Kerillian's Two-Handed Sword (and 2H swords in general)

I will re-iterate what I posted in another previous post.

Two-handers need a little more range (at least as much as the glaive), even more cleave/stagger, etc. Kerillian’s 2H in particular could benefit from a lot more armor piercing on its first charged attack. It is a thrust attack which should (by nature) be armor piercing. I like the fact that the multiplier for headshots on that attack is high, but I still think that one charged attack needs to be able to do a lot more against armor. It is simply logical. Also, the weapon is described as “versatile” but can’t do much against armor. I would not call that versatile. Please make these changes.

I was very disappointed to see that no changes were made for the 2H swords in the most recent update. I hope FS is working on a big overhaul because these weapons have potential and need a lot of love. Again, I am not asking for armor piercing on all 2H swords… just on the first charged attack for kerillian’s.

P.S. - Please nerf the glaive’s cleave or something. It is still too OP. Should be good against elites/armor but maybe only average vs. hordes (which is currently not the case).



I think Kerillians sword is very close to be very good, especially if you use it on handmaiden, with extra dodge range you can do amazing things with hordes, and AP is actually fine, for a croud control weapon (I don’t value descriptions much). The main thing is that charged attack doesn’t slow you as much as Krubers/Saltzpire one. That’s two weapons I would love to see buffed a bit, mainly to give them some faster AP options, rather than charged attack that has same general function as regular attacks, but with only avaliable ap, that is bad because of the luck of speed rather than damage.

You know it only has 30% armor penetration right? And I am referring to the first charged attack only… All other attacks have 0 percent AP. A piercing attack like that should have at least 50% (if not more). Look at the actual dmg some time. It is crazy low. Even if you can somehow get all headshots on some stormvermin, you won’t kill them unless you get 3 or 4 headshots (repeating the first charged atk of course).

And yes, it is a horde clearing weapon. But FS decided to give it one anti-elite type charged attack to make things interesting and make it more versatile. But it would be nice if it could actually penetrate armor and kill most elites. You are kind of helpless on legend difficulty otherwise. And it is a thrust attack, which usually pierces armor. It would make perfect sense to have AP. If they did not want an AP type attack on a anti-horde weapon then why include that first charged attack?


Numbers, numbers, meh. Advantage you have is precision. Double headshoting stormvermins is very easy, and it should be enough to kill them, maybe with some power vs help. Chaos warriors are a bit of a pain, but let’s be honest, they should be. I am using it and it feels very good, a bit veaker offence than glaive can give you, but more CC and no 2 stamina issue. Maybe it’s not as good on WS or shade, but for handmaiden it is perfect.
It is by no means helpless, on the contrary, it is very good to kill elites. Maulers and zerkers/monks are unarmored, so you can deal with them with both attacks, as the game goes. Stormvermins are easy pray with accurate decent-ranged headshots. CW are killable, nad you can dance around them pretty well, so it’s more of a matter of time than danger. I can’t agree that Kerillians two-handed sword is weak on legend, no way.

This whole game is numbers. Haven’t you heard of breakpoint calculations? You would need more than 2 headshots to kill a SV, and wayyyy more bodyshots. It is not logical. Why should a single target piercing thrust attack like that not do much of anything against armor?

“Some pwr vs” is actually 36% and even with HM/Shade’s 15% pwr tallent it still needs 18.2% armoured/skaven to kill SV with 2 headshots.

So I can’t call weapon with such armour pen “versatile”.


Agree with your assessment of the elf 2h, that first charge really should do More against armor. It’s challenging to hit headshots relative to glaive, they should be more rewarding.

Also agree per glaive nerf on cleave, it’s nuts. I thought V1 glaive was in a good place only being able to hit 2 targets on light attacks.


I think Kerillian’s 2H sword is great as it is. The 1H sword needs buffed.

IIRC in the first game it took a lot of patches before they went back and buffed the 1H weapons.

I think they also buffed the armour damage of Kruber’s 2H sword charged attack as I tried it out yesterday.

For balance, though, each weapon’s charged headshot damage should be similar.

I find Saltzpyre’s 2H to be very lacking compared to the other two.

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They should probably reconsider the description. It is a great horde-clearing weapon, and I don’t think it should be great (glaive level) vs armoured models, you have other weapons if you need it, and as it is now, it’s solid, you don’t feel weak and useless, like you do with Kruber/Sienna one-handers. And charged attack is rather fast and it is not that hard to headshot with it, given a bit of practice, maybe. You don’t loose movement speed, as you do with other two-handers, which is very important in elites-killing. The damage itself is not that different from other weapons, that are apecialised on dealing with armor, it is the speed that sucks. And speed on wardacer is okay.

Of course it’s a possible option, but if you want to rework Wardancer’s move set a little, coz IMO stab attacks that deals little damage to armoured are garbage, they can potencially be good only against Stormfiend (attacking his “second head” on the back) or Monks/Zerkers. All other high HP creeps are armoured/super armoured or have super armoured head (hello, Maulers), or Bosses, on whom you can’t reliably land headshots.

FYI Salty’s and Kruber’s Zweihanders got the identical move sets and stats.

I just tested quickly and it seems you are right. I haven’t played Saltzpyre with the 2H for a couple of patches.

heh, got red kruber 2h sword about 3 days ago. tested it on marksman and foot knight. attack pattern is horrible for waveclear. kruber tall AF. you have to look almost under your feet while crouch to kill skaven slaves. i would prefer it to be not diagonal as it is now, but from corner to opposite middle, so it can compare at least vs halberd waveclear, which is way better in killing armored targets with push-stab + attack combo. charged attacks are fine tho, good enough for headshots.
also it would be nice if they just swap angle between charged and light attacks)