Kruber weapons

My main problem with the 2H Sword is that it gimps your dodge distance and block movement speed to the point that you have to completely re-learn how to fight with it, because the feel is so different compared to the other weapons, for example you can’t block and run from a boss or a horde because you will just run out of shields and die which is a basic survival tactic for repositioning in combat. The dodge sucks so hard that it’s way harder to, for example, dodge the Chaos Spawn grab attack…it basically gimps your mobility so bad that the trash mob killing ability isn’t enough of a plus. Also the charged attack should be a thrust, not just another swing, so it isn’t hopelessly bad vs armoured which also massively limits its use.

The 2H hammer rules and so does the halberd…but I have to say that the 1H Mace is now my Kruber weapon of choice. It feels underwhelming at first but the extra dodge and those fast charged attacks that you can put down on a Chaos Warrior make all the difference.

I have done some try and… IMHO 1h hammer hasn’t a sense. It has 4.5 stamina, and this is the only advantage, cause charged attacks seem have more or less same speed in comparison with 2h hammer light attacks… maybe 1h hammer could have just a little bit more speed… but spam light combo is more versatile. Anyway 1h hammer id just “good” against horde… while 2h one is a beast.

1H hammer/Mace beats 2H hammer in mobility. I love the 2H hammer but the 1H hammer/Mace lets you dodge back further which means you can fight Chaos Warriors and bosses better and those overhead charged attacks, while they are the same as the 2H hammer non-charged (I tested it too) also have the added dodge so you can dodge/reposition better.

Once you get the timing down (1-2-3-block/cancel) it has enough mobility to fight hordes and I find it to be very versatile.

I also use the 2H hammer a lot (because I love the horde stagger) so they are both good choices.

Yes, I know… heavy combo just needs practice.

Just spam push combo doing 3 hits, as PlasmaPants said.

Reading all of you is scaring me cause after many tests, many hits on the decoy in the fort, I can only tell that 2H Hammer is quite better than Halberd.
Where I need 2 hit to kill basic chaos ennemies with Halberd, I only need 1 hit with 2H Hammer.
I thought that Halberd was better to kill CW, well in fact… It takes me less hits with 2H Hammer than the Halberd. Except with charged attacks.
I play Halberd only cause I find the skins are nicer than the 2H Hammer ones, and cause it has a little faster attack rate.
But I often switch between both, and I must say than I love both of them. I don’t know if there is a bug with armor penetration, but to me, 2H Hammer work better on armored ennemies.
The only real advantage I find on Halberd is it’s range and faster attack.
I often play Rifle + 2H Hammer on the Huntsman career, I find it just broken on so many level. I two hit CW on Champion and Legendary with rifle and 3 or 4 hits them with the 2H Hammer due to the crit. And what can I say about the 30K+ dmg when ulti is on with the Rifle ? To me, the bow need to be buffed, it has some too much spread and low damage compared to rifle.
That’s the only thing I would change on Kruber, the spread of his bow, and the damage of the swords that are out of use vs Hammer and Halberd.
Halberd and 2H Hammer are balanced to me and just a matter of taste.

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Executioner’s Sword is outstanding with Merc. Build it with stacked crit and attack speed along with swift slaying. You will chew through hordes better than any other melee weapon in the game. Plus the charged attack is devastating. It is a different style weapon that requires a different playstyle due to lack of mobility but it more than earns its place as a go to weapon for the Merc.

Just get good with the halberd.

Lmb x 1 then block canceling repeatedly for waveclear.

Push attack then lmb for double overhead on stormvermin.

Push attack overhead x2 into lmb spam on CW and anything still alive after two overheads.

The halberd is by far the best weap for all kruber classes. Only other argument is a shield or 1h mace on huntsman to just cc and stay alive w push attack while team clears waves for you.

Yes, I know, but I was talking about 2H hammer heavy combo.

About mobility, I agree… but, against horde, I don’t like its moveset.

Trust me, 2h hammer heavy combo is better (against horde) than lmb block lmb block combo halberd. You need a little bit practice cause is less versatile, but thanks to great cleave and stagger, you can do an incredible crowd control.

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I agree, and the 2h hammer is also WAY More fun!

It’s only ‘better’ in that it staggers the horde. It’s damage is on the low end of weapons, basically meaning that most of what you are doing is knocking around mobs, rather than dealing with them. Good if you need the protection, but once you know how to not get hit, frankly wasted.

Unless you’re trying to teamplay, because 2h hammer is great at protecting your teammates. They can kill off everything without worrying about getting hit. Or just stay behind your back and shoot the horde.

“dude trust me”

I’ve got to disagree, for the simple reason that 2H Hammer charged attack will get staggered and stopped if you take dmg, where as the light attacks form the halberd will not.

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Only if your entire team consists of back-line players hiding behind you. If you have another frontline fighter standing beside you, you knocking enemies behind them is probably the last thing they want.

only halberd & 1h mace is useful on legend.
2h hammer is way to slow and shield do no damage to anything.
1h hammer got all the cleave you need and kills armor easy and have alot of stamina. no point to use shield

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Halberd/handgun stand out as being superior to everything else for basically every kruber career.

The one exception is exe sword with max attack speed, crit, and swift slaying on merc.

Blunderbuss gets an honorable mention on merc as well from the rmb ammo back w scrounger.

The 1h mace has nothing on the halberd except for more stam for defensive push sweep attacks (which are outclassed by good dodging while lmb canceling w halberd).


On top of more stam it has:
Easier access to AP, i’d say it’s superior vs CW.
A much higher dodge distance, allowing you to much more safely animation lock them.
Faster movement speed while blocking, allowing you to kite enemies safely.

As I see you agree with me, Halberd, single handed mace, 2 handed hammer and some ppl that like executioner ( I like it too in theory but it always pisses me off and always thinking why I didn’t take the Halberd, whenever elites are mixed with crowd and whenever I have to kill a shielded storm vermin, and when an elf with glave do the same job 3 times faster ) OK the whole point is why bother with any other weapon except these 3,and there are 8 of them!! Do something with the other or make em less but good give us a good 2 handed sword with more moves if you think that you that going back cutting weapons from game don’t worry nobody will miss them nerfing the only working ones it’s not a solution

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