Let Kruber be. Buff Bounty Hunter ult against bosses

Bounty hunter is nowhere near to Shade or Huntsman boss damage. At least double shotted with all the vs monster and crit power perks should do some damage to bosses. At least make bounty hunter half good against the boss, like the other too OP boss killing classes.


Is that what BH is supposed to be capable of, though? BH’s crit passive gives them a reliability against tough enemies that others cannot match, whereas huntsman and shade can do massive damage in a burst, but you can’t rely on being able to do damage like that all of the time.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be tweaks but it feels like giving BH too much if he gains the boss killing power of huntsman/shade while keeping the rest of his kit.


BH is already stupidly good.


Bounty Hunter’s active damage against bosses is definitely pathetically low. Making it do something against bosses would be nice. Not quite like beta levels of greatness, but something useful would be nice. It currently does similar or less damage than a single triple-shot of his volley crossbow. Doesn’t make the active feel very… special. When used against bosses, that is. The knockback is useful though.


Is there a talent for it that does better damage to bosses?

BH is already super brain dead, I wouldn’t mind Huntsman being returned to pre-1.0.8 state but BH is most certainly fine as is.

Is this actually a serious topic ? Not happy with having infinite ammo, godtier horde clear, god tier special killing and decent boss nuking power ?

If Fatshark wont nerf Sienna burning head any time soon, be it damage, cooldown or even stagger values, I feel that BH active cooldown should be decreased a bit. It does about everything burning head does, without autoaim and good waveclear, but more than 2 times the cooldown. And you are kinda forced to take the double shot talent, otherwise its extremely lackluster.

If Pyro wasnt in the game in its current state, I would agree with the general opinion that BH ult is absolutely fine where it is right now.

Against specials is very nice, he has good trade of with Pyro and HS… but yes, his active seems a bit lackluster and he should do more damage against bosses.

BTW, BH Volley xbow has prety good damage vs monsters, with raw 600 HP you got 31.75 dmg hit with body shot, and 43,75 with head shots, so if you just body shot boss w/o crits you do 476 dmg to boss in 1 clip, and you have 3 clips and some aroown on crit and some arrows from Prize Bounty tallent. But you don’t want to loose your ability to snipe specials/SV from any distance with body shots from a regular xbow, right? That’s what is called a tradeoff.

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Imho Volley and standard xbow, also without talking about damage against bosses, have good trade off. Volley one has crowd control, more rate of fire and can bodyshot also without crit. Standard one has more range.

And imho both should do more damage against bosses.

Wat. Have you compared volley crossbow to pistol boss damage ever? Volley is the best boss dps victor has. Pistols are abysmal, if anything deserves a buff, its them.


With Swift Reload tallent it tooks me 15 sec to fire 3 full clips from Volley xbow using right click. So I basically shoot 45 aroows and 6 more that has 100% crit chance and no ammo consumtion from Prize Bounty. Now let’s calculate what we’ve got, if I do no headshots, and no crits on those 45 regular arrow shots I do 31,75x45 from regular shots and 37x6 from Prize Bounty shots, it equals ~1650 dmg to boss with no bonuses to hero power, w/o crits on regular shoots and with only body shots done in 15 sec with ranged weapon w/o any potion. FYI all bosses on legend, exept Bile Troll, has 2100 hp, and Troll sits on 1400 HP, but realistically he has more then 2100 due to passive regen and HP regen phase. IMO it’s prety decent damage output against bosses, it’s not broken, like hobo, but prety decent.


Nope, I know that volley is his best choice… but i would like just a bit more.

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Decent? Yes, no doubt… but I would like just a bit more, obv imho.

If you want more go and play Shade, and tell me after how overpovered she is. Especially when you play in PUG “meta party” with 3 ranged DPS who never commits melee, constantly soots in your back and don’t give tou real opportunity to build some temp HP.

And stop telling how weak is BH and how he needs a buff, OFC his ultie is very good due to kinda too long CD, but overall career is not weak at all, and since release never was weak.

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I already play every career and I don’t say that BH is weak… but that he needs some little help, like cd reduction or a little bit more damage against boss. And this is my opinion.

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So, you say that BH isn’t weak, but he need buff. I can’t understand your logic, if he needs buff then he’s kinda weak ATM, and if he’s kinda ok then why does he need buffs?


Not to mention its hilarious you want something that is already over performing buffed while none of the melee classes in the game (apart from shade) can do comparable damage.

Any ranged/skill buffs to BH just makes him go to the idiotic tier where huntsman is currently.
Then again these forums seem to have some kind of idea that ranged should be able to delete everything in this game without any repercussions.

BH currently needs nothing and is more than capable solo carrying partys in the hands of good players.

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Everything isn’t black or white… there are shades.

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