Pinning fire, brutal momentum and boltgun

What do you think?

Personally when i play with someone whom is a decent sharpshooter i can just lean back because i don’t have to do anything at all since everything is dead with the boltgun in a second.
I also think the flamer shouldn’t work with Zealot’s power but it has gotten a nerf already.

I’d like to see some rework/nerfs to a few blessings AND buffs at the same time to weaker weapons.
I’ve been memeing around in Damnation with alot of shitty weapons and odd builds for fun but if i want to win there is no reason to use anything else but bolter/flamer/axe with BM.
Whilst i hate to see too much nerfing to oblivion in coop games i also hate imbalance of things. Vermintide 2 also had it’s balancing issues but it wasn’t nearly as crazy as Darktide.

I think Psyker is in a very good spot right now as Psyker deals alot of damage with many weapons but he is dead in 3-5 basic hits in Damnation depending on your health and curio etc.
However when i swap to sharpshooter i get so damn bored quickly because there is simply no challenge at all unless i decide to brutally handicap myself.

We are content starved but these balancing issues makes it super boring to play the game as pretty much 50 - 70% of the people i play with just use these weapons and builds.


Uh oh, he said the N word.

Better get ready for the storm, buddy.


If we talking Zealot…

Bolter is pretty nuts mostly due to the ult interaction it has. On Vet it’s fine, with a lots of alternatives or better general options. I personally like running Braced better on Zealot, but mainly because I play super aggressively, and bolter pullout time just doesn’t cut it when I need to suppress/stun a gunner that’s about to shoot. Bolter is probably better with a bit more passive playstyle.

Caxe is basically BiS on Zealot, and Vet so… We’ll see if other weapons get a buff next patch, but yeah if you only care about general power Caxe is the way to go.

Flamer is just still really powerful, I think it does it’s job fine, and I don’t think it needs another nerf.

I found that Psyker is vastly more survivable than Vet. FSs also allow for near Zealot level of aggression, it just allows fewer mistakes. I’d put Psyker above Vet in general strength and survival, especially running AB build.

Based on my experience Caxe is pretty common, but flamer or bolter appears only in about 1/5 games I play on 5+… or less.

Well, I don’t agree at all.

Firstly, boltguns are rare these days. Most veteran prefer other things, so its not like powersword where everyone and their grandmothers were using it. Most veterans also trade off their anti shooter capabilities to get elite/special killing capabilities instead, which is honestly something I wish veterans did less since its usually the gunners that cause the most problems on heresy+.

Second, most ammo balance issues, especially with the boltgun, are due to the veterans scavenger feat. Use the boltgun to slaughter a few elites, expending 15% of your ammo to do it, and you don’t have to worry about it thanks to your borderline unlimited ammo feat. Thats the real issue. That feat is overperforming way more than any perk, weapon or blessing you could name.

Third, I wish people would lay off BM. Its not overperforming like the powersword or flamer was, and most classes arguably have better options anyway. Psykers with their force swords, Zealots with their heavy swords, etc. Most weapons outside the axes don’t even look at BM as a decent option. Nerfing it would literally just make it no longer appealing on pretty much any weapon.


Yeah i’m prepared for it :sweat_smile:

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Yep, the heavy sword is basically a good alternative to the BM axe. It’s about the same power on zealot as Caxe.

So current FS on psyker… :sweat_smile:

This is my biggest point. Nerf the BM axes and everyone jumps ship to something else, be it heavy sword, force sword, whatever… Then I have to put up with this cycle again where people say “I only ever see this weapon, with this blessing, so lets nerf them both” and we end up right back here.

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This is very true. Having unlimited on certain weapons is way too strong if you are good at ration your ammo.
Whilst i understand the game is more ranged oriented i think it’s very forgiving when it comes to ammo count.
It’s almost like Saltzpyre in V2 with his crossbow and even pistols if you can ration your ammo but those weapons also have their weaknesses such as hordes and many specials at once. Boltgun literally obliterates everything which might be lore friendly (i don’t know) but it makes the game a cakewalk and crutches too much not to mention the instant reload on Veteran should there be a Crusher patrol.

