Saltz 2 hand sword need a love

Same range as one hand melee of saltz,

Slow attack speed, slowing move speed, low damage,

not good for wave clearing as much as falchion, no AP(In warhammer, all units with gs have ap )

and sometimes it can’t hit enemy edge of right and left side

Rapier, Axe, Falchion and Frail have specialized point so can be chosen with good reason but gs of saltz has nothing to appeal but appearance


While Victor’s (and Markus’s, they’re the same weapon) greatsword could still use some reworking (my preference would be to give its attack patterns a rework to give it a bit better chance to deal with armor), I don’t think it’s as bad as you think, at least on Victor. It is the specialized crowd-clearing weapon on him. The falchion can handle crowds too, and so can the Rapier and Flail, but they’re not still as good on it as the greatsword. The only trouble on Victor is that the two-hander is still a bit too specialized. The way things go on Champ and Legend, a weapon needs good ways to deal with armor to be effective, especially among crowds.

The problems are worse on Kruber’s side, as he has Two-handed Hammer, Exec Sword and Halberd to deal with the same specialization and other things to boot. On him, the Greatsword just gets lost in the crowd.

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2H sword sucks on more than just Saltz. It needs an overhaul.


and small dodge too

back in v1 it was saved by killing blow. now u don’t have it it has showed its weakness in full.

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The problem is that every weapon that has no armor piercing is automatically useless, except if you are a shade and you can use the stealth attack. Probably not much they can do about that, unless if they want to pretend that every normal sword should be able to pierce armor.


That or the armor piercing weapons really need to be single target so that there’s, you know, a trade off.


I think what is need to make the 2H sword interesting and competitive is :

  • change the push attack to a lunge that does moderate/good armour damage and good headshot damage, making it a good AP attack if it hits the head, and at the cost of stamina. It would fit a 2H sword nicely and be useful.
  • less slowdown on both attacks (no seriously, way less). Same problem on a lot of 2H weapons, with light attack on 2H axe and 2H hammer for example.
  • +1 dodge count and a better dodge distance (same on most 2H weapons arguably)

I’d play that. hoo I would…

Imo its heavy attacks should be overhead or even stab strikes with good AP, and lights should be wide slashes with no AP.

It is obvious that these weapons underperform so it is very likely they will address this in future.

To be viable for legend weapons can’t be as slow as that one is, and need more AP. The slow movement is death as well, as the best way to stay alive against a horde is dodge-dancing. It’s why halberd isn’t really as good as people think when it comes right down to it, and why 2H hammer and exe sword suffer as well, as you inevitably end up trading blows at one point or another.

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The halberd makes up for it’s mediocre dodge-dancing with it’s absurd range, though. Any time I go back to the halberd, I’m able to safely kite hordes while decimating them with basically no effort, entirely because I’m able to out-range the enemies; there’s no risk of taking an off-hit from an enemy I didn’t cleave.

The 2H isn’t nearly as bad of a weapon as people think it is, it’s only major pitfalls being lack of AP, and range. The first can easily be offset by a ranged weapon; Huntsman, Bounty Hunter, and even Witch Hunter Captain can really shine with it. It’s range, however, forcing you to be at knife point with hordes using a slower weapon with a bad dodge, often leads to trading hits even when you don’t mean to without a lot of practice with the weapon.

The recent changes to Dwarf’s two handed weapons are encouraging, though. Of all the buffs Greataxe received, its slight buff to range was probably the biggest game-changer. Being able to stay slightly further back while fighting hordes, giving better visibility and less chance of a stray hit glancing you, is a big deal. Currently, all 2H Swords have the same range as most 1H weapons. Increasing their range would be consistent with the recent changes to the Dwarf 2H weapons, and I hope this is the direction Fatshark takes when they eventually get around to looking at the weapons.

And for the love of god, don’t change it’s moveset. It’s current swing is diagonal enough to easily headshot with, while still being horizontal enough to cleave through a horde. It’s a weapon that takes some finesse, but it feels good once you get used to it. It’s slow attack speed is easily offset by stacking attack speed, crit chance, and swift slaying, as well. If I had any recommendation for changing it’s damage profile, it would be to do more damage to armour on headshots. It really shouldn’t take 3-4 charged headshots to kill a Stormvermin.


I dont even mind the lack of AP since I can pull out a gun for that. The big thing that hurts it imo is just that it’s incredibly slow for its damage, and that the charged attack doesn’t have a noticeable lunge like several other 2h charge attacks do. Spear, halberd, 2h hammer, etc all have a noticeable lunge forward when you release a charged attack, that allows you to weave in and put from groups by chaining backdashes and heavy attacks. However, the 2h sword doesnt have this lunge, so you often can’t reach as easily. If it’s going to be as slow as it is, it really needs enough base dmg to (after properties) kill a marauder in 2 light attacks, fanatics in 1, etc, and have more mobility for its charged attacks. Otherwise, they need to speed it up significantly or rework it entirely.

These are some good points too, as what good is a weapon with high cleave potential if it doesn’t have enough range to hit that many enemies anyways? I’d be content with an overall buff to range, and a slight boost to base damage.

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The two-handed sword has less range than all of Saltzpyre’s other melee weapons. It absolutely does need a buff.

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On Legend there are only 2 options Rapier and Falchion. The rest is just too slow or has bad cleave like axe and sooner or later you ll get hit bcs of that.
If the greatsword is supposed to be viable on Legend it needs a little increased speed, range, dmg and overhead AP attack.

The 2-h sword is definitely viable on legend. It clears hordes very well and handles most elites mixed in with hordes, as well as having respectable boss damage. Stormvermin take a bit to kill without crits, an increase in headshot multiplier vs armour would definitely be nice for that.
The greatest weakness of the weapon is warriors, they definitely take a while to kill, as well as bosses+horde and other stuff, since it’s a low mobility weapon.

Woah. I think we are playing different games then or you just ignore the weapons stats and like to be a burden for your team.

It’s good enough that me and a friend has done all maps on legend as a duo, both of us on 2-h sword, one on kruber the other on saltz.
Hard to be a burden when both of us are using the same weapon.
I think you’re giving it too much flak without having put enough time into it, to really get a feel for the weapon.

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It’s a playstyle question again, and learning to use certain weapons. While I have huge trouble making Rapier work, the best weapons for me are the Falchion and Flail. There are no weapons that cannot work on Legend, and different weapons support different playstyles. Please don’t pass opinion as fact.

And as I said, I think the Two-hander needs more work still. The problems just feel worse on Markus, who has several weapons to compete in the same niche and do other things besides.

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You can play and feel and learn how you want. Stat wise falch and rapier are superior compared to greatsword. Ppl saying its viable for legend are delusional or in their eyes every ingame weapon is viable.

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