Why is everyone finding a reason to complain about Huntsman?

Everytime i look at info about hunstman, all i see is complaints and whining about how weak he is now and how useless he is. Yet i have yet to be beaten in Total kills, Elite kills, special kills, Boss damage, and only occasionally by a sienna, damage dealt. Mind you with the longbow that everybody likes to complain about as well. Like, boohoo you cant 2 shot body shot a CW on Legend. Its almost like its suppose to be more difficult… Try aiming for once.


Whiners gonna whine, ya know?

I don’t play hunstman myself but I have a friend who does and is an absolute beast with it. After seeing him play I just can’t take anyone who says “huntsman is useless boo hoo” seriously.


Huntsman has great damage. They just need to fix all his headshot talents or make his weapons more accurate then possibly adjust if needed. I’d much rather be encouraged to try to headshot things at more than short range.

I am honestly rather skeptical, but if you can manage to get the highest total, elite and special kills along with boss damage every time, even when running with pyro’s/BHs, that’s on you, not the huntsman.
Not two-body shoot a CW? It takes like 6 headshots to take one down with the HG.

What else? The handgun? The longbow is the only one that actually has decent boss damage.

I saw a post the other day might have been in regards to 1.0.5 someone was complaining about Huntsman being un playable now and he cant body shot CW anymore on legend. Like they should be infantry tier mobs. And more people agreed with him than youd think.

Huntsman is lowkey one of the strongest things in the game right now. And the only drawback is that it’s the only job that requires an actual high level of skill and precision.

Can kill chaos warriors, patrols, specials, hordes, bosses. It’s pretty good.


so your saying you only top the boards with huntsman?
Just because a lot of things get claimed on this forum doesn’t make em true , a lot of people have a vested interest in portraying a certain view of reality, just look how many said that beam/pyro was/is fine , doesn’t make it so. doesn’t even mean they actually believe it just means they don’t want the nerfs.
for my money id say hunts+longbow is a little overpowered right now , he does delete a lot of stuff in a single low skill body shot, but then hes not meant to have the accuracy to land head shots of the elven kit hes got more damage instead.
so balancing wise id be looking to make his accuracy and damage degrade a little more make it so he has to be close to mid range, or make him take longer to aim.

Don’t think nerfing longbow past ammo reduction is nessesary. It takes a lot of time to get those powershots, and accuraccy is actually horrible; there is a way to get around it, but it’s a very high skill, so it’s fine to get a nice reward for it. And the main drawback is that sweet 2 seconds weapon switch time after you make a power shot… It’s just absurd. It’s a very high risk weapon, so getting high reward when you score is needed.

I feel like huntsman is a bastard son of meele oriented Markus, who has range skills, but lacks weapons to capitalise on them. All other than longbow ranged weapons are geared to be support for meele, rather than your main thing (remember “ursula” meta from game one? repeater is garbage now compared to what it was), and having him as a meele dude, who happens to have more shots is pretty weak. So you have to play longbow. And the longbow - it’s not for everyone, it’s a pretty wierd weapon that takes a lot of time to get used to, and main thing - you have to stand and shoot, you can’t kite back, or shoot on retreat.
So huntsman is strong, but pretty clunky. You don’t have much in terms of options of playstyle, and you can’t say that he is as powerfull as say BH with volley (not it terms of damage, but because he can’t run & shoot). So people don’t know what to think about him.

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im not sure myself on this one , i just feel hes a bit too over effective at removing all specials and bosses, if he had a limited melee weapon pool that would be one thing but hes still got the great horde clearers there.

not sure id call the 1/3 a sec it takes for the bows damage to ramp up a long time and i think its closer to under 1 second recovery than 2.

i just feel making him take a bit longer to aim thus slowing the rate he clears out the elites/specials or reducing the range is in order.

Probably 1.2, or 1.5 seconds, but it feels like ages, when that angry chaos spawn charges at you, that’s for shure. And I don’t think nerfs would accomplish much other than killing legend huntsman completley. He is not top dog out there, both if you look at other Kruber careers and at other non-Kruber ranged careers, longbow to kill CW with ranged now is the only thing that makes him stand out.