Force Sword on Psyker is super strong and almost stupid with the Slaughterer blessing.
I’ve started using the duelling sword because the memes and mega-dash you can do with it but if i want to win i might aswell just equip Illisis.

Each to their own i guess but surviving personally for me with Veteran is a cakewalk with these blessings and weapons. You could handicap yourself and use a shovel and a weaker ranged gun and it would ultimately get harder and sweaty straight away.
I think the game should rely on skill and not overpowered weapons and broken blessings. They should definately help as you up yourself in difficulty and make it more fun but they shouldn’t carry you indefinately throughout the match.

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Bolter is probably one of the most well balanced weapons in the game. It doesn’t need any buffs or nerfs.


Slaughterer + Unstable power is nuts. Those things stack multiplicatively, and Unstable power is the opener when you haven’t stacked slaughterer yet.

I like it better than pre-nerf PS, it’s super fun to play.

Weapons that are better on vet than bolter are Braced, Autopistol, K12, Helbore. Plasma is also a good alternative it just requires more than half of the ammo pickups. When I’m running plasma, bolter gets to kill basically nothing. Laspistol is also pretty nuts, but due to low maniac damage/stagger, it does have some issues with specials.

Maybe you think the vet is easy because you haven’t found the powerful stuff or aren’t as good on other classes? For me, both Zealot and Psyker feel pretty invincible, unless I do something stupid and fup. Definitely more powerful than the vet.


… I think you guys just need to acknowledge that you might be better than most members of the community. Thats a compliment. But it also means you shouldn’t be setting the difficulty for everyone else, lol. Constantly making the game harder for a small niche of players is literally a never ending game, because they’ll just keep finding new strong things that need rebalancing.

Most people don’t cheese through damnation just because they are using strong weapons, and I really doubt the community will appreciate more nerfs after the powersword and flamer incidents. They’ll appreciate it even less till crafting is addressed to the communities satisfaction, and till the numerous other, considerably weaker weapons are brought up to a decent baseline.

Hell, the powersword as objectively one of the strongest things in the game. We know that. Just like we know that the average powersword enjoyer crumbled the moment things escalated.


The other side of this argument is that the highest difficulties are there for a reason, and there’s nothing stopping everyone else from enjoying the power trip in the other difficulties.

What is your suggestion, then? Keep adding difficulties till its literally impossible to complete? Nerf everything down to the level of the claw swords? Where exactly does the “challenge” argument end? In VT2 we had people running the Deathwish + Onslaught mods which is basically Damnation x10, and that still wasn’t enough. I don’t want those people representing balance changes, lol.


Yeah, but that’s not an issue with supposed op weapons. It’s a problem with the game’s difficulty. Apart from Stg that just drowns you in specials game is pretty easy if you have 2 competent people on the team independent of the weapon choice.

I agree, but currently, we don’t even have anything close to VT2 cata. All we got is something a bit harder than Legend.

We have Stg I guess, but I just find it super annoying. Drowning you in specials is not a good way to make the game difficult. We need higher breakpoints and more damaging enemies.

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I am pretty sure that damnation + high int + shock troop gauntlet is MASSIVELY harder than cata in Vermintide 2.

My suggestion is to change whatever needs to be changed so that the game is challenging for the people who want it to be, and casual/powertrippy/whatever for the people who want that. Again, that’s what the difficulties are for. That means weapons, enemies, spawns, feats, whatever. All of it contributes to the perceived balance state.

What I’m saying is that the “don’t balance for the top end” argument ignores that there’s a whole section of the game that’s supposed to be hard.

That wouldn’t be my pick. Damage sponge gameplay isn’t fun.


High-Int damnation got nothing on VT2 Cata, and Stg is just increasing the special spawns, similar to Chaos Waste + special maps.

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Lol what?
Vermintide 2 cata is a joke in comparison.