Non Halberd weapons could use a buff

i’m not saying much, i love the move set of the swords, and the shields work fine, but the damage is very poor against armor targets, it makes it so there’s really only one choice for weapons with Kruber. Well i guess there’s the 2 handed hammer but it swings so slow it becomes a liability. I want more weapon choices, and in my humble opinion coding a slight buff would open the doors to new play styles.

Thanks for all your hard work!

-a player


Interesting. The hammer is my go-to on Kruber. I’d take it in any situation over the Halberd. That’s different play styles for you. But hey, I won’t dissent if they want to make the hammer stronger!

Executioner’s sword is a strong contender. Other than that, one handed mace is decent. The rest is lackluster, I agree. Which is also part of why I dont enjoy playing Kruber.

Kruber has a few decent melee weapons, at least in my experience. The halberd is definitely good at everything, but different weapons excel in different areas.

2h hammer can be devastating, and like Cornbane it is my preferred choice most of the time. It’s devastating against hordes and single targets; the only thing it doesn’t do very well is boss fighting. But that’s what teammates are for!

2h sword is great fun, and is actually pretty good as Mercenary. It seems to benefit the most from his passives out of every other Kruber weapon, and it can tear through hordes and elites if used right. Just like the 2h hammer, its main weakness is boss damage. I don’t really see a reason to use this weapon as Huntsman or Foot Knight though, because the Mercenary passives are what make it shine. Not sure how to go about changing that without making the weapon OP.

1h sword can be ok as Huntsman. It’s one of the safest ways to deal with hordes of Skaven (which is what I have the most trouble with as Huntsman) but suffers against most anything else, at least compared to his other weapons.

I’ve never really seen a use for the other melee weapons in Kruber’s kit, but that could just be my own personal playstyles and whatnot. I have nothing against weapon buffs though! I also think the halberd could be nerfed a little bit, as it’s just too easy to use and effective for any possible situation, much like the falchion was before. Just making it a tad slower would keep the versatility of the weapon intact, while also making it each swing more of a weighted decision like most other weapons in the game.

A lot of weapons in this game are in desperate need of a rebalance. Some of the worst include: 2H sword for kerillian and 1H axe/2H sword for Saltz. Seriously, the 1H axe on him is so bad it should be completely removed. It only hits ONE target at a time, and it doesn’t even one shot non-armored units aside from small rats.


As a Main Huntsman I always take the 2h hammer as hordes often wallop me more than armoured enemies. I love the timing of the swings that literally clears space in front of you.

I REALLY want to be able to take sword and shield, and actually have shields in the game increase survivability. Currently dodging and blocking and mobility increase survivability and shields slow that stuff down, and having a shield should make you almost impossible to kill in a simple horde of slaves.

Kerillians 2h sword is a bit laughable too, and I am completely gutted that Salty’s axe is so rubbish. I loved that weapon in VT1 and it is so pointless in VT2 it makes me irrationally angry.

I don´t know your playstyle, but i´m pretty strong with the 1H axe on Saltz… Next to the others, it´s got a lack of waveclear yeah, but it´s still ok if you got some experience “how to play with it” i guess… It´s even still super strong VS Elites. 2H sword is quite bad yeah… really no fun to play with, the rest seems balanced.

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Im all for Kruber getting some non-halberd buffs, frankly I don’t even think Halberd is very enticing. Its good for FK and Merc sure, but its rubbish on Huntsman, the lack of mobility really sucks, I ran it for a long time but now I just rock 1hs.

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What what WHAT!? Are you suggesting that we rely on others in a team based game? HERESY!

The 1H Axe is fine. It requires a different play style and it works well for those who play that style.
That said, imo it was actually better back when it hit 2 targets. Yeah, it only hit 2 targets, but you knew those 2 targets were taking full damage with high armor penetration and could easily position and pick important targets within those bounds.
In it’s current form, they added another target in between the first and third targets that takes less damage and has low armor penetration and reduced some of the damage the other 2 hits do to compensate for the new target. If the third target was the one with that fall-off then it’d be more acceptable, but putting it in the middle makes it hard to line up the first and third targets for the full damage.
While it’s still fine, they put the Axe in the position of not being enough for those who wanted more cleave and less desirable for those who liked the Axe play style.

I like the 2H sword in terms of its normal attacks. My problem is that the charged attack is basically just a stronger normal attack. A sword like the Ex Sword at least brings some variation to the table, even Kerillians 2H Sword has a nifty little charged attack combo.
Speaking of the Ex Sword, while its normal attacks are a bit slower and do a bit less damage than the 2H Sword attacks, they crit for a lot more. That makes up a lot of ground since Kruber isn’t exactly struggling to land crits.

I’m normally one who likes to find ways to use every weapon, but it’s really hard trying to find a place for the 2H Sword when the Ex Sword has the same cleaving ability and then a charged attack that brings more utility.

So you dislike it in 2h Sword but find the same prety OK for 1h Axe, seems strange… In fact all attacks of 1h Axe are very one dimensional, lights, heavy and push-stabs all are just single target anti armour attacks. I think that it’s kinda stupid to have all attacks of one weapon do the same job. Just like Kruber/Salty’s 2hSword.

A bogus comparison.

