Two Handed Sword Buffs

Ran some tests with the Two Handed Sword last night to give it a run.

And I have to say its improved. And works well at least up to the Champion level , though still is not as good as the Halberd in Crowds. The Stagger on it is pretty good at that level. But it appears they didn’t add enough Reach to it. The Rapier still has more reach and the Falchion has the same reach. When testing on Dummies that was the first thing I noticed.

I did take it in to Champion level and it actually staggers Chaos Warriors, which is impressive. And it had good cleave there and was not stopped by Chaos Horde like before which was its problem was lack of Cleave on those. Heavy strikes though could stagger Berserkers and CWs… this gave it a serious advantage.

Unfortunately it loses that at the Legend Level and also has cleave problems at Legend level with Chaos hordes at least on the light strikes.

Its very close now to being a usable weapon. Its good up through Champion level now. Still not competetive with other weapons in Legend… but the changes did actually make it viable up through Champion now which it was not before.

I suspect it will still lose out to the Falchion and Halberd at Legend level as it loses everything it gained in Champion, and the reach still isn’t enough to “reach” the abilities of those weapons for Saltz/Kruber .

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The greatsword has the best cleave out of any weapon, it’s really not it’s cleave that is holding it back. The halberd has a mediocre one in comparison.
The thing that bothers me about the GS is it’s lack of reach, why pretty much every weapon except spear/halberd has the same is beyond me. Feels rather silly when the large greatsword hits about as far away as the small 1h.


The greatsword actually seems to have a shorter reach than many 1 handed weapons.


The thing that makes the 2H swords not viable at higher difficulties (and it has since VT1) is, on top of the slowness which isn’t really realistic anyway (as IRL 2H swords aren’t as heavy as we think) the horrible armour piercing, and in VT2, the difficulty in killing Shieldvermin.

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I would say that more applies to the longsword, the greatsword or “zweihänder” is a bit unwieldy, especially given the size (~2m).
I agree that the lack of ability to deal with armor is significant, i would only run it on a class that has a ranged weapon that takes out SV with ease (huntsman, for example). It leaves you pretty bad vs CW, but you can deal with anything else. My point is more even against hordes it’s a bit lackluster due to the range.

Tried it at length last night on legend, but ended up going back to the falchion. The movespeed on light attacks is a nice bonus that is very noticeable, but they still aren’t great reach or speedwise. The improved dmg on the charge attacks against unarmored enemies is significant, but the only real breakpoint it helps you hit is killing a raider in one headshot, as it already killed clanrats and fanatics in one hit. Meanwhile, it still does low dmg vs armor considering its speed, and I couldn’t notice the improved range.

I think the weapon’s real shortcoming on its charge attack comes from its charged attack range. If you compare it to weapons with similar damage and utility profiles on their charged attacks like the halberd and spear, it just falls short, literally. These weapons have a noticeable dash-in when you do a charged attack, that lets you safely backdash away from a mob, swoop back in with a charge attack, repeat. The 2h sword could benefit greatly from this I think.


I expected some Benny Hill music and a speedup when the GS appeared.

I agree. A small forwards dash with a charged attack would really help!

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