Bounty Hunters Ult vs. Shieldy bois

So we all know, those shieldy bois can be a bit annoying at times.

But at least there are a few easy ways of dealing with them like trueflight arrows or sienna’s burning head, which just ignore those shields.
However I always thought, that it was quite strange that the bounty hunter’s ult was just completely blocked by those shields. Apparently they changed that at some time, as they get thrown on the ground by it now.
That’s kind of ok, but maybe that ult should be able to do a bit more against those shields? The description says “Victor fires a powerful show that pierces enemies”. It staggers all the bosses, can one shot Chaos Warriors with super armour, but the bullet is stopped by a normal iron shield? What is that heretic skaven technology?
I always thought, that should be able to kill those shieldy bois or maybe destroy their shields, so they become like regular stormy bois.
Do you think, that’s heresy?


BH ult hasn’t been able to “pierce” anything in a while. I didn’t know true flight and pyro flame could ignore those. Always thought the only thing that actually bypassed shields was aimed handgun shots.

I can get behind the big shot penning shields, but not the spreadshot of BH’s ult. But as is, not beating shields doesn’t break the class for me either.

Aren’t the shields made of gromril and stolen from dwarfs? Would explain why they dont break and why some pathetic human bullet cannot pass through. Dawi craftsmanship at its finest.


Handgun and Bolt Staff also ignore shields, as do a few sword moves (keri + kruber). I don’t see how they are unbreakable or anything, it’s jsut how the devs want it balanced for whatever reason. /shrug

You also have the dual daggers or sword and dagger push stab, Sienna and Saltz flails, conflag staff, Sinnea dagger C2, stealth ults begat shields.

I haven’t done much testing with the diff bounty hunter ults vs shields but I’m pretty sure we have some weapon that doesn’t ignore shields but can still impact if aimed for head :face_with_head_bandage:
I may well be delusional though.

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BH and Huntsman’s ult should let us pierce the shields.

what is funny is when u trow bomb on bulwark marauder with shield all dmg gets blocked by it, this is kinda facepalm mechanics.
i remember most of the time CW patrol with bulwark on it and u trow bomb on them all dmg gets blocked and they dont get stuned. so if cw go overhead animation and u trow a bomb it gets blocked by bulwark and the animation of overhead is still in play.
same goes for ADS aim down sight with handgun to destroy shield.
facepalm mechanics.
so here is what i think of this mechanics

seriously the AI have better shield than player

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