Markus Kruber only has one weapon

Halberd is amazing and it’s my favorite weapon in VT2. Feels very refreshing compared to the VT1 weapons that were almost directly ported over. The versatility of the attack animation is interesting, and it’s got a bit of a learning curve which is nice.


Absolutely not! It is an halberd, not a spear. And, as description, it is a versatile weapon.
2h hammer is stronger against armor, shield for tank, 1h weapons for crowd (every hit sweeps).
Don’t ruin a fun weapon…

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But halberds ARE very similar to spears, stabbing and hewing vertically is exactly what they are meant to do. Also you apparently didn’t really read my post, as I said that the horizontal swing should remain, but only as a slow charged attack. It just doesn’t make sense for Kruber to be whacking around like he’s on speed with this long, front-heavy weapon, while he can barely manage to swing his twohander in a timely fashion.

And currently, the halberd does all of these things better than the weapons specifically designed to handle these tasks. Need a can opener? Just do a quick push-attack -> light attack combo and bully chaos warriors into submission. Need to deal with a horde? Just mash that light attack with block cancelling and watch everything melt from a safe distance.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the halberd as much as the next guy, but it’s just straight-up overperforming. This, coupled with some undertuned alternative weapons (looking at you, 2h sword), is the reason why people are complaining that Kruber effectively has no choice of weapons.


Nope, halberd is ok, other weapons need some buff, like 2h and exe sword. And after 100 hours playing as Markus, I know that 2h hammer is better against every specials and armored bosses. If you want to play as a tank, halberd sucks, better a shield. 1h hammer gives you more agility, more attack sweeps, charged attack crushes special’s head. Trust me, nerfing halberd just kill the fun, and undermine an already not op pg. Versatile weapons must has at least one sweep attack in the light combo.

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And after playing over 100 hours i don’t see any point to use any other weapon apart from halberd. You can throw play time around as argument but it won’t change the fact that there is absolutely nothing that halberd cannot excel at.

The hammer you seem to enjoy so much at least has weaknesses and drawbacks you have to play around with like actually having to use power / light attacks for their intended roles. With halberd you can literally spam light attack and it will deal with hordes/specials/armored and bosses.

Don’t get me wrong i really like how the halberd is currently but actually claiming that 2h hammer is better against specials and bosses does not actually contribute anything to this discussion when at max halberd needs 1 extra attack to kill those same enemies and does everything else better.

How Fatshark actually decides to address this is totally different matter but let’s not pretend the weapon is anyways balanced compared to other options.


Nope, this is your opinion… as I have mine. Halberd second attack does 0 damage against armor, and also halberd breaks shields in more hit. First 2h hammer attack hits directly heads.
As 1h hammer/sword is faster and has more sweep attacks in the light combo and gives you more agility. If you want to play as tank, shield has its reasons.
And also 2h/exe sword has a sense… more sweep attacks… but needs a buff.
If you want to buff another weapons i can agree… but nerfing halberd is so stupi*.

Oke i won’t go into too much detail but just to end this non sense.
Hammers overhead for my 600 power kruber does 30,5 dmg, do you want to guess how much halberd does on its shove attack ? If you said 30,5 you would be correct and stormvermin on legend difficulty has around 40 points of health. So even tough halberds second attack does 0 damage to armored you don’t even need it to kill those enemies.

I mean i can end my argument here already but the point is you still got the power to literally kill those armored enemies in same time while still having perfectly capable attacks for hordes, other specials and bosses. Heck you are actually more likely going to snipe those armored enemies inside a horde with halberd than with hammers power attack.

(oh ya and the hammer/halberd used in my examples only have 5 % attack speed and +2 stamina so modifiers are not even accounted here)
(and just to clear any confusion with shove attack i mean the attack right after shoveing someone, which you can actually follow up easily with a other 30.5 damaging attacking resulting in instant kills on any armored enemies apart from chaos warrior and shield vermin presuming they are still blocking.)

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Halberd is strong, and the only nerf i would see that would make sense would be the second light after the shoved attack which is the same allowing you to do 2 2h hammer attack in a row for the cost of 1 shield.
This is what make the 2h hammer useless atm since you can do the same attack with halberd with better speed and better range, go with footsoldier and you got easily 6 shield to spam this double attack.
So removing the second overhead attack after the push attack would balance the weapon, and make 2h hammer a tiny bit viable.

The second problem is the other weapon are just bad, and with VT2 you can get your attack canceled so easily, 2h hammer should get more speed in its attack imo to make it viable due to its range. Exe sword overhead heavy should be a tiny bit faster as well, i mean the range is f*cking small and you need 2 second to hit with that thing, against Sv i dont even use it anymore i spam light until i crit at least the light control them and i dont get rekt by an attack while charging my overhead strike.
All weapon should atleast have real dmg against armored on some attacks, in VT1 this wasnt much an issue since you could roll killing blow which would insta kill SV, but in V2 no more and you need armored dmg for a weapon to be viable.
The best exemple is the elf 2h sword which got a really good attack against armored unlike kruber or victor 2h sword, making it way more viable.

I actually think exec could be fine with its current stats but those ghost attacks are just driving me nuts whenever i try to get a feel for it.
2H sword, i mean just rework it. I tried to make it work in couple runs but it just feels so out dated compared to every other weapon iv used in this game so far.

Yep i think 2 h hammer and exe sword are the best ones after halberd, only if exe would not have ghost strike.

Real non sense is to nerf a fun and efficient weapon instead buffing other weapons… we will fight with bare hands.

2h sword has potential but can be pretty boring to use. Also no ap

Really loved the halberd on speed in beta

lol i only use 1h mace on kruber, every other weapon is weak and useless imo. also the 1h mace have 7 stamina shields so picking shield is pointless and does way less damage. 1h mace kills rot helm in 3-4 charged hits too

The only reason its op, in my opinion, is because his parry is far quicker than most of the other weapons which is funny because it’s like the tabletop games.
Other than that is had good damage and punch through but horrible sweeps. The executioner sword is superior in damage and the great sword much better at wide sweeps.

2 stabs and one wide attack doesn’t mean it is good verse hordes both other swords are better vs hordes

I’m somewhat disappointed by the attack pattern of the Halberd.
I was really hoping for a charged attack that was just an overhead attack, maybe a two attack combo with a thrust. I’m not a fan of charged attacks being a slightly slower/stronger version of the light attacks. I use the push atk+light atk combo as I would expect to use charged attacks.

Halberd is very good, but I think he’s got a lot of weapons that are very strong. Two-handed hammer is great, Mace is great, I haven’t played enough with the Arming Sword yet, but it was amazing in game one. Probably a bit less this game.

I think XSword will be a real contender once its hitreg issues are fixed.

2h Hammer are way better in cc, dmg(light-hits=Headshot), move-set and they are armor piercing. But mostly important you can be damn good with any Weapon if you see her potential.

But it does, it’s the mentality of people in general. Whether you like it or not.

Yep, and how many does not complain about Slayer? People are so set in their ways, blindly following what others preach like steamers and what not. Now that is LAW. Anything else is blasphemy. Never daring to try something out themselves, never letting them enjoy themselves. Because that’s not what games today is about.

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