Elf 2H sword still pretty limp

Gave the 2H sword a whirl the other day and frankly this weapon just feels like the limpest of all of K’s weapons. Which is a shame because the models for these weapons are gorgeous and the animations are so stylish. It has great cleave and does a good job at meat grinding hordes of thrash, but pretty much everything it does spear push spam can do better and more safely. Also it’s heavy melee stab is just really weak. It takes quite a few stabs to kill even a single storm vermin, while with spear it’s light light heavy into the face to down them much more quicky. (The argument could be made that spear is OPaf now) . At least Salt and Kruber greatswords cleave armored targets, which is what dual swords do.

I know it sounds boring to just give K’s 2h sword a AP push stab but at this point in time the 2h sword is just vastly overshadowed by everything else. Maybe K’s 2h sword should have similar traits to Kruber’s executioner sword - with gross headshot damage that 1shots SV and 2 shots CW, because that’s essentially what the pickaxe can do now.

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Played with the 2h sword last night, it was incredibly strong. If anything it needs a bit of a nerf, perhaps lowering the amount of effective dodges.

Its extremely strong right now, so I’m sorry but I can’t agree. Try the push stab more. Try optimizing your chaos / infantry damage. Try running the 15% power boost from Handmaiden and Shade, or the headshot damage from Waystalker, and give it another shot. Its almost as good as spear right now.

(Edit: This is based on the beta. If you are on the live version right now, yes, its quite bland.)

(Edit 2: Spear is also stupidly good right now. Comparing anything to it is a very biased comparison.)

in its current form based on today’s beta update, it’s pretty damn strong. it can shot SV in the face and 2 bodyshot them. On the previous beta it was just okay.

2 headshots if non crit, and like 6 body… I wouldt call this “pretty damn strong”…

Edit: Nevermind, they actually buffed the stab dmage a bit but didnt write in the notes…

the 2h sword essentially hits like the dual daggers used to do. with the HM’s 15% power buff alone, I a single headshot will do 39 damage (41 damage if you have at least a 10+ vs armor/skaven) , which is the breakpoint required to kill storm vermin . 2 bodyshots will do just that. But yes, the old greatsword had more or less those limp figures that Abyss quoted prior to this

Thats why i edited, since im ret@rded :smiley:
I reinstalled the game but forgot to download the beta.Than I logged in, and spear and 2h sword is shiet. So I was like wtf happened.

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