Let Kruber be. Buff Bounty Hunter ult against bosses

If you want to buff something already well performing you shoud nerf it in other way, that is named “rebalance”. But you just want a buff with no nerfs, just as you tried to prove everyone that hobo’s fine in another discussion.

Lol yeah, I have already said that… bh isn’t bad as WHC for example, but he needs some little buff like cd reduction.

And I haven’t to “prove” nothing… I say my opinion, then it will be fatshark decision.

Nah, buff general melee against bosses. It’s kind of silly that boss melters deal 1,2k of the damage and everyone else is at 300-400. I get that they should be above, but dealing a good deal more than everyone else put together is ridiculous.


Everyone can express an opinion. Opinions are not inherently valuable, especially when the logic behind them is more muddled than a rotblood swamp.

And I think that about your logic :slight_smile:

Just flag these types of post.

I think that when someone sees a Huntsman burst down a boss in 5 shots and their first thought is “Damn, why can’t I do that” and not “Damn, what the hell are the devs doing back there in Swedenland”, we have a problem.

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Volley by no doubt is the best boss killing weapon. But time taken for other class to kill boss is so less when compared to Bounty hunter dps against bosses.

you can find items with damage vs Monsters and Crit Power

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I asked about talents. I know there’s 3 and wondered if one in particular was better against bosses. Thanks though.

Ahh I don’t know if there is anything specifically vs damage against boss, would be a good one to add though.

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You could try buckshot for lolz but i doubt many BH:s are taking that.

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