Huntsman boss killing too strong?

And I am just saying, that Kitten probably tested other maps, before posting, and his experience can be backed by mine.

And what about the experience of everyone who beats HS and performs better than HS on other careers?

Anecdotal ‘evidence’ is anecdotal, and opinions are opinions. Stop trying to prove something you can’t.

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The problem is, this character, while being spec’d to boss killing, STILL TOPS the scoreboard on every other aspect. He’s still crazy effective at killing everything, but can also 8 sec. bosses. Idk how you don’t see that.

You can get bad results on a good character, especially if they’re skill-dependent, but you can’t get good results on a bad character, at least consistently.

Such behaviour would break team positioning and likely lead to wipe sooner or later. This game is about covering each other’s back, not hunting for kills. Also friendly fire.

It’s either a or b, black or white, life or death. Like really?

I’ve proved most of what I just said in videos. The only thing I don’t have videos of are me running around clearing before anyone gets a chance and me spamming light shots into hordes. Anyone can test that, or just imagine being ranged with an almost unlimited ammo and long range bow that kills most things in 1 hit and entering an area with a few enemies knocking about.

I’m not sure I understand. You claim that HS can delete non-ambush hordes better than Sienna? How, exactly, would he do that? Have you never tried anything other than beam and flameweave on Sienna?

A fireball Sienna can delete any horde, at any range. She can nuke and stagger clusters of armored, zerkers, maulers, shielders and anything else at any range. Her LMB staggers anything that isn’t a boss. Her charged projectile literally has infinite cleave and stops only on shields. With heatsink, you can make the projectile pass through enough enemies that it almost always procs a crit.

With a speedspot, she can take a roger to half health with spamming uncharged RMB. Boss DPS is often very close to HS, and surpasses him if he mistimes his ult or misses a few shots. Exceptions being certain armored lords, for which AP is of course required.

I get that you dislike the ranged meta, but don’t make stuff up just to support your opinion. HS has a bow, there are many careers with arrow/bolt weapons, and they all delete hordes in more or less the same way (some with more cleave than others.) NONE of them can even touch what a Sienna can do against a horde.

Huntsmen, BH and WS alike stand there twiddling their thumbs and killing scraps when I go all out to get all the kills with Sienna.

So yeah, push your agenda and your opinions, but don’t make completely bonkers claims about what HS can do and what other careers can’t do.


I think that removing damage bonus from Huntsman ult will make him balanced.

But that will look dumb, so my idea is that his ult should stand to its name - ambush. I think its main purpose must be repositioning.

So the idea is - remove FOV decrease, remove movespeed reduction, remove damage bonus, allow moving through units, increase duration to 5-10 seconds, reduce cd. When leaving stealth, the first shot or hit should always be critical (and might have smth like 1.5x multiplier too) and for 3-5 seconds after leaving stealth Huntsman receives a reload speed buff and wastes no ammo when shooting.

That looks just like ambush to me. Damage buff and stealth are separated and it’s mostly used to repositioning. It also doesn’t buff Bow’s damage, that’s already crazy, but helps dealing consistent damage with slower weapons, that need reload.

What a totally inane idea. Remove all boss killing from the boss killer. Yep, that sounds super reasonable.
In fact, you’re also removing CW killing as well. Good job, there.


That being said, bad HS players prove nothing. Only good results can prove anything. They can’t prove, that the career is OP by themselves, because of different skill levels, but they at least show that it’s top tier.

Also which career can top the scoreboard like that except HS again?


With a good player? Oh let’s see. WS, BH, Pyro, Merc, Zealot, WHC, Shade.
Just to name a few that a good player can easily use to top the scoreboards.


All of my footage is with charged attacks I’ll have to make some more where I’m just left click spamming hordes as him. His horde clear is better with LB because of the crit he has. I was doing it wrong.

Yep, exactly what I have in mind. Bow is already too strong at clearing the level. So we either have to nerf this super fun signature weapon, or active. I choose active. But!

But CW killing is still there. 1 crit is more than enough to deal with CW. It’s just that you can’t remove whole patrols anymore. But tbh Bow is so good at dealing with CWs, that you don’t need not ult. And with bosses, it also deals crazy amounts of damage even without no ults. Now you’re just gonna have to play smart, breaking distance, aggroing boss, deaggroing them with ult, waiting, repositioning.

On every postion? Really. With Merc you can top horde, specials and elites at the same time? Or Zealot and WHC?

I’m not saying he has bad horde clear, he has excellent horde clear. But it is in no way better than Sienna. It just isn’t. He still has to line up the trash to get the crit procs or run out of ammo in a hurry.

She can just spam her nukes.

Can he almost instantly delete a nicely corriodred horde? Yeah, so can just about anything in this game.


Yeah, maybe you need to see some really good players, but trust me. Insane things can be done by almost any career in the right hands. It’s kinda why we’re saying scorecards are meaningless.


It’s not just corridors though. He can do it in the open too.

Thanks. Will try it out tonight in legend.
How does this build do against specials and elites when not under active skill?
X1 headshot kill? X2 bodyshot kill?
What about storm vermins and chaos warriors?
Looks like with all that power vs. Monster could prob x1 hit bodyshot packmasters?

I definitely like the idea of splitting the ult into two different parts, first a stealth for positioning, second a dps increase (with separate durations). The ult already gives reload speed, doesn’t it?

I wonder if they could separate the damage increase for different weapons, i.e. longbow gets x1 damage, but handgun/repeater get the x1.5. Then you could adjust the ult down for the over-performing longbow but keep guaranteed crits and a buff for the other weapons. Probably complicated code-wise.

I really like the idea where the damage buff is a single attack, so even if you had a purple pot you could get maybe 3 shots (so 50% of a boss health maybe, but would take longer). It’d give you the stealth time to aim for the head or re-position without losing ult dps. It does gut the ability to wipe chaos patrols, and the current cooldown would feel too long but reducing the cooldown would be complicated by the ability to abuse it on bosses.

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In the same way LMB spam on WS for instance does exactly the same, with a bit less cleave. But if we are talking about in the open with fully spread out horde, the cleave stops mattering.

He will have a bit better ammo regen than WS if you headshot the horde, but that’s about it. It’s still an arrow weapon, with the limitations that comes with it. He’s spamming arrows, not nukes.


That sounds like an absolutely terrible ult. We have enough of those in the game already. Not that his ult now is anything special aside from the damage it gives.

Good luck using that ambush to ‘position to get a headshot’ then watch the boss switch aggro and direction just as you’re about to use your one shot with slightly higher crit. Yeah, sounds awesome, that.

You know you’re pretty much describing RV’s ult, except instead of crits for the duration, HS gets to have ONE crit. Yeah.


I think reload speed should be enough, but this stat can be individually balanced indeed.

Yeah, that’s why it shouldn’t be reduced too much. 30% or so.

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