2H Sword basic and charged attacks follow nearly the same swing pattern. High to low diagonal swings. Save for a few degrees. Granted, the charged attacks to penetrate armour so maybe it’s not so samey after all.

1H Axe basic attacks are 2 alternate diagonal swing and a horizontal swing. The charged attack are vertical attacks.
The basic swings also kills the fewer targets it hits in hordes whereas other 1H weapons diminish damage over the larger number and require multiple swings.

If you think about it, the Axes and Sword are strangely unique in what they do but on opposite ends of the spectrum. Something that’s not well looked upon around here. Because every weapon apparently needs to be able to cleave waves, kill armoured and slay bosses all by spamming the left mouse button like the Halberd.

This has actually opened my eyes a bit. I withdraw my complaints about the 2H Sword.

And still all 2h Sword attacks have high amount of cleave and little to no ARP, so they are designed to deal with the same threats. In other hand we have 1h Axe, he has all attacks with 2.55 cleave, all have great armour pen, doesn’t it looks familiar to you? No matter what attack patterns do you have, your diagonal swings on Axe have very bad wave-clear ability due to low cleave, no matter if you’ll change 2h Sword heavies to overhead, if they still got only 30% ARP it leterally is a waste.

What i’m talking about is more like 1h Elven Sword or 2h Hammer, which has different attacks to deal with different threats, not only pattern-wise but stat-wise too. If you don’t want to admit it- ok, I’m done with this discussion.

P.S. And I wanna remind you, that 1h Axe’s heavy attacks have just the same damage, ARP and attack pattern as 1h Hammer/1h Mace but they are slower, yep, it’s great weapon :smiley:

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To be fair guys, nearly every character needs their melee weapons balanced besides the elf. She seems to be the only one with general balance across all her weapons. Every single one of her weapons works depending on what you want to use them for. Want horde clear? Grab the 2h sword or S&D. Want single target elimination? Grab the daggers. Want stagger on heavy mobs with high damage, although slower attack and range, grab the glaive. Want the best maneuverability with horde clear, grab the spear. Want unlimited dodge (srsly unlimited, 100 dodge count) grab the 1h sword. The only weapon of hers I don’t like which is still good is the dual swords.

The other classes need to get some of the elf love. She was really well designed and all her weapons are currently balanced. Although, they did have to nerf a few things to get her where she is now. Other characters currently have weapons that there is no point in even bothering to equip.


Even after numerous posts trying to defend the 1H axe, I’m still not convinced. Every time I use it, I think to myself; “literally any other weapon would be better”. It doesn’t excel at anything. And it’s not even worth talking about 2H sword. That thing is garbage on every career aside from mercenary, and even then it’s outclassed by the halberd.

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To be honest a lot of the weapons which is in the arsenal of Kruber are really good. However it becomes bit problematic the moment that you compare the weapons to halberd, and not because the halberd is extremely powerful, and it is, but solely because the halberd is incredibly versatile. It can deal with any threat that you can come up against, it has armour penetration, excellent crowd control, safe to use overhead strikes. It has everything.

Although there are a handful of weapons I’d like to see buffed to be honest with you. 1H sword should get some wee bit additional ARP (armour penetration), and the same story goes for the two-handed sword. While you are at it, the two-handed weapons in general simply require more reach. I’ve heard that someone on the development team excused that the low-range of two-handed weapons are for the sake of realism, and I couldn’t disagree with it more. Even still, there needs to be a trade-off for attacking slower than per usual weapons, something which the two-handed weapons usually don’t receive.

Both the maul and the 1H mace are both in excellent spots. Heck, the maul is incredibly powerful on a mercenary Kruber who can pass through some breaking points with Reikland Reaper, managing to kill chaos trash with one swing. It is beyond amazing.

1H hammer, both for Kruber and Bardin are really great as well. Excellent mobility, good crowd control and most importantly of all a guaranteed overhead strike that is quick to charge that penetrates armour. I don’t think they need any additional changes.

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That would explain some of the elfs weapons then. I was testing the distance of the elf weapons last night and I noticed that the 1 handed sword actually has some of the best range with the overhead heavy attacks, lol. Found that a bit weird… It was way more reach than the glaive and more that the 2h sword and S&D etc. Obviously nothing compares to the spears reach and the fact it does a full dodge distance left or right with every heavy attack. Meaning you don’t even have to use dodge if you time her attacks right on armored.

I’ve tried Krubers weapons and I always end up back at the halberd. The whole, hold down left click while blocking attack is incredible, it’s something like 3 overhead attacks applied directly to the enemies forehead. Absolutely melts armour.

2h sword should be shield / armour braking with the charged attack and change the angle, something like up to down hit or a thrust

2h sword is fun up to champion, it just needs more AP on charged attacks and -deservedly - more reach.

What’s funny is I could bring up how bad shield weapons are, but they at least fill a role. Albeit a semi-useless role, but a role nonetheless. Axe is just embarrassingly bad, and insulting to what it was in VT1.

I would be all for giving shield breaking to the charged attacks! It does feel wierd that a common soldier enemy can block the big 2h sword with a small hand shield. The armor piercing is already ok with the charged attack, it kills Stormvermin relatively quickly and weakens Chaos Warriors to some degree.