huge problem… Most people could get access to power cycler more easily and apply it…

The issue though is if everyone sees power cycler as necessary, you have a design problem. You need to either add the capabilities to the base weapon and remove the blessing, or balance the blessing in some way. (Power cycler could have a negative attribute, activations now cost stamina or something, and various tiers reduce how much).


I agree… Nothing more to say.

And the worst is that is easy to fix.

We just need they up what give Brunt’s armoury and that 360+ and 370+ drop more often and that we get more plasteel / diams from missions…

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…and fix your rashad axe :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how to say this nicely, so i won’t say anything else about youtubers at all. Besides that I strongly support this statement.

I have read the video… Yes read cause i ve put subtitles

I would say that I agree that current weapons should have been fixed .
I disagree with everything else…

And how he did not notice that flamer was an hot topic here and on discord? I don’t check reddit cause the like system is restricting free speech as, when someone say something that is not well perceived, he is downvoted to the hell.
But the funniest moment is when he explains his solution… Let everybody have overpowered weapons and then create a new difficulty for these guys that use OP weapons… I don’t see why he hasn’t proposed to buff the OP weapons…
In facts, we don’t have same approach. He thinks about the player alone and, as there is no competition, he says that there should be no nerf (also good moment is when he says that the game has no scoreboard, true and… Wrong. There is a mod for that).
I think that we identified same problems… But do not see the same solutions.
And off course, as he is a youtuber he can insult others cause HE knows and all others are just stupids.
Do I have to say that… His voice, like mine and like all of us as one voice is… Nothing
What matters is the player base. If enough people are unhappy, this is a problem (like by example RNG is a problem cause it impacts negatively too many players).

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we have started a class war between the nerfed and the not nerfed, this is a great development for this already dwindling community.