Kerillian Longbow 'Power Vs' Breakpoints

Wondering if there are any notable breakpoints for power vs on weapon/charm for dealing with specials.

Specials specifically, not elites.

6% to take down globes, leechs and sorcs in 2 charged chots.
18% to take them down with one charged and one uncharged shot.
32-33% to take them down with two uncharged, may only be feasible on handmaiden and shade.
6% to two-shot warpfire/ratlings (15% vs Stormvermin)
<5% to kill berzerks with headshot+bodyshot
23% to kill plaguemonks with 3 bodyshots. 27% vs berzerks.
27% to one-shot gutter runners with a bodyshot.


You rock this is exactly what I was looking for thanks

whoa, good stuffs.

got any stats for the handgun on kruber? struggling to balance cutoffs btw one shotting gasrats and packmasters vs one shotting leeches and blightstormers.

The Handgun got stealthbuffed at some point to do 51 damage, so reaching that critical breakpoint of 60 is much easier now.

  • 18% vs. Infantry = 60 damage, enough to kill both Sorcerers and Gas Rats in a body shot before falloff damage.

Unfortunately, 51 * 1.2 * 1.2 = 73.5 damage, which means no 1 shotting a packmaster (75 health) without a damage buff. With a 17.5% vs. Skaven/Monster and the 25% power increase from footknight’s charge, however, you should be able to do it. I haven’t tested this however.

Somewhere just under a 40% increase to Chaos/Armoured will also kill a Chaos Warrior in 2 headshots, instead of 3. I believe a single, unmodified body shot will kill them under the effects of Hunter’s Prowl.

Everything else sans bosses should die in one shot, so realistically, the relatively small damage vs. Infantry is about all you need to make it effective.


So do we need 17.5% vs infantry to kill every special (SV, flame, gutter, ratling, leech, stormer and globadier) with 1 bodyshot (but not packmaster)?

While I haven’t understood second and thrd part:

  • what do we need to bodyshot packmaster?
  • “I believe a single, unmodified body shot will kill them under the effects of Hunter’s Prowl.” I think that, with active but without tripot, we need 2 bodishot.

There aren’t really many important breakpoints you can reasonably hit. At short range, there are really only two good ones:
18% vs globadiers/blightstormers/leeches allows you to one-shot them. All 3 are infantry, globes are skaven, the other two chaos. A side-tip, you get slightly more room for error if you stack two different buffs (chaos+infantry, for example), as they stack multiplicatively.
<5% vs chaos allows you to kill maulers with 2 headshots, you will kill them with 2 bodyshots regardless, but it’s useful to save ammo or trigger huntsman talents. Also allows you to one-shot them with a crit in the body.
You can’t one-shot packmasters without some +power from talents (i.e. the extra power after footknight charge), you’d require 47+%
Against CW you could go for 18% to kill them in 4 bodyshots, but it’s a waste of ammo i would only recommend fighting them with headshots and the trait to not lose ammo.
39% to 2-shot them with headshots.
You need 33% to still one-shot blightstormers/globes/leeches at max range.
10.5% to one-shot packmasters with a headshot at max range.
<5% to still 3-shot CW with headshots
6% to still 5-shot CW with bodyshots
17% to still 2-shot maulers

It wasn’t really a stealthbuff, they specifically mentioned it in the patch notes.

Sure it’s 17.5%? Using stat sheet, that’d be 59.75, just short of 60, but there may be rounding errors here.

~47.5%, only achievable if you get power boosting talents.


no likes for this post?? have one on me buddy. they’re some of the most useful numbers I’ve seen here

I actually have the equipment to test this, and you’re right, 17.5% only reaches 59.75. It’s odd, because 51 * 1.175 = 59.925, which I assume would round up to 60? Either way, I’ll update my original post to be accurate.

soul23, I wouldn’t worry about bodyshotting packmasters; it requires very specific buffs to reach, and as Sasa said, you still need additional power, such as from talents. The third part of my post was referring to Chaos Warriors. You can kill anything short of bosses in one shot with the handgun under the effects of Hunter’s Prowl, including Chaos Warriors, without requiring bonuses.


Thank you for the kind words :heart:

You need to turn off rounding; the damage is slightly below 51, so you need slightly higher +power.

@Sasa @Positron thank you guys for the stat theory! more knowledge is better. i didn’t know that leeches/gasrats/packmasters were considered infantry.

Packmasters aren’t, they are monsters.

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got it. looking at this, really good stuff.

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@Sasa and @Positron, thanks!

This is true; for anyone curious, unless something has changed the handgun does the same damage to monsters (Packmaster and bosses) as it does to infantry or armoured, pre-power bonuses. This is not true for most other weapons; Kerillian’s Longbow (as well as Kruber’s), for example, does 1.5x damage vs. monsters on a charged attack, but only 1x on a light.

For those who may be wondering, this allows Kruber’s Longbow to do 75 damage with ~18% vs. Skaven, allowing it to 1 shot Packmasters. Kerillian’s Longbow always needs two bodyshots to take one out (or a single headshot/crit), but with ~15.5 extra damage, you can kill one with a single charged shot followed by a light shot.

Also, good to know exactly when rounding occurs during damage calculations. I was unsure if it was before or after power bonuses were applied. Thanks for the heads up.

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