Changes I'd make to Kruber's weapons

2-Handed Sword: Lower or remove the movement slowdown when swinging, give it armor piercing. As it is now, it’s only decent for hordes, and even then it’s slow attacking AND for moving around. Can barely be used for armored enemies because of its slow speed, medium damage, and lack of AP.

Both shield weapons: Give them a bit more movement so you can dodge more. Not worth using these when the one handed versions have plenty of stamina and much better dodge range.

Executioner Sword: Fix the ghost swings.

2-Handed Hammer: Give it a better sweep attack, like Bardin’s.

One handed sword/shield: These are both fine, actually. Good stamina, good mobility, good speed, damage, and a nice moveset.

Halberd: Fine as is. Decent speed, good reach, balanced by having a moveset mixed of sweeping attacks that do AP and stab attacks that lower its power in certain situations. Stamina is also lower without stamina traits.

Repeating pistol: Increase the non-spin rate of fire slightly, reduce the recoil. This thing kicks too much.

Blunderbuss: Fine as is.

Handgun: Slight damage increase to help on Legend, where it often takes two shots to kill a special.


You know, I don’t think the two-handed sword is as bad as people make out. It’s very easy to nail headshots with it against Stormvermin, and it’s got extremely high damage per swing. It’s only really lacking against Chaos Warriors, but that’s kind of a team fight, and some classes are just better suited for dealing with them than others.

The issue is that you either fill the role of horde killer or elite killer, and the 2H sword doesn’t do either well. 2-3 hits to kill a stormvermin, a common enemy on legendary, with its slow speed and awkward swings, is a lot worse than just spamming LMB with the halberd. It’s not particularly good in any situation.


I refuse to ever touch a weapon that can only move left-right like a broken toy. The bloody Sword-Shield has a 3 part attack animation for its bloody CHARGED attacks but the 2h gets absolutely nothing?
Forget it, between Fatshark being too lazy to fix the Executioner (since early beta at least) there is no chance they will ever put in effort for the 2 hander which is why both with rot forever unused.


So what if you hit them in the head if it still deals no damage?

Headshotting Stormvermin bypasses their armor, and deals more damage. It’s got very high base damage.

It’s a very good weapon against all enemies that don’t have armor, and can work fine against Stormvermin even without charged attacks - it should be able to two-shot headshot a Stormvermin on a basic attack on Legend. Its damage is on par with the Halberd’s against most enemies (except Chaos Warriors), but it can actually cleave many more. I would agree the Halberd is more versatile, but the Great Sword does well in its intended role, and only falls short against Chaos Warriors.

It doesn’t bypass their armour. It just deals slightly more than nothing. Headshots don’t magically fix your armor problems on every weapons. Different weapons work differently against different types of enemies no matter what. Sure going for headshots against armour is the way to go but with 2h sword the damage on hs is still laughable. On Legend you need 4 heavy swing headshots to remove a stormvermin. Most weapons don’t need more than 2.
And that’s just stormvermin, the weakest armoured enemy in the game. It upsides of being good vs hordes are really not worth it atm while other weapons are nearly as good vs hordes while still being good vs armour ( 1h mace, halberd, exe sword if it did not ghost swing ).
“it should be able to two-shot headshot a Stormvermin on a basic attack on Legend.” Stormvermin have 40 health on legend. Normal swings at the head deal 0.5 damage to armoured targets. Heavies do slightly above 10.


Yep, you are correct - I was wrong. I thought in the second game they had made it that the heads of armored enemies (at least Stormvermin) counted as unarmored, not a special class of headshot - on the dummies I thought the armored heads represented something like the armored heads on Maulers. My anecdotal evidence was probably tainted with crits, because I had tested in-game with Merc, and crit headshots do have excellent damage even against armor. I had tried to account for that, but I must have missed them.

At least headshots are much, much easier to land this game. It still leaves the two-handed sword deficient against armor, but its cleave and damage against hordes is still top-notch, even if it is overkill. It is one of the very few weapons that can cleave two Marauders (albeit with a charged attack) - with their mass of 12 most weapons can’t manage.

Partly that’s why I think some of the common enemies should get a bit of a health buff . . . it’s very, very easy to hit that 15HP on Clan Rats with most weapons, which trivializes them, but I’m getting onto another topic.

the truth is as mercenary when you use halberd you have no reason to try nothing else again cause of the versitile , if you learn to move around with halberd you can do anything ,beta doeasnt change many hings on it ,executioner sword is ok but when armored and shielded enemies mixed up to the horde its dificult to change and go in to do the overhead attack then back and block …its risky ,and till you do this the elven glaive in your party will do both jobs for you quicker ,the 2 handed sword is nearly unplayble its only good for the huntsman to take care some anoying simple enemies and then go back to elite /armored killing with hes handgun/longbow , 2handed hammer is better on knight cause you can take more damage ,so mercenary class left only with halberd (its a great weapon), well i believe that we dont need 2 mediocrate 2h sword ,merged them in one good weapon feeling more like elven glaive ,to having real viable choices in mercenary class

Kruber has other weapons aside from halberd and blunderbuss? Crazy!

if you want to keep things as it is give as an option as mercenary not to take a range weapon ant take 2 melle instead then yes my second one could be a greatsword as it is for horde clearing and turn to halberd for anything else , or make us executioner sword way better if you dont want to go for new skins and wepons

Fake news.

Considering i think all of kruber ranged weapons that are not longbow ( and it’s tied to huntsman anyway ) are a dumpster fire I’d gladly trade a ranged for a 2nd melee on merc.

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