Markus Kruber only has one weapon

My friend plays champion but mostly legend.

There is only one weapon for markus kruber: the halberd

Why would anyone use anything else?

Lets just discuss that. I know many classes are underwhelming, especially battle wizard.


Yup. And even then people block cancel to get the only good attack on it. The thrust is worthless and the overhead is good for armored enemies but that’s it. Even when playing mercenary for extra cleave the overhead and thrust don’t do crap all for cleave.

The 2h mace is good but its slow windup, slow attack speed, lesser range, and short dodge distance make it inferior to the already gimmicky halberd. You can bring it over the halberd sure, but you’ll be playing knowing that the halberd is always the better option. I’ve been messing around with the 1h mace and it’s pretty good for CC but the short range on it guarantees that you’ll be taking random ghost reach hits a lot more often than with a 2h weapon.

They honestly need to buff the damage non anti-armor weapons deal to armored enemies else there will NEVER be a reason to take anything but the halberd and 2h mace.


Whoops, you have a typo there, it’s spelled “mace”.


Tbh halberd is just way too versatile atm which makes the other weapons feel really useless. Sword/shield is fine if you really want that wnb ironbreaker tanking action and 2h hammer can be really fun with mercenary.

Then we got these bugged weapons like Executioner sword which are really hard to just evaluate currently.


I’d call the halberd slightly OP if it wasn’t for the fact that I can only compare it to his other weapons, and the classes themselves are decently balanced, if sometimes a little bit underwhelming.
The 2h Hammer feels great, it has a terrific ‘oomph’ to it and works against any kind of enemy, but it’s so slow that I can’t come back if I ever get interrupted. Meanwhile, on the Halberd I not only have more range and (somehow) better speed, if I get hit I can just dodge backwards while hitting lmb until the problem is resolved.
The 1h weapons are a bit short of range and don’t quite compensate with speed or critrate or shield penetration like the elfs dw or sienna’s dagger.
There’s not much discussion to be had about the fact that Halberd is his best 2h weapon, with it’s blend of flexibility and reach and how it works for all his subclasses. Still, Kruber has a great lineup of viable weapons, all of which feel and handle differently; Most of them have a niche, if overshadowed.

Please do not. We will nerf everything and will fight with bare hands.

Halberd is ok, other weapons need some buff; furthermore there are other good choices:

  • 2h hammer is the best markus’ weapon against special and armored bosses;
  • if you want be a tank, sword/hammer + shield is very good; shield isn’t just two more “stamina icons”, but has other advantages;
  • 1h sword/hammer gives you more agility and, if you know to compensate short range, is best crowd control weapon;

2h and exe sword are just a mistake… they need buff.


lmao. mace is horrid. I typically just do either halberd or sword & board

I mostly agree with this, but it’s worth noting that you slow to a crawl while swinging 1h sword just like you would with a heavier weapon. Honestly seems like an oversight and it makes 1h sword pretty crap imo. 1h mace does not have this issue and is fantastic.


I never have this issue & on my Kruber I cycle from sword and board to halberd then to executioner blade frequently in my champ + runs

I remember some posts saying that the halberd was garbage during the betas^^
The halberd is not “op”, its good and his best weapon, but it has its drawbacks which make the weapon balanced.
I rly think his other weapons are lacking a bit, as a 2h hammer player myself, I see myself switching to halberd every 3, 4 games just to make up for the frustration.
I absolutely love the 1h sword of kruber, but only play it with huntsman. Its speed on charged attacks is kinda busted but no one seems to have noticed yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or im simply wrong on that one.

The attack animations are short, dodging is extremely nice with the 1h sword, the slow never felt unfair to me.

I can’t stand the Halberd and it’s genuinely confusing and bizarre attack pattern. I like a weapon with reliable left to right swings then powerful single hits. Executioner sword or 2 handed hammer for me every time. It’s personal preference!

I use executioners sword exclusively and I mostly play foot knight.

Breaks shields,headshot damage is good for bosses,chaos warriors and charging berserkers, block attack is nice because it’s easy to headshot with as well and regular attacks are good enough for hordes and single weak enemies.

i certainly do not disagree that in most cases the old v1 launch weapons all need bringing up to the level of the new additions , its not just the halberd nearly all have combo’s on push and charge that the old weapons simply lack .

but i do find the 2h hammer to be very effective to

Let me just put it this way…

On a max power build for merc (if everything works correctly, +55% power vs hordes, +25% cleave), a 2h sword light swing has a cleave value of 22.7 and a heavy swing has a cleave value of 41.6.

This means that on legendary, a light swing can cleave through:
8 slaves/6 clans/7 cultists/2 mauraders/3 monks/2 berserkers

and a heavy swing can cleave through:
14 slaves/10 clans/12 cultists/4 mauraders/2 maulers/6 monks/4 berserkers

It becomes stupidly fun when you find yourself diving into hyperdensity in hordes.

I like this sword too but the hit detection seems weird to me. Passes through rats often.

Right up until the second you hit a wooden shield (or harder) and your blade screeches to a halt.


Every weapon stops on shields anyway. Just keep swinging and dodge to the side/back, or power on with swiftslaying to break and kill the shielder.

2h Hammer is ok for legend but Halberd is currently superior, Executioners sword would also be viable if you didn’t have to block cancel every swing to even use it, the phantom swings seem to be happening 90% of the time on 2nd and 3rd basic attack and 2nd power attack making the weapon near useless for that high of a difficulty.

Thanks for that. I didn’t believe the game unless i see the numbers. I respect my friend alot so if he dones’t know something , I start to doubt myself.

I was cleaving thru a horde and he told me 2h sword sucks. Turns out i’m right after all.

Just give the halberd a light attack chain that acually feels appropriate for a polearm. The ridiculously wide and fast swing as the first attack in its light attack chain is the sole reason why the halberd destroys hordes so effectively and makes the 2h sword feel so terrible in its own niche by comparison. So just leave that swing as the strong attack (which would feel more appropriate anyway) and make the light attack chain stab>stab>overhead. Turn up the range/penetration/stagger on those stabs and the overhead, and you have a weapon with the ability to deal with specials hiding in a horde (very difficult for most melee weapons) and to hold back tightly packed clumps of enemies in chokepoints. Doing this would give the halberd its own, well defined niche and leave the wide, horde-clearing swings for the 2h sword and hammer.

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