A fun idea to make bounty hunter's ult a little more interesting

To be clear, this is in no way something that BH desperately needs. I just thought it would be a neat idea to give him some more variety with how he uses his ult.

I think it would be fun if one of his level 25 talents dramatically lowered the ability’s cooldown, but it now only fired a single projectile. This would allow the player to use his ult more freely rather than just being a chaos warrior nuker. The specific stats of the ability would be up to fatshark.

The reason I suggest this is because I was initially disappointed with how the rapier is the only weapon that has a sidearm ability. Pulling out a big pistol and blasting a storm vermin just seems so cool to me. However, his current ult just takes too long to charge, so you rarely use it on anything besides chaos warriors. This would really help spice up his game play even if it won’t be the most optimal choice.


The sidearm ability really needs some more love, I think all one handed weapons should get it. It’s not that powerful to begin with, but it adds a lot of flavor to Saltz.

As for the active ability I really do prefer the ones that you can use frequently, even if the difference they make is smaller. Initially what I noticed was that since they’re a new addition, Fatshark wanted to make them have long cooldowns, so they wouldn’t alter the game too much, but I’d much prefer the approach of making them another regular addition to your repertoire, even if less powerful than now.

If they remove the stagger from the shot aswell when choosing the talent, I think it would spice up BH combat alot without making him the next burning head boss stunlock wonder.

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