How to improve two-handed swords in my opinion

We all know that two-handed swords has lack of power, but i don’t want to speak of armor piercing and damage. I just want to offer an idea of adding new animations. Some new hits from other directions, maybe we can use hilt as weapon or you will allow us to thrust. Sword is a very versatile weapon and you can come to a variety of ways to improve it.


They need more range more than anything.

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Reworking the patterns would honestly be the best solution in my opinion too. A bit of extra reach would be good too, but simply tweaking numbers isn’t always good enough (and kinda breaks willing suspension of disbelief when taken far enough). While I think the light attacks work well enough, the heavy attacks could really use an overhead strike in the pattern, both to add some variety and to allow easier headshots for better dealing with armor.

I also agree, with a bit more tweaks

  1. Keri 2h sword needs a bit more range, speed, the blockpush issue fixed, much more ARP damage on the charged stab attack (i would be happy if i could 2 headshot a sv without rolling all my stuff to skaven armor…, only with the basic extra power/headshot bonuses)
  2. Kruby- 2h sword needs a stab, thats on par with the ARP capabilities with the Keri sword, also range
    exe sword- bit more mobility and speed
  3. Saltz- new stab as with kruby 2h sword,OR overhead, bit more range, maybe more cleave(against maulers on charged sweeps)
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Speaking for human swords, obviously more reach (currently 2hs has same or less reach than falchion) and more AP on heavy attacks would make them perfect imo.
Also it wouldda been cool if push attack was a heavy hitting overhead strike.

Stab is left out but it is not easy to implement every attack type in this system. For such a freedom of slash and chop you sirs please refer to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

This is Fatshark…they aren’t in the least bit concerned about this. This is a modders job hopefully in the future we can alter animations or add animations of our own since “EVENTUALLY” we could technically make our own new characters. I’m letting you know this not to be a party bummer but shed some reality on the situation I am planning on making a Warrior Priest character with a full back story and everything once all the right tools are givin and god knows how long that will be……………….we will see mate

Changing the fundamentals in a game and balancing it is the developers’ job, and while we aren’t likely to get these kinds of changes soon, Fatshark has changed weapon animations in the past (in VT1, the dual Daggers’ animations were completely reworked at one point) so this isn’t unheard of. Sure, we’ll get number-tweaking balance changes and bug fixes first, but it’s quite possible to get reworked weapon animations too.

You’re right this is Fatshark, and as someone that played VT1 near release I know they’ll keep spending time reworking and balancing out weapons. Just because they don’t just focus on what you specifically want doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly trying to improve the game.

Well I have been with Fatshark since War Of The Roses and then in too Vermitide 1 also…and this wasn’t what I wanted this is what the other guy wanted Idgaf about these types of things , just making a point

If you make 2h kill SV in 2 headshots, then what will make 1h sword unique? lower range and worse hordeclear for 25% longer dodge range?

infinite dodges?
also 1 h sword needs a sppedbuff imo
And it just doesnt makes sense that a headshot stab attack with a 2 handed weapon that has armor piercing attribute all over the total war warhammer universe performs worse than a onehanded weapon SLICE.

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fair trade :sweat_smile:
well, this one change leads to rework of all weapons in general, cause:

  • 2h kerri sword gets buffed to kill SV with 2 headshots on legend
  • spear fans starting to cry, why 2h sword can, but literally running with spear into SV heads need 3/4 stirkes. so one day spear comes to 2 HS SV
  • bardin boys: “you guys have fast attack weapon capable of both killing elites and hordes with dope push/stab pattern and cleave?”
  • armor excluded from game

fair, but also this “poking sh.t to death” type of games are also a pain in the a.s, if you are not running the “meta” (ARP) weapons. And im not saying that they should add arp to every attack of the moveset, but these charged stabs would really deserve more damage on armor. IRL theres no way that you could harm an enemy in armor if you just try to slashing it with your sword.(still comparing 1h to 2h sword. its just unreal)

That’s the game, not RL. BTW I bet you can lose control of your body if get hit into head like 1h charged does. “knocked out”?

Thats why i want it to be a bit more similar to TW WH in terms of weapon roles (1h-fast weapons anti infantry, 2h weapons-slower, but ARP, with different levels ofc…)

Then what happens if you get hit by the 2h counterpart? More mass, force etc… And compare the ingame damage numbers after this.