Elf, 2-handed sword, how do you use this?

OK so I’m fine with DD, Glaive and Dual swords, I’m yet to try S&D in serious play. The spear I struggle with especially when there is armour, but I think I could get the hang of it eventually if only on the handmaiden.

But the 2-handed sword I just cant seem to get the strange V pattern of its attacks to work for me, and the stab charged attack seems to just irritate the armoured enemies, (I very rarely use the second part of the charge attack.) I noticed last night that the charged attack seemed to take chunks out of the troll, (as the handmaiden.)

How is this weapon supposed to be used?
What is it supposed to be good against?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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imo, all 2h swords need a major rework. the elf one in particular has a terrible bug where the block-release-attack turns into a block-push if done too fast, unlike all other weapons.

i also feel they should give 2h swords weak armor piercing. otherwise, there’s not much tradeoff for having extremely slow swings.

sorry i can’t give you much of an answer, i really tried to make the 2h elf sword work but couldn’t find a good use case for it, most other weapons outperform it. a possible use case is for the shade, where the pinpoint strike will be good to ensure that a chaos warrior will be killed among a huge crowd.

Was trying it with every career, HM and Shade are the best, with some “power vs X” imo. Felt it better than glaive, or at least same. Make a heavy headshot, second heavy, block and dodge back. Ideal for SW. CW are easy, so nothing to say here. And hordes are just light spam with dodges and pushes, nothing new. The best part about 2H sword for me it’s these 2 heavy attacks combo.

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  • Big cleave.

  • Strong horde clearing.

  • Stagger.

  • Decent damage.

  • Charged attack very accurate with armor penetration and high headshot damage.

  • Second charged attack’s horizontal swing makes getting headshots easy and has armor penetraton.

  • Average block radius.


  • Poor at handling hordes that have armored enemies mixed in.

  • Mediocre at dealing with lots of armor.

  • Slow swings.

  • Doesn’t kill bosses fast.

  • Diagonal swings make getting headshots unreliable.

About first con. Diametricalli opposite imo. Precise first heavy let’ make a hs, while second helps to hold trash at bay. This is the main reason I like 2h sword.

I’ve not tried it on the shade, it seems counter intuitive .

The cleave thought interests me, but the swing seems quite short, so I can’t use it like kruber’s 2h sword, or the dwarf axe. (Which is fine with me, I think each class should be somewhat unique.) but it does not seem more effective in some other way either.

With my current experiences… I don’t know, I feel like the Handmaidens ult should do (more?) damage if she’s carrying the 2-h sword or something, (I’ve never actually noticed the ult do any damage but I believe it’s supposed to?) perhaps make the 2h sword only usable by the HM, and then let it buff her in some manner.

I was kind of hoping to find a more, “You’re using it wrong!” kind of response, than “Yup, that’s the elf 2h sword.” that or I’m failing my reading comprehension check… lol which I’ve been known to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should be clear, I’m throwing out an idea without any real deep dive into mechanics, so it’s not like I’m expecting any changes to the weapon. I just don’t know how to use it well so it seems weak to me. Though I’m also not sure it can be used well…

The thing about 2h-swords and especially on Keri is: If you don’t have a ranged weapon that can somehow deal with super-armour, taking your 2h sword with you makes you 100% dependent on teammates when dealing with CW. I run 2h sword on my Huntsman build and imho, it is the best weapon to run on him because of the insane horde-clearing. I can still 2-shot stormvermin with headshots, but I usually don’t need to, since I can take care of anything armoured with bow or handgun. Keri doesn’t have a single ranged weapon that can properly dispatch CW, so taking 2h-sword is a gamble.

2h sword is fine. Please leave it alone. It only needs a push fix and maybe some more armor damage on charged.

Also DO NOT use 2h sword on Handmaiden. You need AS on it - the more the merrier. It works best on Shade, cause Shade has +5% AS and can negate low armor-piercing of this weapon.

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Yea as has been said above, basically I don’t use it unless I’m on the shade…

I really like the 2h. I use it with +5 attack speed stat/bonus chaos dmg and Swift slaying trait. A fun weapon good for horde clearing. The charged attack is decent if you can aim it. It struggles against armoured targets, but I use my LB for those.

Pretty much my No.1 weapon to go with Handmaiden.

I run it with +20% vs chaos and 10% vs infantry in total. Combined with the +15% power from your talent, you can oneshot chaos fanatics. The horde clear is just stupidly good.
As others pointed out it’s mediocre against armor, even more meh against superarmor and worthless against shieldvermin. It also sucks against bosses.
Some ranged options allow you to mitigate some of these weaknesses, but never all of them.
As Licious-D said, you have no option against CW.
Though longbow is nice against regular armor and hagbane absolutely melts bosses.

But the main selling point for me is the absolutely insane horde clearing.

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If you can rely on your team, 2h sword is an absolutely valid pick, especially on WS.

I’ll give it another shot, this is the first weapon I’ve developed a hate for.

2h sword on shade? Anything other than dual daggers on shade is a mistake imho. I’d say 2h sword is just fine for handmaiden since she’s more or less an off-tank. All she needs is wave clear and mobility.

we’re trying our best to give the 2h sword a purpose here rofl, not single target speciality optimised builds =P

Also you might be shocked, but Dual Swords and 2h swords are my 2 favorite weapons on Shade. I trade some boss damage for unlimited waveclear.

SnD-Shade master race.

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I take the hagbane bow for wave clear if my group isn’t equipped to handle it easily. Otherwise I take the volley crossbow for specials. The reason I always take daggers isn’t just for boss damage; It’s huge burst damage against elites such as Storm Vermine and Maulers. You can usually take them out with 2 heavy attacks to the face, and if one of your heavy attacks crit with 60% crit bonus (melee/ranged weapon properties and necklace property) you can kill SV’s with only one heavy attack on legend. They’re also amazing against chaos warriors when your ult is down. Limiting the shade’s damage by using a cleave melee weapon is a mistake in my opinion. if you want to build around wave clear, might as well go handmaiden or waystalker. Shade is an elite/boss killer.

That’s a healthy medium between the two. My issue is the first heavy strike really sets me back against elites. I prefer the burst damage of DD against elites. Like I said to Nikk, if my group isn’t well equipped to ace hordes, I just use hagbane. 3 shots can deplete a horde enough to clean up with any melee weapon.

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