Fatshark: Swords have a point

As in, they have a stabbing point. A sharp tip, meant to pierce and stab. They aren’t weapon who’s sole use and purpose is to slash. Slashing attacks are great against unarmored opponents, as they are in game.

Frisian hero Pier Gerlofs Donia is reputed to have wielded a Zweihänder with such skill, strength and efficiency that he managed to behead several people with it in a single blow. The Zweihänder ascribed to him is, as of 2008, on display in the Fries Museum. It has a length of 213 cm (84 in) and a mass/weight of about 6.6 kg (15 lb).

Yet unlike in reality, you seem to have forgotten that swords were also meant to fight enemies in armor, and that their sharp point was developed specifically for this purpose. It’s especially confusing that you haven’t integrated a single armor-piercing stab attack in the move-set of either Kruber or Salts two handers when you did give one to Kerillian.
And considering how little use the above weapons see specifically because of the preponderance of armored enemies and their lack of armor piercing ability, I humbly suggest that you give both of these weapons a stab, either as part of a combo move, as a heavy attack, or even better, as a Push-Counter.

If you want to be especially cheeky, you could be one of the very first video games to include use of a greatsword murder-blow, which was another very common technique for use against armored opponents. This would be especially fitting as a Push-Counter.

Thank you for your consideration.


It’s not a HEMA game though.

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Its more like Buhurt. Get in there without a plan and punch everything in your way !

If all you need to make a HEMA game is to use stab attack with greatswords, then this is already one since, as I stated, Kerrilian’s has a stab in it’s moveset.
But the main point here is balance. Two weapons see close to no use because they are useless against armor, which becomes progressively more common as the game difficulty increases. And you can easily make these weapons good against armor without breaking immersion.


Kerillians 2h sword stab is a charged attack, and every charged attack pierces armor.
But, its true, you got a point there, they should add more diversity moveset and damagewise to all 2h swords across the carreers.

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I knew I can’t be the only one thinking this! I really like 2h-swords, but I hate charged attack, since it doesn’t bring anything usefull to the table, it has same purpose as regular hits. And stupid Kruber doesn’t even try to thrust! I don’t want swords to be good AP, but they deserve some of it. In game 1 I had decent sucsess with two-hander with poison trinket as tool agains armor, but no such thing in game 2, and even if we had, CW are too fat.
But I fear we’r not going to see rework of animations, instead we might have new weapons, think of executioner. But that’s a shame in my oppinion.

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It could happen since with VT2 we have the introduction of push-counters that are relatively disconnected from the rest of the attack animations


I wish. I think best way to implement it is to change second charged attack in sequence to thrust, rather than anothjer wide swipe.

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I’d even take just an increase to armor piercing on the charged or push counter attacks, tough that is the boring way to fix these weapons.

This would be a good way to make the non-AP weapons viable. It would be a lot of work to redesign the animations however. There are too few charged attacks in this game that are even worth using at all.

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Fatshark, listen to that Man, easily to implement because besides the Rapier no Weapon has a special Attack so there you have your free slot for it, btw already many times said FH.

We had/have Push-Counters in V1 as well.

A charged attack stab like Kerillian has wouldn’t be bad.

I don’t think a light attack would work as halberd’s is mostly pointless because it would have too little damage and armored multiplier (for consistency with halberd).

Anyway, if a stab was to be implemented, for consistency with every other stab it probably wouldn’t give direct armor penetration but an increased “finesse” which translates into higher crit and headshot damage.

I suspect this is too late for such changes in Vermintide 2. HOWEVER I would like to see more melee moves in the next title. Directional attacks or at least some special moves ( i.e. a greatsword murder-blow) would make the melee combat more fun and deeper.

Everyone is suggesting that it replaces certain animations in the attack set or the push-stab or 2nd charged attack or what not.

Everyone is still forgetting that the special weapon function exists (like for example, for WH’s rapier-pistol-combo) and it won’t even radically change balance if your greatsword could have decent and reliable A.P. while also having hordekilling power.

Because there’s reason to believe that manipulating the attack pattern is an intended “skill”. Also possibly as a balance method to avoid certain moves from being spammed like halberd’s downward swing.
Also it’s hard to compare this with the other uses for special function since they actually are being used for special features such as Kerillian’s zoom. So the WS could never have a 2h-sword with the feature because it would require yet another button.

Why does it matter if zoom is bound to same key on WS if you are not holding a ranged weapon?

While that’s true, my personal binding makes it kind of bad for repeated use. Good for zoom, okay for bop, not for core gameplay.

A special attack button could switch a standard stance on 2h sword to half-swording, which would allow using it as a spear with a new set of strikes.

Btw the guy on the picture is holding the sword in a wrong way. There “horns” are meant to prevent sliding and work as a support, when using longsword as a spear. His grip was almost exclusively used for cutting shafts on polearms.

I think adding in new attack animations would be a ton of work - and since they’re existing assets, probably not likely to occur.

I think the simplest functional solution is just to give them a much better headshot multiplier; then at least their gameplay is rewarding skill.

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