Why did you Nerf the BOLTER?

Out of all the things you guys had absolutely nailed, the Bolter was properly represented for the first time in a 40K game. It’s supposed to be a powerful brick house.

It only has a 15 round magazine, it has very slow draw and reload speeds.

Couldn’t help yourselves, could you? Now it takes over a full Bolter magazine to kill enemies like Pox Hounds and Pox Bursters.

Out of all the unwelcome changes, this is at the top for me. I also found it telling that the Bolter nerf was conveniently not included in the Patch Notes.

Fatshark, why?


I just tested my Boltgun, still seems to have quite high damage (~8 shots to kill Reaper).

Perhaps yours is bugged in some way?

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Is your bolter bugged? I was still killing them in only a couple shots. Didn’t notice any difference in my bolter from beta to now honestly

Same here

you spelled LOLTER wrong. JK I’m on the Plasma gun side of things when it comes to things that go boom in 40k.

Wait was there even any adjustment to bolter in the patch notes?

My bolter used to kill gunners ( not heavy gunners, the normal scrub ones) In one shot on difficulty three regardless of where it hit. Now if I don’t hit Centre mass or head they take two.

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It might have been nerfed somewhat, yes, but not to the point where you can’t kill a Pox Burster with an entire mag.

Its maybe taking me one or two extra shots on some enemies if I’m hitting them at an odd angle so maybe its counting some hits as limb hits that shouldn’t be? But for the most part direct on shots seem to be doing the same damage. I don’t have beta numbers to test against with my gun in the grinder

My bolter on Heresy difficulty is killing;
Trash mobs and snipers with one shot.
Dreg flamers, trappers, bombers and shotgunners in two.
Scab flamers, gunners and dreg/scab ragers in three.
Maulers and mutants in four.
Hounds in five.
Bulwarks in seven.
Reapers in eight.
Crushers in seventeen.

And this is just with bodyshots, without volley-fire, without any critical strikes.
It’s performing the same as it were in the pre-order beta for me, you might have just rolled a really bad bolter or you’ve somehow bugged your weapon?


+elite damage was fixed to not provide 10x it’s stated bonus, although the patch notes are worded poorly. Aside from this, which could affect all weapons, it seems unchanged.

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What difficulty were you on and are you CERTAIN all your shots with the bolter hit on the hound? I ask because I sincerely have difficulty hitting the damned things, though I do agree with you that it shouldn’t take an entire clip to take one down hitting each time.