WTF! I repeat myself: WTF! We have top tier meta, like BH and Pyro, that can bodyshot everything, that have infinite ammunitions, that have high versatility… and you would like nerf huntsman… so he should kill only with headshot? Cool, he will become a WS without her versatility.

You all don’t agree to “buff huntsman” thread? Ok, opinions, I can still agree… but nerf?! It is ridicolous.

just because BH/volleybow and pyro/beam are really over the top doesn’t mean there are not also other classes that need nerfing!

and if you actually read what i wrote instead of using that time to generate your internet rage bar you will see i said i was unsure if he needs a nerf, i do feel his longbow play is a little too everything , im more heading towards thinking it needs shaping rather than a power decrease.

my main concern is his ability to still basically delete bosses , chapter and stage that definitely needs to go , and maybe pickup something elsewhere.

Sorry man, but “huntsman is good because I gain many green circles”, is not a valid motivation… maybe are you too much strong? Too much weak your allies? Totally subjective.

I have already made two thread about my opinion but, just with two words:

  • huntsman is good, but outdated by top tier careers. He can bodyshot (with four nearly perfect bonus power vs X) SV, flamerat, ratling and gutter rat. BH and Pyro: can bodyshot everything, have high versatility, have infinite ammunitions;
  • huntsman has only the bow… other weapons are garbage;
  • huntsman has bad synergy with his weapons/talents… talents are good only with bow; some talents are useless if I play as specials killer (I should shot to corridor horde for some arrows?); some talents are good only with bosses.
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So you have read “my rage” but not my motivation… BH and Pyro can do everything and better; huntsman and WS are well balanced careers each other, but only if huntsman can still to kill with one bodyshot some specials, otherwise he become a weaker WS.
In fact his weapons aren’t so accurate, huntsman has not a panic button super, he has not infinite ammunitions…

I guess you refer about topic of losing damage, thus losing his role that he had. Imagine merc without aoe and with long cd on skill or ib with 50% of his current hp. Every career has role. Some has multipyle roles, some only one. Huntsman had one - killing specials. And when career has one role, nerfing part of it(damage for dd or range for cc) this will hurt career more than intended.

Now, about huntsman. There was a problem since 1.0.3. And it continious be, because he is not weak… ONLY if you are playing with bow, at legend, champ or late vet, have certain level with certain talents and yareyareyare, that his problem. Outside this list of “what you have to do before playing huntsman” are people complain about.

Im tired of playing bowkruber, i want to play repitinggunkruber, but its useless. Try to sscore as many as fast headshots as with bow. And if you not, well, “waste not want not will laugh at you because of your low skill at scoring headshots”

There is not a single talent that only works on the bow, in fact most of them work better on the handgun since it gets more reliable headshots.
There is 1 talent that is only good with bosses, scavenger, and it’s a good one at that. It allows you to pump your damage into the boss without having to worry about having enough ammo afterward.

  • bow, handgun… we have also blunderbuss and repgun;
  • talents like 25% crit chance after headshot and more damage after crit, are good just against bosses.

You said they are only good with the bow and there are talents that work well on the other two as well, reduced spread is good on both, reload speed is great on the blunder, recovering ammo on boss kill is good on both (although they, like the handgun, suffer vs bosses) and that’s not to speak of the utility talents like extra stamina, increased damage to disablers.
Crit chance after headshot is excellent vs chaos warriors and good against maulers and all specials other than ratling/warpfire, at extreme range it’s good vs every elite and special and if you run scrounger, it’s always good. More damage is a bit more situational, but it works well vs CWs and can help your team with maulers. At extreme range it can be somewhat useful against everything.

Simply too many talents about headshot… while:

  • we can’t aim to head with blunderbuss and rep gun;
  • bow is not very accurate;
  • also with max zoom handgun is not 100% accurate.

Arrows regen with headshot would be ridicolous also with an accurate weapon, in fact we can bodyshot most special.

CW patrols must be avoided and, anyway, there is active for this situations… you can stunlock with headshot just a lonely CW that walk toward you.

Other specials like packmaster, sorcerer, leech and berserk die with one headshot or two bodyshot also without talents.

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