Breakpoints for Kruber

Hi all, I’m just wondering how to go about calculating breakpoints for Kruber Footknight.

My objective is to know if it’s possible to kill fanatics with a singular light swing with the greatsword.

I have the weapon damages spreadsheet, and the creatures health spreadsheet, but am not sure where to go from here. There are guides I’ve come across but most seem outdated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Arthur

I would have to double check the spreadsheet but I believe its ~45% power vs. for 2h sword.
You can get 25% with the level 25 talent “Glory Hound.”
So that would leave ~20% Chaos/Infantry that you would need to add with gear.

I would rather suggest getting 20% power vs Skaven in order to be able to 2-bodyshot Stormvermin with the pushattack and Gloryhound. The 2h-sword already has supreme anti-horde capabilities, 1-shotting fanatics may sound nice but in practice you already cleave and stagger so much that it will rarely make a difference. Stormvermin meanwhile are quite numerous and can prove to be a lethal challenge if they manage to swarm you.

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I dunno why pple worry about oneshotting - there’re 3 blokes in the team with u - work as a team mby?

Because when that one guy pulls a patrol during a boss/horde. It’s nice to be able to solo it yourself with minimal effort.

There is a breakpoint calculator being maintained by a guy on reddit. It’s a little hard to use at first but once you know what all the buttons do it’s very powerful. He recently added the ability to calculate damage vs bosses too.

You don’t have to worry about breakpoints if you don’t want to, but it can be a huge deal in specific cases. Handguns don’t kill blightstormers in one hit unless you hit the head. But if you have 20% vs infantry you guarantee that you can kill them in one body shot. This is important because the handgun reload is so slow, and also because a blightstorm in a bad location can easily wipe your whole team.

That’s definitely true, but IMHO it’s better to jyst slap crit chance/crit power on everything and hope for the best.
I’m quite skeptic about all those infantry breakpoints - you aren’t chaning your gear midfight, you don’t really know what enemies you are facing in the map, so taking any specific suffix will hamper your efficiency against all other groups.
All that is my imho, cause i’m just too lazy to waste time on actually rerolling stuff to meet the breakpoints - i can rather easily win legendary games with good teammates and a touch of luck.
A bit POed that FS prolly tried to simplify the system but instead we have to peruse excel formulas to figure stuff out.

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