Yes, it's another Kruber/Halberd Thread. But

Kruber’s Halberd is really the best viable option as far has wave clear and armored mobs.

I play Foot Knight for utility and I really would like to play the sword and board class fantasy of the FK. Unfortunately, the shield breaking and versitility of the Halberd is too efficient to pass up.

I’ve read that Ex-Sword and 2H Hammer are alternatives, and by now, the drawbacks have been pointed out, but let’s recap:

Ex-Sword: Ghost swings. Enough said.

2H Hammer: Attack speed is the major drawback of this weapon. Halberd LMB spam is more efficient (vs waves/vs armored).

Anyways… I personally think that the shield/mace combo should be as efficient as the shield/axe combo while playing Iron Breaker, to fulfill the class fantasy.

EDIT: What do you think?



Maybe other weapons need some little buff… but halberd is ok.

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To clarify, I’m not calling for nerfs, but there is a ridiculous amount of imbalance when it comes to viable options as far as melee weapons are concerned.


I agree. For example 2H and exe sword are garbage.

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Mace shield is equivalent to hammer shield on Bardin. I’m not sure why you are suggesting it to be made the same as axe and shield.

I’m guessing because bludgeoning weapons were the answer to armour since force transmission was/is very effective while his other option is a Sword/Shield and that would be more suited against unarmoured or lightly armoured targets.

At the moment, you can’t really be effective vs armour and have a shield as Kruber, and really, if you’re playing above Vet, you really want at least some anti-armour options.


1h mace is better then all his other weapons. can kills storm in 1 hit, kills rot helm in 4 charged attacks can cleave horde with quick attack and have 7 shields(14 stamina) so no need to use shield.

You forgot to mention the reach of the halberd.

Even the light attacks are absolutely devastating against both armor and unarmored enemies.

I do one charged swing for the buff, then spam LMB and clear entire waves, including stormvermin patrol.

Halberd just needs to be slowed down.

I tried the 2H sword and it wasn’t bad, but compared to the halberd which breaks armor even on light attacks… ehh… not even competitive.

Was fighting the last boss on the Warcamp map first with halberd and then we got same map again when I used the 2H. First round I just spammed LMB on the boss and wrecked him. Second run my LMB hits got red-shielded on every swing, forcing me to do charge attacks which means 1 attack for every 3 hits with the LMB-spam of halberd.

It’s a long polearm with reach and armor breaking… it does not need to have the attack speed of Siennas and Kerilians daggers.

Simple as that.

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Won’t matter if you slow down halberds pattern. Arguably attack speed already is really good for the weapon so literally just gimping the base speed won’t solve anything.(Not to mention half the combos used on halberd are just Attack block Attack)
What at most it needs slightly damage off from its attack or just making the other weapons unique features even more prevalent. (2h hammer light attack bit more damage and Exec not being bugged for starter)

As for shields well honestly i’m not really a shield guy but it would definitely help if kruber had something similar to shield/axes power. Its obvious one of the reasons why bardins axe/shield stays really relevant on legend is because it has solid armor piercing damage compared to krubers shield options. Tough that brings the problem that no one is really using the hammer/shield option so how to balance the 2 out is a other matter.

Wut? Nerfing halberd? Non sense…
You will kill the game with this nerfing fixation… that ba*ls! Halberd is a nice and fun weapon, as falchion, spear… they should buff the other weapons.

P.s halberd doesn’t pierce armor with every hit… second attack does 0 ._.

No. No nerfs
Halberd is one of the most fun things in this game. I just completed a build for max attack speed to get back some of that beta feel

The other weapons are either not viable and often boring, or just boring e.g. 1h mace

I am NOT advocating for a nerf of the Halberd.

I just want to be able to use a shield and still feel useful.


This is exactly what I was thinking.

But in the context of the game, the niche of bludgeoning weapons is crowd control, they have the most stagger capacity and punch through soft targets. While from realistic standpoint they, instead of axes, should have the armor piercing niche, as it is it’s internally consistent.

I’d honestly really like if the axe chops were weaker versus armor, giving them a lot less instant utility. To compensate, make the stabs penetrate armor as they freaking should. The weapon would be harder to use but still have a niche.

The only thing that makes halberd op is being able to do 2 hammer strike after a push.
So you can do 2h hammer light as fast as hammer but with longer reach, 2 attacks for the cost of 1 shield.
This is the only weapon that have 2 same attack after a push attack.
If you remove the second overhead attack after push attack, you will need to use 1 shield per overhead ( light 2 hammer attack like ) and it would be slower than 2h hammer and way costly so it would be worst by far against armored.
This how halberd should be, versatile with more range but not as good as other against armored, or against horde.

Right now halberd pattern is light block cancel spam for horde and push attack then light ( for double overhead ) against armored.

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And that’s fine, but leaves shield Kruber out in the cold since you’ve got a choice of Wide block angle and passable CC (mace/shield) or narrow block angle and slightly less bad damage (sword/shield) but both suck vs armour.

Shield Bardin has an actual choice betwen Axes for AP or Hammer for CC. Shield Kruber basically has to run mace (and even then it’s not great) with no AP option if you want to use a shield. If you wanted to adjust the sword to have some options (like something similar to Salty’s rapier stabs), that’d be fine, but Krubers weapon/shield options are lacking at the moment IMHO.

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And Bardin has no access to halberd, greatsword, executioner sword, or the sword by itself. The different characters have different weapon options, none of them have everything covered.

I never claimed otherwise. I’m saying that if you want to use a shield as Kruber, you have no access to decent AP attacks. Bardin has a meaningful choice to make (though his hammer/shield is somewhat overshadowed by his 1H hammer, just like Kruber) between the AP on the axe or the CC on the hammer. Kruber has a false choice between Sword/Shield and Mace/Shield (and even then, choosing either option is a false choice IMHO, but that’s a different topic altogether).

On the higher difficulties if you’re melee and struggle to deal with armour, well, you’d better have damn good CC or you’re a bit of a liability (IMHO).

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You have a meaningful choice between the bashes and block area of shields and the cleave and AP of other weapons. It’s your choice to take a shield - the game doesn’t owe you armor penetration with it.

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