Kruber Melee Weapons (Legend)

Started playing Kruber recently and decided to write down my ideas for his melee weapons. As with most melee weapons in the game the only lacking areas are armour pen and Boss damage.

Halberd: Quite strong. His best and most basic weapon. The appeal of this weapon seems like a good first step for people to learn melee mechanics, as to reach it’s potential you must use block cancelling and push attacks.


2H Hammer: Very balanced and all round versatile weapon. Great CC and cleave. Could use a bit more boss damage.

Suggestions: Boss damage

2H Sword: Strange attack angles on light attacks, low Armour Pen. High cleave, but outperformed by Executioner sword because of the armour pen on charged. Can be made useful as Merc, but most people will have real issues when it comes to armour.

Suggestions: Rework of 2h Sword and Exe Sword to make them more role specific, without being too alike. Downward hits on light attacks suit Exe Sword more.

Executioner Sword: Light attack and push attack horde clearing is great. The odd dodge left and right while spam attacking and nothing can reach you. Charged attack needs looking at as it’s too slow and the movement speed makes it even more frustrating to land. When Elites surrounded by enemies, which happens on almost Elite on Legend, you can’t even start to get a Charge off like other weapons can. Makes it’s role not work unless the Elite is unaware or alone. With them shoving and hitting, the timing becomes really awkward. If you get pushed away from a CW,. your team will most likely kill it before you land another charged.

Suggestion: Switch 2H sword lights to Exe and Exe lights to 2h Sword. Increase charged attack speed or movement speed while doing it.

1H Sword: Great improvements on movement. The move set is very fun, especially on Merc or FK(Resourceful Combatant). Seems very balanced and with a high skill cap. Elites again can be an issue. Using two charged into a light for the overhead feels great on them, but still a lack of damage compared to other melee weapons on armoured. Has very good and fun horde clearing power.

Suggestion: Increase third light attack headshot damage or armour pen very slightly. It’s short range doesn’t allow you to clear as well as 2h weapons, so I think giving it slightly more armour pen with that combo will bring it onto the same level.

1H Mace: Lots of CC, lots of damage potential, and a good front line weapon. Charged attacks are extremely satisfying and good vs elites. 1H Mace seems very balanced right now.


1H Sword and Shield: Works great as a frontline. Push into charged shield slams is great. The light attacks are fine. Charged shield slams don’t set off Paced Strikes though. After using your ultimate on enemies as the FK, while they’re on the floor if you charged attack (shield slam) them, they are suddenly standing up. This is bad as the second charged attack (stab) is your main damage vs Elites.

Suggestion: Fixed Paced Strikes on charged shield slams, fix shield slam changing enemy animations after FK ultimate. Needs a huge buff to Boss damage. My suggestion would be to give the second charged (stab) a bleed effect which ticks for a high amount of damage over a long time. This stops it from doing high damage to Elites, while giving it really good sustained vs Bosses. This would also make Shield weapons more appealing and unique. Horde control and Monster killing.

1H Mace and Shield: The move set of having the first charged attack a charged hit instead of the shield slam makes it a bit different to other shield weapon sets, but stops you from doing pushes into charged shield slams. This makes the weapon a bit useless in my opinion. The light attacks don’t have much cleave like the Sword, so against high density you’re only able to push. You also miss out on the charged overhead of 1H Mace without the Shield.

Suggestions: Complete rework of move set or try increasing the cleave so that more enemies are staggered. This still wouldn’t help with the lack of armour pen though and not being able to push into charged slams.

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Not really sure why you want to totally re-make executioner when only things its missing are some quality of life improvements ( General attack speed increase, Slight movement boost when using charged attack etc) its already pretty viable especially when combined with handgun to deal with say svermin with shield.

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That’s kinda the shtick of Kitten :wink:

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and that is opinion i don’t exactly share. If anything yes rework 2h sword that definitely needs some love atm but i really cannot for the live of me understand making something that is almost decent tier to be remade.

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I think it would just make the weapons more distinctive. Exe sword with downward attacks seems to fit more than side swipes.

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