Nerf shredder

Way too much damage, steals all the ammo pick ups, makes the game boring. Pinning fire is not balanced on it.


I agree but just address crafting first


It’s not shredder’'s problem, but the blessings. I was suprised when Fatshark buffed some blessings in the past, but they overdone it with some, and totally neglected others.


It’s annoying when a psyker uses it, they just vacuum up all the ammo when they dont even need a gun in the first place. But yeah the shredder is pretty crazy, you pretty much just W key and hold left click the whole game to win


on vet its quite ammo efficient (effecfive dmg per round is about 2-3x due to ult dmg increase and increased accuracy) but on other classes its ammo hog indeed.

i actually use hunting grounds pox hounds as ammo recharge system with it :wink:

but yes, its OP++ with pinning fire t4, blaze away t3 and 370 rating weapon.


It is a close-range weapon, without this damage, it will only eat more ammunition, either no one uses it, or eat more bullets, you choose.

I agree and Fatshark should also have a look at the bolter.

So, the bolter is an iconic weapon in 40k. It should absolutely feel powerful to use. The Boltgun game did it justice.

The problem is that if you have two Bolter Vets in your team, the non-bolter users won’t be able to contribute before the Vet’s have blown away everything to kingdom come.

When I play Zealot I can barely land anything except using flamer on hordes because everything else is dead before I’m in melee range.

I don’t know what to do about the Bolter. Maybe buff other underperforming weapons?

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If the vets are shooting things before you can charge in on em, well, just let em shoot then, and smack things if they get close. If it’s shooters you’re trying to charge into and you feel like you’re not doing anything all game, that’s not the vet’s fault, but rather the game design lop-sidedly and constantly throwing in rooms full of shooters packed in like sardines rather than mixing in tougher melee groups. They need to adjust the shooter frequency and spawn compositions rather than adjust the vet’s ability to deal with them.


Have to agree on a lot of the things you talkikg about in your reply.

Overall I’m not a fan of shooter filled rooms on any class because it turns the game into a FPS slog as the shooters pin you down with continuous gunfire.

There is a spot in the new train map that i really dislike because the best thing to do there with ny flamer Zealot is to just standby until the Veteran’s have cleaned out the room.

The good thing with the Flamer and having two ulti charges it that you can charge in while burning them to a crisp in narrow hallways/rooms, but in open areas you get supressed, unable to move an inch.

If there was one thing that the game Outriders did well was to force you out of cover and make you play aggressively, but in Darktide there are times where the shooters can keep you perma stunlocked with supressing fire and it is not fun at all

As other have said I think nerfing the pinning fire is the way to go as without it shredder is just okay.

It’s nice that blessing can save weapon from underperforming but some are a bit too mandatory.

That’s entirely the reason I stopped using flamer. Wayy too much just standing around and waiting for vets to clear up space when I could have just brought a different gun and been shooting things the entire time too.

As a Zealot main, I totally get you. When a Bolter vet shows up in the team, I kind of switch over to a more supportive role and keep stuff off them. I know from previous experience (used to use a Bolter before I fell in love with the Headhunter autoguns), what a pain in the ass it is to switch back and forth between Bolter & melee. Since they’re happy with blowing away most of the more dangerous stuff, I’ll take on things that get close and engage shooters or more distant targets with my autogun, which is alot more ammo efficient when it comes to duels with ranged trash.

I know it can get boring though if the bolter user is particularly competent or if two of them shows up, lol. But it it really is what it is, the Bolter feels like an actually pretty decently balanced weapon, powerful but with significant drawbacks- it makes a mockery out of the more threatening stuff, but has a relatively small clip, its unwieldy, takes forever to reload, takes forever to ready. So considering that, its kind of hard to figure out how to nerf it while keeping it feeling just so right.

Ammo reserves for psyker and zealot could get massively reduced for most guns.

Veteran‘s passive that increases ammo capacity could get buffed to compensate for the reduced base ammo capacity of the guns and keep the veteran ammo capacity as it is now.

Or there could be two variants of the auto pistol, with the better one only being available to the veteran and the other one getting a massive ammo nerf.

Imo the autopistol is only a problem when it is used as a crutch by bad psykers and zealots.
If these classes only had access to a small amount of ammo, they would more likely just use the gun as a sidearm to deal with a few specific targets, which would be completely fine.
And if they vacuum up all of the ammo, trying to not actually use any of the tools that their class has access to, they should be kicked from the group.

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I think nerfing the ammo reserve for that gun might exacerbate the issue someone mentioned earlier of Shredder users scooting about and sucking up all the ammo. As long as its one of the highest DPS guns as well as extremely easy to pull out and use, I’m not sure if it’d really change how people use it. I think the problem with it could be how Pinning Fire (& maybe to a lesser extent Blaze Away) interact with the weapon, within a half second its ramped to 100% or more damage which, with its extremely high rate of fire puts it as one of the highest DPS weapons in the game. Which in itself really isn’t a problem, but its also extremely easy to use, prepares in a heartbeat, reloads quick, actually gives you higher sprint & dodge speed.

I don’t really know how i feel about nerfing anything, especially with the way Blessings are locked right now and the amount of effort people put into crafting. But if it were to be changed, I think probably one would wanna look at the interaction it has with Pinning Fire first.

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If you ever have a moment as zealot, where you think that you are in a situation like that, you should instead get better at closing the distance and fighting these enemies in melee combat.

If you move around well, you can just run right into the shooters and clear them yourself.

Zealots do not need a gun to deal with shooters.

“Pinning Fire should be nerfed it’s too powerful” meanwhile everyone in this thread is using a melee weapon with Slaughter.


rip flawless, tried to ult a gunner

You avoid gunfire during Zealot dash, unlike the Ogryn one. Both will instantly stop on fire, but not bullets. Which can’t hit you as Zealot, again. I would kill to not get bodied by snipers during Ogryn dash, and to go 23m with no feat. Zealot is insanely good at surviving and staying in melee, if you are sitting around when shooters are up I would hate to lobby with you.

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LOL, well to be fair a couple of gunners in a group of shooters can be dealt with handily with good movement and a stored Ult or two. But whats really infuriating is when they have seperate groups covering each other, especially if theres a couple of Reapers thrown into the mix :joy:

…yea Imma “Nope” outta rushing a situation like that. :speak_no_evil:

You avoid gunfire during Zealot dash, unlike the Ogryn one. Both will instantly stop on fire, but not bullets. Which can’t hit you as Zealot, again. I would kill to not get bodied by snipers during Ogryn dash, and to go 23m with no feat. Zealot is insanely good at surviving and staying in melee, if you are sitting around when shooters are up I would hate to lobby with you.

Oh god, yea the Ogryn experience, from my (rather limited) playtime with mine, varies so much. Sometimes its so fun, with all the bodies flying about and carnage he’s wreaking then all it takes is a few stupidly placed shooty groups or Snipers to put an end of my Ogryn’s fun and he ends up feeling quite miserable :expressionless:

That just seems to be how you want to play @Flawless . This style of edict from the “upper echelons” of some discord group you belong to doesn’t actually mean everyone else has to play like this. You’ve said:

Zealots shouldn’t use guns on shooters?
Zealots should only melee?
Only sharpshooters should have half-decent ammo pools?
Psykers picking up [some quota you’ve decided on] ammo should get kicked from squad?

Well. I disagree. When I play my 25% quota as a zealot I might melee more, but not to the exclusion of all other options. And that option is primarily a shotgun as it happens. But sometimes I like the autopistol.

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