New to Legend

Was wondering how to build Kruber for Legend. Any advice on gear is appreciated. Information on the nuances of the game are scarce. Not sure why. Seems moderately popular.

Please go easy on the accronyms or spell out exactly what you mean. I can somewhat gauge what “17% insert stat” means but I’d rather not guess what it means or why I’m slotting it.

For basic tactics and strategy guides anything from Vermintide 1 Cataclysm difficulty will be a good source of information, a lot of the core skills and strategies still apply :slight_smile:

Which career of kruber do you want to play?

I’m really into the Foot Knight. Halberd

There is a thread going talking about some breakpoints you might want to hit for your halberd.
These are the damage boosts required to do certain things.

If your sidearm is the handgun, there are some other important ones, at a minimal boost to damage vs chaos or berserks, you will be able to oneshot chaos zerks with a headshot.
With a 7% boost i believe you can twoshot maulers in the body (infantry, chaos), not really that important on FK since you will probably save your handgun for specials, but useful on huntsman (bow&handgun).
You need like a 20% boost to oneshot hookrats with a headshot (skaven, monster), might not be worth it, but it’s the one special you won’t oneshot with a headshot otherwise.

Other than that, stamina is an important stat for the halberd, although i personally wouldn’t put it on the weapon itself, but on the necklace and take the aura talent that gives you a stam shield.
I personally run block cost reduction instead of the more common health on the necklace as a 2nd property, because i prefer to run natural bond, which doesn’t stack too well with high health (which makes it rater slow on Footknight, i do not recommend doing it).
For trinket, stamina recovery and curse resist are probably ideal for halberd+FK.

Some other weapons you might want to give a try if you get bored:
One handed mace (no shield)
2h hammer
The mace with it’s charged attack and the 2h hammer with it’s light both have the same damage as the overhead of the halberd (keep that in mind for breakpoints), giving you somewhat easier access to good anti-armor, at the cost of group clear and range. The mace stands somewhere inbetween the two against groups, if you can get a handle on it’s somewhat awkward combo. The 2h hammer, while definitely not doing the damage the halberd delivers on it’s sweep, performs a lot better in crowd control, allowing you to tank a difficult horde more easily, keep in mind though due to the lower damage, if you don’t have teammates helping you take them down, you might have the enemy stack up quite a bit.

Wow thanks! I’ll check that thread out. Lots of great info man. Had no idea my sidearm was more than an “oh sh*t” button. I normally run with blunderbuss.

Hey what is the stats I should have on Halberd? Crit chance/Crit Power/Attack Speed?

I wouldn’t opt for a crit build on FK, it’s more suited to Merc. (and huntsman), since he has a crit chance passive and a lvl5 talent for crits.
As to what exactly you should put on it, really depends on what breakpoints you want to hit. You should always consider your weapon and your charm together, though.
I personally would simply opt for the generalist style, 2x attack speed and a boost to skaven and chaos, one on the weapon, the other on the charm. This will allow you to hit the minor breakpoints (2-shot SV with push-stab if one of them is a headshot, or 3 shot them with the follow-up sweep, 2 shot marauders with the overhead, oneshot clanrats with sweep). You can go for significantly more power vs chaos/infantry to one-shot 1 fanatic (basic chaos enemies) with your sweep, the same power will also allow you to take down 2 of them with a charged, but this requires at least 3 good damage boosts vs them, which is a hefty investment.

Apparently 17% vs stormvermin will allow you to stagger them with your overhead during their overhead, which would be really strong, but i have yet to try it out myself.

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