Huntsman Feels Somewhat Lacking

I just feel like there isn’t much reason to use him. Bluntsman still has great horde clear, but everything else with him feels meh. Longbow breakpoints for cata are dumb as well, and his ult feels bland.

Maybe if they made it so each headshot you land in his ult extends the time of the ult would make him more viable and feel more rewarding to play. You would just have to make headshots from handgun repeater give less ult extension, and more for something that takes longer, like a fully charged lowbow shot.

I love that there’s a class that can reward you for hitting headshots, but why play hunts when you can play someone like BH?

BH with the new double shot headshot feels great, it rewards you for playing well. I want more things like that in the game.


Double shot is great for bosses but Huntsman’s ult is more versatile, ammo from hordes, kill some elites, need space to kill a special, or some lesser boss damage. Double shot does deserve a nerf though, even though I love using it.

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His ult for sure is more versatile, but then BH overall kit can do most of what you said just with his crits and xbow.

I just wish he had a little more.

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I agree, I did a thread about this.

There is also another thread about how Huntsman feels clunky.

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No not again.

Before going on, let’s take competitive FPS as exemple, meta is different with skill level. Kruber bow is amazingly good. You need to hs, sure but it s it s prequisite. You can go elf if you can t hs. Kruber bow has a much higher ceiling than kerilian.

It s ult: yeah it can t phase through ennemies. But it is it s real only weakness, this ult is so amazing:

  • invisibility
  • higher damages
  • decreased reload time (noticeable with bow light attack) read reload, not charge…
  • free amo supply
  • no ammo consumption

Is there any other ult giving you that much in game.

Damage on injured enemies is useless. 50% hs damage is huge.
Amo on elits and specials is the best, so much better than BH one’s.

You have unlimited ammos so you take hunter and full crit. Moreover, ult has rather slow cd and a good duration. And you take 7% power for gatelins and flamerats breakpoints.

You can kill everything so fast. And if you happen to not have hunter. Ult will get you all the breakpoints you need.

If item by item seems average, the whole combination works really well with him.

It s ability to delete chaos warriors is not matched by anybody. And it synergies very well with spear, thanks to its survivability and it s already amazing hs damages.

So it might not be as easy as elf or BH at first glance. But its ceiling is so much higher.

Finally, once again bloodshot is unreliable so it cannot be up for all situations.

So why do you quote me? :rofl:

@Gami wrote his opinion, and I simply said "I’m agree with you, if you want read my idea, see these posts (without re-write everything). You simply could quote him and say “I’m not agree, because…”. While you quoted me.

We already talked about our opinion, but I can repeat myself.

HS isn’t good. He needs an headshot to obtain the same “reward” that other ranged careers can reach with a bodyshot.

HS’ ult is nice for invisibility, but also other ranged careers’ ult have very nice advantages (like killing a special without even aim). HS with ult can reach breakpoints that… other ranged careers can reach without ult and without headshot.

This is false. You can recover ammo only killing Specials, not Elites too… The best way that let HS to recover ammo is scoring headshots (that needs skill). Other ranged careers have infinite ammo without any effort.

“You can kill everything so fast” is false. HS has a clunky weapons (it has a huge delay before shoot, you are forced to aim, it’s not so accurate, you must swing between zoom in and zoom out) with the worst breakpoints… HS is the weakest to kill Specials (thing that should be his job).

Also other careers have thair advantages against CWs.

Bloodshot is always active (95% of the times)

I repeat myself: we simply have a different opinion. We can repeat the same discussion done on the other thread, that will lead us nowhere… or we can stop outself here with “everyone has his opinion”.

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Ok, juste by curiosity, what build you use on hs, and what build do you use on the other ranged of you choice (BH/waystalker)?

  • Huntsman: 20% infantry, 10 chaos, 10 skaven. He can reach easily his breakpoints toward Fire and Gatling rat, so I can give him more power toward hordes… even if, at Cataclysm, hordes just spawn on you… so it’s not often possible spam ranged attacks toward them. Crit power could seem nice, but you don’t reach new breakpoints;

  • WS: 10% infantry, armors, chaos, skaven. With Bloodshot you can bosyshot every Special and SV;

  • BH: 40% crit power, 10% skaven, 10% chaos. With crit you can bodyshot every Special and every Elite (except CW and Wargor).

Why would you spam horde ?
10 skaven are mandatory indeed. But then crit 40% crit power is way better.
With its talents you can then reach 45% crit chance.
This talent is so badly worded btw.

With 40% crit power you can then os hs sv with spear

There isn’t problem… I “hate” define a meta; if you feel better crit power, you are free to use it!

I refuse this statement…
BH/Shade/WHC will out do Kruber’s reliance on Ult to delete elites without even using their ults. Pyro and WS ults can potentially delete up to 3 CWs in succession.


Well you os the first with you ult, 2 shot second and third even a forth after that…
Curious how you achieve that with ws though. Taking single shot? Sure her best talent that bring back hs and skill discution.

And even without ult. You 2 to three shot CW(depending on crits). This is wonderful in metal weaves for instance against flamerat or ratlines. And from range safety. You miss, just send another one. Much more forgiving that single shot from elf and this irritating shoulder armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe my bad English betrays me there and I have misunderstood. But if your refuse to take advantage of his assets, no wonder he may feel cumbersome.

I meant the “meta” is a suggestion, not an obligation… if you feel better to use crit power, you are free to use it! I’m not here to say what build people should use.

Yes, Kruber is rewarded for consistently getting Headshots. ANY Career will do well if you can consistently get headshots. Kruber’s Ceiling as you say is NOT much higher than BH or Waystalker if you are playing all of them at the same level. And for any lesser skill players who can’t always headshot, which is 99% of the playerbase, Hunstman is just inferior.

He’s not terrible, but he is definitely dragging ass in the ranged department.


back to OP comparison, aside from the negligible ROF improvement during ult with or without reload talent, his bow ROF is slower than Kerrillian’s bow ROF, this is in part due to his stupid double zoom mechanic.

I’d be willing to trade his slower ROF on his bow if it meant 1 less break point to kill SV compared to Kerrilian. But they both require the same break points, so Huntsman is slightly less effective with a bow than Kerrilian would be.

Which I’m ok with (humans shouldn’t be on par with a wood elf anyways), but I still hate his double zoom mechanic.

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You know that you can fire before zoom 2 and retain full power?

Not anymore, you can’t. I think it was the changes in 2.0 that shifted the timings so that the high zoom and full damage now apply at the same time (or the window is so small as to be almost unhittable manually - same difference, really). Which is unfortunate; I liked the earlier form better.


I agree and I add one thing: the RoF bonus during ult has not effect with Longbow.

I have down it consistently a few days ago on fow.
So it is definitely doable.
But now I understand why our opinion defers that much. Will try this evening to see where is the pinpoint

That isn’t my complaint. If the two different zooms have different damage values, I’m totally fine with that.

The thing we all hate is that you cannot HOLD a specific zoom. The damn thing auto zooms for you. So I have to constantly tap right click in order to maintain a the first aim, if I don’t want the second zoom.

Kerrillian WS has a default 2ndary zoom mapped to the weapon special key. I can click that once and it will zoom a second time whenever I want and I don’t have to let go of right click to maintain my sight picture.

Kruber’s 2nd aim screws up my field of view, it resets after every shot, so I’m constantly zooming in and out at a stupid interval, it’s disorienting and makes the whole process slow as balls when compared to how fluid Kerrillian shoots.

Again, the reduced RoF on Kruber compared to Kerri is fine, just let ME be the one to choose when to zoom a 2nd time!