Huntsman vs Chaos warriors (and monsters)

At the moment, I’d say huntsman, a headshot heavy class, isn’t rewarded properly for landing those on chaos warriors. The headshot damage of both the handgun and longbow are relatively low, at 1.5 (down from 1.7 before the nerf in
The handgun has suitable damage on bodyshots, requiring 5 to take down a CW. It’s a hefty cost, but miles better than what most ranged weapons can do. There’s just 1 issue. Headshotting doesn’t benefit you enough, requiring 4 to take down a CW. Prior to the nerf, this was a more reasonable 3.
My personal suggestion would be to give it back it’s old modifier of 1.7 or maybe slightly higher at 1.8, i’d say going too high may make it too strong, however.

The longbow has other problems. It currently relies mostly on crits to deal in any significant way with chaos warriors, dealing a paultry 10.5 damage on bodyshots and 16 on heads, compared to 32 on crit and 42.5 on crit heads.
Really, my issue here is with the low headshot damage again. It should properly reward your skill, not your luck. I’d suggest giving it a much higher headshot multiplier (higher than the handgun), this will only impact it’s performance vs chaos warriors and maulers, as every other enemy dies in 1 hit to the head.
At least 2x, i’d say. Putting it’s headshot damage at 21. I’d suggest even going higher with something like 2.5, giving it 26.5. This also illeviates some sillyness with the uncharged shot doing more damage on headshots against regular armor, irrelevant to any existing enemy, but still kinda stupid in my opinion.

One issue with a higher headshot mult is that unless you seperate it from the crit, it’s crits will be devastating, as such i’d suggest reducing the armor pen crit grants to keep it the crit damage where it’s at atm, if you do 26.5 on a headshot, 32 on a crit is fair in my opinion.

Against bosses, the handgun’s headshot damage is in line with what you’d expect. The longbows, however, is supremely weak. It’ll do 25% more than a bodyhit, pitiful for a sniper weapon.


agree with OP

You should be rewarded for headshots.

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Have you heard of this thing called ambush? Press F and you kill any non-boss/lord with headshots (handgun is 1 shot, longbow is 1-2?)

Handgun needs 2 headshots during ult, unless you stack massively into anti-CW power and take the extra power during ult talent.
Even when you have 4 properties dedicated to CWs, it’s not enough to kill them with 1 headshot.

The days of 1-shotting everything are long gone.
I’m not even asking for that back, just for you to be better rewarded doing headshots.

Yes if you use krubers f with a strength potion, specialize every dmg stat and crit the headshot, let your teammates throw their shrappnel bombs and have a slayer to crit before you attack, Kruber hands out good dmg. Man thats sounds actually overpowered, he should be nerfed again.
His f is a five second buff with a long cd.

Let the shade or other melees do the work. If I have a slayer, shade or anyone with a 2h hammer in my team, I wont even waste ammo and time on CW, standing there for half an hour stunlocking them, if its not absolutely necessary. Krubers use is reduced to stormvermin and specials, everything else can be killed much safer and easier by other careers.


If we really compared Krube’s ult to other classes damage ults in just the terms of CW killing it’s not close to as bad as you’re implying. Pyro might not even kill a single one if you don’t hit it in the head just right. BH can easily slay one and a few adds around it. Shade can only kill one unless you’ve got hyperdensity issues and 2 CW have their heads 2 inches from each other. Huntsman can still kill at least 2 from a safe distance and sometimes 3 if you get a crit or 2 during it. Also a 90 second CD isn’t that long only 30 seconds slower than shades. You can even roll an attack speed + crit chance melee weapon with resourceful combatant which gives you his ult back super fast.

I’m not say good ol’ Huntsman Krube doesn’t need a bit of a buff, but his ultimate can still put down his fair share of CW.

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i get why you would want it and why its going to get a lot of likes but really i dont think anyone should be so able to remove all of the hard well hardest monsters at safe range by themselves in what is supposed , but admittedly not, a “brutal melee focused game”

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Depends on the population of said hard stuff. When there are like CWs in 30s on some levels. Yea… kind of need to… cause I’m not looking to play one match for 2 hours.

War camp can sometimes have an insane amount of CW. Played a match earlier where we killed more than 15 before we even got to the first grim.

My current huntsman setup 2-hit-kos Chaos warrior outside of ult with headshots or 3 body shots. You need to jump alot of hoops, but HS can absolutely shred anything elite. His boss damage took the biggest hit and I still stand whole-heartedly behind that he was perfectly fine in 1.0.7. But he can still be geared towards hitting hard, you are just very dependent on red items.

edit: Yes, the bow is pretty weak against bosses and really needs a buff on this front. There is now hardly a reason to bring it over the handgun.

