Chaos Warriors take too many headshots with the Long Bow to kill

Kerillians Longbow takes more than 8 Headshots on a Chaors Warrior to kill them, on Legend with Arcane Bodkin and 600HP.
Either leave it at that and show the player the red armor shield that indicates that you deal no damage(Which in this case would be wrong but still…) or buff it a bit. Maybe 5 headshots with Arcane Bodkin? Because even with it it takes ages and the head is supposed to be the weakspot.

Longbow is not an armor penetrating weapon, also Chaos Warrior is full armored, even the head unlike stormvermins and other lowly creatures with body armor. Longbow is not the tool to deal with Chaos Warriors. Full armor is one of Kerillians only weaknessess, adding so longbow can wreck them too and there will be no need for any other hero. Just add a “Kerillian”-difficulty where you solo your way through the maps.

Longbow does pen armor (but not shields), however, CW’s have the fully armored armor type like you said and no ranged weapons (not special abilities) can deal with them in an effective manner. A Glaive Power Attack handles them with ease so long as there’s aren’t more than say, 3 fighting you. On Champ you can make it one combo, Legend will always require two unless you crit the overhead.

No, axes have armor penetration. Longbow has penetration, meaning it can pass through multiple unarmored enemies. The charged shot is just like any charged attack, it does increased damage towards armored targets. But a stormvermin is hardly comparable to a Chaos Warrior in armor or health. Hence the long time to kill with longbow.

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Full armor is not Kerillians weaknesses you have the glaive for that. I also did not say to make the longbow reck armor too just make it more clear to the user that his headshot does next to 0 damage and 8 headshots+ is just absurd at that point you can literally tell the user to dont bother using it and tag the red shield icon on headshots aswell.

no sorry , using the wrong tool for the job doesn’t mean you should get the tool buffed it means you should learn to use the right ones.

Two combo isn’t a breeze considering it has a significant windup.

I will agree with the OP just because Kerillian ONLY has the glaive to kill full armored enemies by legend and it’s an average weapon at that.

I wish the spear had a decent penetration at least on the lunges (it’s a 2-handed lunge ffs).
The spear loses as much as 2/3 of its damage to regular armor while the glaive even seems to do extra damage to headshots (weird?).
I’m giving the sword a try, although it has weird angles.

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