Kruber weapons

Well my main is mercenary class and I am playing champion and legend I have spend lot of time on kruber weapons so I have to share some thoughts, the main problem with kruber melee weapons is that they are many 8! Melle weapons, so they had to invent moveset and abilities for all the outcome is that some of the weapons ha e no place, I am starting with the best of them the Halberd : I think it’s great and it’s problem is exactly that but if it nerfed the mercenary class will be significantly weaker and now it’s a ballance fun class, so the solution is to make Halberd exclusive to mercenary , so Knight class can’t exploit versatile attack with huge hp and defence
2h hammer :it’s balanced and in good place
Sword and shield: balance and full playable
1handed mace :it’s OK and good moveset and speed maybe not the best for mercenary but the other 2 classes can go with it
Mace and shield : why bother if you can go with single mace and be much better
Single sword : why take it when with the same moveset you can have shield too
And now let’s go to the worst x sword and 2handed ,
Xsword : good in theory very bad in practice it’s devastating heavy attack it’s too slow to use it when things are messy or to kill shielded storm vermin or to use it twice when it’s needed he’s simple attack very bad on Shields and armors so maybe only huntsman can take it because he’s main wep is he’s range one
2handed sword :even after the buff it’s still boring left to right and right to left like broken toy no reason to use it
So from the 8 weapon only the 4 are really playable and ha e a role to the game maybe if there was only one good sword instead of 3 mediocrate , with rich and interesting moveset would be much better , more is less in that case


I play a lot of Mercenary on Champion as well. I agree with you for everything except for the one-handed sword.

What sets it apart from the sword and shield is the charged attack. It’s constant left-right-left-right swing pattern works like a miniature two-handed hammer, tearing through hordes. It does lack the stumbling power of the hammer, but is a lot faster. The weapon also has better dodge than the shield.

I pick the one-handed sword a lot, as I find it to be one of the safest weapons for dealing with hordes. It works well with a crit/dps build, as the damage on it isn’t anything to shout about, but it is quite fast. The only real downside is the lack of good armor-piercing attacks, but the handgun is a good sidearm for that purpose.


Better dodge is a good point but I prefer the shield version maybe one handed version is good for huntsman , huntsman is the best class for it cause you need mobility and crowd control for all the others you have your handgun or longbow… So yes it can be usefull

Halberd only to Merc? WTF, would you leave FK only with 2H hammer and Huntsman without weapons?
This is a simple good weapon, the other need some buff… it is versatile, but it lacks about stagger/cleave (it is enough to see a comparison with 2H hammer).
Also 2H hammer is good… but:

  • exe sword: just a weaker 2H hammer;
  • sword/mace + shield: low damage against horde and armor, low cleave, low stagger… you can just push, push, push…
  • 2H sword: worst weapon of entire game;
  • 1H sword/hammer: low range, low damage against horde, low cleave/stagger, sword is bad against armor…
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Sword and shield or 2h hammer o think are good enough for thee foot Knight , he’s tank class and with these he’s perfect on he’s role there are 4 man party not one class show

Yes, but you can push also with another weapon… you have a less angle, but there are talent and property. If you push only and you don’t kill, you give less help to your friends.

I always thought that halberd should be limited to mercenary. Buff the other weapons so you can use something else than 1h mace and 2h hammer on other classes and there you have it ( executioner sword is debatable. people love it and people hate it but i think it underperforms if it’s not used on mercenary kruber )

Halberd mercenary only? Why? The mercenary is a dedicated horde clearer, it would make far more sense for the greatsword to be for him only.

The 1h mace is excellent for the mercenary, as it easily hits 3 people, benefits greatly from the increased attack speed (unlike the halberd, where it doesn’t help much) and still deals with armor easily.

I don’t agree on the xsword being too slow, it’s heavy is fairly quick and deals twice the damage of the 2h hammer against armor (despite having relatively weak armor pen), easily one-shotting a SV even on legend and dealing heavy damage to bosses and CW alike.

On the 2h hammer, i think it’s a greatly overvalued weapon. It’s single target dps is slow, it’s very slow and it’s sweep is extremely weak, with the only saving grace being that it can stagger tons of targets fairly well.

Thats sad bercsause 2H sword is signature weapon of Kruber (Greatswordsman), they shoud add trusting power attack, like grab sword with two hands, one hand on hilt, another hand on leather part, and stab opponent.


What are you talking about, 1h hammer is one of the best weapons! Are you sure you’re speaking about the right game?!

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Uhm maybe it is good, but I don’t like it… 2h hammer, imho, outperforms it. Too much low range.

I personally think the Executioner Sword is in an excellent place, it’s my go to anytime I’m playing Kruber.

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It has a problem - if you get surrounded by a horde 2h hammer means gg.

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My issue with halbert is that it doesnt have a weak spot. There was no situation, where I was thinking “if only I used smth else rather than halbert!”. And it’s rather sad that it massivley overshadows all other Krubers weapons. Very simple, very efficient, good agains everything… It bothers me, that halbert is just too good to use anything else Kruber has.
1h sword is not good enough for legend, because it can’t deal with armour efficiently. Huntsman can afford it to kite&shoot, but then his ranged weapons are not as great at this playstyle: only blunderbuss shoots fast point-blank, but than you still don’t have an answer to CW.
Krubers shields are not great for legend because, again, they can’t deal with armour (unlike nice axe and shield on dwarf). Sword and shield almost good, but it’s charged attack sequence is a constant miss. 1st - shield bush that pushes, but does next to no damage, but still nice. 2nd is single-target thrust, good on paper, but because of bad reach, bad stagger, low speed, it is very hard to use on armoured targets after shield bush (you have to walk forward, but you are so slow and can’t dodge), and doesn’t do enough to make it worth it, and it’s just bad against hordes. 3rd you have no AP crowd control, which could be good, but you can’t rely on it because of 2nd attack, and if you try to fight say stormvermin, it hurts more. To sum it up, you have attacks that could work individually, but dissynergise with each other horribly. Also, because of weak cleave/stagger/speed on fast attacks it is unplayable with high ping.
Mace - good single-purpose weapon, that suffers a bit too much from ping (your best CC tool is push-attack, but you can’t use it with ping). And you can’t compesate for it’s downsides with CC ranged weapon.
Unlike many people here I like greatswords, you can make them work on merk with his passive and swift slaying, cleaving through hordes, but chaos warriors…
Overall, I feel like Kruber lacks synergy between half of his meele weapons and his roles, and his ranged weapons.


This is true.

I agree… but the solution is buff weaker weapons, and not nerf halberd.

P.s try 2h hammer

They have about the same range, in fact, the mace seems to have a slightly longer one.
Anyway, the upsides of the mace over the 2h hammer:
More stamina
better AP performance since it’s heavy strikes are quicker than the 2h hammers lights
Much much mobility
Much better dodge
Upsides of the 2h hammer:
Somewhat easier
Safe cleave with it’s charged

I will try it better.

The 2h sword even with the little buffs makes me sad.

I’m doing it now, not much to say though. A solid weapon, but pretty difficult to use against crouds. I think of it as a reverse executioner (and vise versa), they both are solid and have same general problems of getting hit by small fast things, but perfectly playable (maybe I wouldn’t recomend it on huntsman, because he is too flimsy).

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