Elf Longbow questions

So ive run exclusively champion and legend games for the last week or so and I’ve noticed that the Elf long bow seems to do much less than it claims it does against armored targets on headshots. With a 580 power and the extra headshot damage talent i do about 150 (15000) damage on headsshots to unarmored and something like 100 (10000) damage to armored dummies (my numbers could be a little off). The only enemies that seem to reflect this high damage seem to be the stormies, which drop in one head shot. Marauders seem to tank something like 3 or 4 headshots, when the same number of bodyshots seem to drop them just as quickly, and Chaos Warriors seem to take almost zero damage on charged headshots from the longbow. I know the difference between chaos warrior armor and stormie armor is sigificant, but it just feels wrong to do almost no damage on a charged headshot with on of her slowest firing bows.

TLDR: I feel like the longbow does far less damage on headshot against chaos warriors and marauders than it should.

Edit: I’m not certain that marauder is the right word, I mean the medium size guy with a two handed ax and goofy black helmet.

It does, and as far I understand it is because the armored dummy does not have the toughest armor. The dummies represent a clan rat (unarmored) and storm vermin (armored), and there is no dummy for the heavier armor Longbow can’t penetrate. So the Longbow does headshot damage because it is a headshot, not because it penetrates. Does that make sense?

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It does, and its kinda what I suspected, but it just seems to make no sense to me that it should do pretty great damage to regular armor and down right worthless damage to chaos armor. Thanks for your input tho.

I suppose you mean maulers (the chaos equivalent of storm vermin). Maulers take less headshot damage than other units. Against them, it’s usually just more worth it to aim for the body, especially with the longbow.

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The guys with the heavy head armor take less headshot damage, even a handgun struggles against them.
Against CW it’s the same, you can land successive headshots with a weapon that fires a lot slower, has way less ammo and should have really good AP, yet still struggle to take them down.

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Thats stupid

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