Balance makes no sense and most talents are basically worthless

This game is so baffling. Phenomenal in so many regards, but bizarre decisions plague the game up and down:

  • How is it that a weapon with 5 power does 825 damage, but a weapon with 146 power does 850? This makes no sense at all. What’s the point of even upgrading weapons as you play when the increases are so worthless?

  • Why is a talent that becomes available to you after 10 levels such as increasing attack speed, only go up 5%??? It’s USELESS. What the hell difference does 5% make to the gameplay? It isn’t even noticeable, and certainly doesn’t give you any kind of noticeable advantage.

  • Why does a dodge increase of an alleged “20%” only make the character dodge an extra 9 inches? That’s not an exaggeration by the way, I measured. The “20%” amounts to about an brick and a half distance.

  • How can a single shielded stormvermin withstand all 4 players hacking away at him and not take a single point of damage for a solid 60 seconds? Why does flanking him and smashing him in the head with a hammer not immediately kill him? How is it that every single attack is useless against him except for the one or two that manages to get past the buggy hit detection? So these great heroes can only block a couple or a few hits, but a single stormvermin from a horde can take the entire burnt of these supposed “heroes” surrounding him and attacking away?

  • There was a moment in veteran where all 4 of us were hacking away at a chaos warrior’s head for literally 2 or 3 minutes—he just wouldn’t die, but then, seriously, another chaos warrior immediately spawned AND HE DIED IN THE FIRST HIT. Wtf is going on?

I can name at least dozen other things just like these, some of them just as bad. I haven’t even touched on the massive issues with specials on veteran and above, or the severe stuttering that happens more often than it should.

VT2 team, what you’ve done is make an absolutely amazing game that is almost undone by these problems. Guys, you gotta get your sh*t together and iron these out, because to have such a wonderful game undone by something as silly and easily fixable as tweaks and balancing would be downright tragic.


They are not done tweaking and balancing, but if you’ve played in the beta the values could in most cases get to double the value. The balance from this was so over the top.

I’m not gonna take this too seriously until you get a better understanding of the games mechanics : )

Tip: look up armor penetration values in regards to boss / chaos warriors.

Shield units can be a mixed bag of emotions.

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LOL stopped reading at this point. 5% is so huge i can literally feel the difference with each swing. “What the hell difference does 5% make to the gameplay” noob spotted.


Regarding character balacne: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and much more.

Regarding weapon balance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and more.

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Well, hello to the game. You might have about… 5 hours of play? (sarcasm)

It’s about total hero power, not weapons.

It realy make sense. So you can even stuck it up to 15 with weapon and trinket propeties. So it is a lot.

It depends on a weapon. With shield you can dodge “one brick”, while with daggers and +20% dodge you can dodge entire f**ing room. Is not it enough for you? For me it is so huge distence, so it makes me unconfortable to play with.

You have to hit his back or break his stand. Well, this mechanic is controversial but still chalanging.

I’m not defending this game, it has a lot of bug and issues that was already discussed. But your post comes from the lack of playtime and understanding of game mechanics.


You obviously don’t know how item power works, and that is fine, but please don’t try to talk about how to item power is balanced if you have no clue how it works.

Why does changing a 300 power weapon to a 5 power weapon increase the damage only so slightly?

Because your itempower is based on your character level multiplied with 10, which already gives a max level character 300 item power. The items themselves can add up to 300, and use the average of all 5 items combined.

So if you have 5 300 item power items, you get 300 item power, but if you switch out one 300 item power weapon for a 5 item power weapon your item power from items becomes 405 divided by 5 which is 241.

Which results in your overall item power dropping from 600 to only 541. You are not losing 295 item power, you only lose 59.

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You need more experience.

A lot more experience.


This post is ignorant, to be sure, but it does expose a problem the devs need to address. Most of the problems this obviously new player posted are about them not understanding the game’s mechanics. These mechanics are not at all obvious unless you played the first game or read up constantly on the forums and subreddit.

Almost all numbers are hidden, and the numbers that are show seem very arbitrary unless you understand the formulas behind them. Fatshark has this stubborn notion that knowing the exact mechanics of how the game works is somehow immersion breaking and bad for the game. However, anyone who actually cares about optimizing has to track down the datamined info to understand how to reach breakpoints, or which talents and traits are actual working as advertised and which are bugged.

What’s immersion breaking is having a bunch of random hero power stats or small stat bonuses and no way to see how they interact with the gameplay. It causes new players to get frustrated thinking the game is unbalanced or bugs, and it forces the hardcore players to do hours of math homework to put all the pieces together.

So to summarize, the OP’s complaints are mostly groundless (shieldvermin are ridiculous, I agree) but they are a good indication that Fatshark needs to reevaluate how it displays mechanics info if it wants to retain new players who don’t have the patience to seek out third party info if they want to understand the game’s mechanics.


I’ll just add some links to support @Spaceman point:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Power level comes out of your lvl*10 and sum power of equipment / 5 (not exactly, but to simplify). So, if you have a 148 power weapon, it contributes less than 148 power. You can reach 600 power at lvl 300 with all gear having 300 power. At that point you will do 3.5 more damage.

Attack speed was up to 20%, I think, in beta, but it was absurdly strong, so they tuned it down to 5%, which is still very strong, considering you can have multile buffs that stack.

Dodge distance is one of the better talents, you just need to play with it a bit more to feel it.

Shielded stormvermins and CW are very hard to kill. some weapons does better, some are almost useless, true. And shielded guys have unclear animations, 360 block and so on.

When I saw this post I anticipated rant about boss kills talents or barkskin or other things you would never ever use, there are a lot of them, btw. If you are new to the game, don’t rush into craftings and talents, focus on basics.

this is the universal truth to many threads posted

Ok, this is a new and inexperienced player… so guys, help him (fortunately, someone has done it). Don’t be aggressive.

P.s about shielded SV, I 100% agree.

there is a big difference between someone who is willing to take in new information and is open to the possibility that he has not attained a high skill level yet - vs someone who thinks they are the best with little experience and can be an authority for change.


Agreed, detective work can be fun but a constant questioning of mechanics is just boggling. Especially trait / talent interaction.

Yes, he isn’t free from faults… but to be aggressive doesn’t help no one.

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You have no idea what you’re talking about. Everyone here covered most of your “points”. But no one really told you about the Shielded targets. Kruber actually has a weapon that breaks shields, that’s right, he actually destroys them. And the metal shields he pulls off the enemy with his melee weapon.

With the elf, I simply use the glaive and do a charged attack to stagger and sometimes get lucky with a 1 hit kill on the 2nd hit if it crits. You need a lot more play time to better understand the mechanics.

Also Ranger has this weapon… but these SVs still remain a problem, imho.

To be fair, this isn’t a unique trait of FS. It has been a development strategy for as long as the gaming industry has existed. As with most other things, there are pros and cons, and it suits some genres better than others.

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I do agree that balance is a bit out of whack and some talents are very underwhelming but your post just shows you pretty much have no idea what you are talking about.