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Why should Huntsman do a better job at killing CW and Bosses than any other ranged career?

RV vet needs 3-4 crit headshots with crossbow and equally as many shots as HS with the handgun, doing a worse job at it because of lack of reload speed or crit on headshot talents.

BH needs 3-4 crit headshots with crossbow, forget any other ranged weapon.

WS needs 3-4 crit headshots with Longbow.

Pyro needs 2-3 crit headshots with fully charged bolt staff.

All of these are straight up worse than huntsman at removing CW, and arguably monsters aswell. He really doesnt need more removal power.


The Handgun already makes lesser armoured units trivial. Specials and Elites. It does it’s job and fits it’s role perfectly. It can one-hit shielded enemies too. The more headshots you get the better your ammo sustain and damage. Lots of room for improving skill-wise. The amount of stagger lets you easily line up headshots on CW with a little bit of practice. Being able to body shot them is huge anyway.

On the Longbow you can run Monster/Chaos and do fine against everything as well. Headshots and Crits vs most things bypass specific builds and stats. The fire rate, ammo regen and crit allow you to remain versatile vs most enemies, where Handgun is specifically for Elites. The Longbow’s versatility is it’s strength and making it stronger in any specific role would be making it too strong.

Handgun: 8% Armoured/10% Chaos
Charm: 10% Infantry/10% Armoured

One-hit body shot kills:
Gutter Runner
Storm Vermin
Shielded Storm Vermin
Pack Rat
Warpfire Thrower
Warpfire Gunner

2-hit body shot kills:
Gas Rat
Chaos Mauler

3-hit headshot kills:
Chaos Warrior

Because it was literally the only thing that made him worthwhile compared to the other careers.

RV instaremoves CW with grudge and the right setup, and has a much better, much useful ult, and a much better selection of viable ranged weapons.

BH has guaranteed crits every 7s or on melee, and is far, FAR more powerful than huntsman overall. His ult is also super useful, as it can be geared to remove CW, or remove horde/cluster of elites.

WS has innate ammo regen, a selection of melee weapons that outmatch any other career in the game, and health regen to boot.

Pyro is literally geared to delete anything in the game aside from CW, and even then she can stagger them endlessly. Even attempting to place HS in the same bracket as Pyro is either showing a troubling lack of understanding of the game, or simply disingenous.


What makes him worthwile over other careers is that he is a different career with a different feeling and different weapons. Today its requests to buff his CW and Monster damage, tomorrow it will be horde clear buffs, few days after that cries to revert the nerfs again.

As i said, he already is better at killing CW and lords with his ranged weapon than any other career, that was the topic brought up. Im not arguing he lacks in different compartments, im merely on topic. You guys have your huntsman threads where you can discuss these issues, please stay there.

And to show you im not only here to make HS the worst career possible as I suspect you believe, buff repeater handgun.

Proofs please. I cant imagine it. Shotguns have horrible super armor multipliers.


To 2-hit KO on heads and 3-hit on bodies you’d need 58% power vs them.
I even tried it with barrage on my own 19% vs chaos 20% vs armored setup and they survived both. Even with the first hit being buffed by 2 stacks from the previous chaos warrior kill.

A buff to the handgun would be a buff to RV with a handgun, although i rarely see any RVs using it. Certainly a RV should be rewarded just the same for hitting the headshots.
He does have reload speed passive, doesn’t he?

Pyro needs 2-3 crit headshots with fully charged bolt staff.

BoltPyro does pretty much identical damage to the handgun when it comes to headshots. She is miles better than the manbow vs them, doing 2-3 times the damage unless he crits.

My problem is that on CW it simply is all about crits, with your headshots just not mattering. And on bosses headshots are tuly just worthless outside of triggering talents.

Slippery slope here.
Anyway, i’m not even asking for a straight buff to his CW/monster damage, just to better reward headshots.
Truly a 1.25 damage modifier on a sniper for bosses is pitiful.

I personally would be happy if they just reverted the unnecessary headshot damage nerf from, i wasn’t talking about this stuff before that.


Well I’ve seen it repeatedly, so yeah, unless Im seeing things, it’s a thing.

Also considering he was super fine, not OP at all and functioning as intended in 1.07, talking about how he is now not worthwile because his damage to CW and boss has been gimped, it is absolutely on topic to bring up how he underperfoms compared to other careers, and absolutely, desperately needs buffing.


That’s the point of his talent. Going for a headshot into a body shot on CW is fine and deals decent damage. The fact that you have a mechanic which allows you to bypass body CW armour with a Bow is amazing anyway. It’s a sustained damage weapon, not a slow single burst weapon.

It already fills most roles and you’re asking for it to do even more.


Before or after his ult guaranteed crits have been removed?

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After, and not during ult.

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