Kruber Halberd Legend Breakpoints

Hello, I main a lot of Kruber and wanted to ask if anyone was aware of any important attainable breakpoints w/ the halberd on merc/FK (on Hunts my rolls are set). Is it possible to do things like 1 shot chaos infantry with the right rolls? Really I am just fishing for any important breakpoints (if there are any) as I havn’t been able to find any good information out there (unlike for longbow, whose skaven/armored damage can 1 shot SV with the right rolls).

Thanks in advance for any information.

Halberd is life.

I believe that 7% infantry will let you one shot a clan rat with a light attack or kill 2 with a charged hit, and 27% chaos+infantry will let you 1 shot a zombie with a light, or kill 2 zombies with a charged hit.

Another important one that you might want to hit is ~8% vs SV (vs skaven is preferable, but vs armor also works if you are desperate). It will you you two two-shot them with 1 head+1body hit with the overhead swing after a push and 3 shot them with 2 overhead 1 regular.

:open_mouth: wow that does not seem worth it.


EDIT: Looks like need only about 17% and SV will be staggered by halberd overhead bodyshot. Staggered out of their overhead. They seem to be push staggerable at even higher +power.

Will need testing on Into the Nest when time permits. Would be helpful to have true solo mod

I run with about 17% vs chaos at the same time, and that works ok. The marauders may be harder to stagger but they are slower than SV and don’t come in packs.

You would scarcely be able to do something against SV patrols otherwise. I like to be able to solo. It seems plus infantry, armored, and skaven all work

At the breakpoint the overhead swing can’t be a glancing one in order to stagger SV, but it doesn’t have to be a headshot. To swing twice tap attack at the right time after the push overhead, and halberd will overhead again.

Can change targets with the second overhead and also dodge in between

vs inf should not apply to SV, how much +% do you have without?

You’re saying you have 30% to SV (armored/skaven) and 17% to chaos? This is impossible.

You may have had some good info in there about staggered SV with high % skaven/armored. Can you elaborate on that a little?

I’m with Revy on this one. Crit and attack speed are far superior than anything else on the halberd, first to keep swift slaying up and second for the huge burst damage and stagger it provides.

After double checking, looks like may only need around 17% to halberd overhead stagger SV

Going higher may allow push stagger, which will be amazing

Testing at the Into the Nest entrance, indeed it should be +Skaven and +armour. Would be helpful to have true solo mod

In 1.04 you may know that halberd bullied multiple SV at a time by push staggering at high power; stagger on the push, not just after the push overhead attack connects. This made for dramatically more capability vs Stormvermin.

Looks like that may be achievable again if really stacking it. Will look for numbers given time; meanwhile, people can run tests on Into the Nest

Swift slaying/attack speed lose value on the Halberd because you lmb --> block cancel repeatedly. Although you may do it a bit faster with paced strikes and SS procc’d I find resourceful combatent to be much better for kruber, whose role on legend is essentially horde management/melee elite killing and support. With 10% cdr trinket and 30% from gabbler (assuming you dont take res and trust your team). You can have plentiful ultimates and prevent temp health decay.

I agree about the crit though. I run 5% crit on halberd w/ 10% to skaven. Charm is 10% armored 10% skaven.

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Solid idea, the shout is very good. Personally though I use it more for knocking back specials/elites during emergencies not for temp health, so I often leave it charged and would end up wasting the reduced CD.

Also I don’t use halberd anymore since executioner is more fun. :grin:

What do you recommend on huntsman? Thanks.

For huntsman? 24% to armored OR skaven to 1 body shot storm vermin. Personally I use a 10/10 charm for 20% then my bow is 5% crit 10% skaven (i run scrounger). It’s impossible to 1 shot body shot a globadier on legend. Need HS or crit. The most important breakpoint imo is body shots on SV.

Alternatively, if you dont want to be “the elite killer” you can go for crit/crit damage and + pwr to monsters for better boss performance.

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Yes, on my bow/charm I have already 23% armored+skaven e 6% chaos. I meant on halberd… I had thought to atk speed e crit chance.

I can’t abide that swift slaying is bad, because of the range you can keep burning through while kiting with an understanding of the pattern and use a push swipe to get em when you need to deal with overflow. Aiming for heads on heavies too allows you to melt them with light spam, its a gory fun filled ride.

If I have to engage in melee while playing hunt kruber I don’t like having to rely on ranged to help me clean up. Kill, fight, death.

I hardly run in a situation where I want/need more attack speed on the halberd so I generally run CD reduction, however I’ve used Parry for some time and it wasn’t bad. It conserved some stamina so I would be able to push+stab more.

Are you running merc?

All 3 careers.
Against armored I usually go for push+stab+stab

I really just don’t see why people hate killing faster, ideally if you’re doing it right you only need to throw in a shove on occasion when they get bunched up. Otherwise you’re killing 20% more and the overhead light swing is a insta gib a lot of the time and pierces armor which gives it a respectable spot in the rotation, the poke should be aimed down to the left for whatever you cleaved on swipe. Because of the #3 overhead attack this is really beckoning full spam in many instances over the block swipe method. You’re going to kill more kiting with range and letting it go full throttle. In open ground kiting to the right and slightly circling works wonders as your swipe hits them to the left… this way you’re going to stem a lot of pressure breaking off on you and group them into a kill zone, once the hoard’s broken in the front you stem is going to get ran over and blindsided as your team pushes through. I mean I main Huntsman because he’s so strong, and most of the time you just kill everything with your bow, but if it’s time to get involved that there are too many and out lines are getting pushed… I just want to put em all to sleep asap before the next bad thing happens. And sometimes you don’t get to kite per environment so if you need to pick up the role front line holder… the brave soldier to protect your dainty ranged members… Spamming out attacks as a defense is the best defense. Especially in times when the boss comes and stuff happens and the hoard is spawning on your side and you’re split up. I’m also a fan of Hunter’s Respite to grant you the boost of temp health for when these ‘Oh man’ moments come. Yes, the ult is best for nuking at range, but this way it gives you some more utility for when you gotta get involved.

I do like the idea of 2% cd reduction for the purpose of granting more utility.

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