Elf 1 Hand Sword Much Better

I’ve been playing around with Kerillian’s 1 handed sword after recent improvements and I much say it is MUCH more fun to use. It feels much more mobile - movement while blocking and attacking is faster and dancing around in hordes is much easier. I’ve been using it on Handmaiden, and the light attacks + good push-stab sweep make for good horde control. The heavy attacks make for reliable headshot, and their speed + the mobility when charging makes landing them (and avoiding other things) a lot better.

I’m going to keep using it for awhile and also try it out on Shade to see how it performs there. Anyone else tried it since the 1.0.8 live patch?


Are you sure they buffed it’s speed while blocking? It was already at 90%, which is the highest possible and only achieved by it, the rapier and dual daggers.

You’re right looking at the patch notes I don’t think they did buff that part. I also have not used the 1h sword much before, really just a few games when that was the only weapon I had available for Kerillian (way back in closed beta) and I just remember thinking it felt really clunky and meh to use.

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It’s been decent for a while, it just needs faster light attacks and it will be good

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I don’t like how weak the first 2 lights are damage-wise but other than that it’s a solid weapon.

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the thing that bugs me is that the character slows down a lot while attacking. i mean it’s a 1h sword, isn’t mobility supposed to be better than dual wielding? should be able to move at full speed while swinging it.

not sure what the buffs did to the weapon in detail tho, can anyone talk specifics?

Weapon mobility is better while attacking. What’s weird is I seem to move faster during charge attacks than light ones…

i still found it quite slow =( i mean i’m comparing it to dual wielding.

It is slower than dual wield for sure, I agree that part is frustrating. I’m not sure if it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for the better charge attack; I’ve only played a few games with it so far so it may be I just need to learn to use it better.

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According to breakpoint calculations, 1h Sword seems rather good in Champion at least. On Handmaiden (with Eldrazor’s precision) you only need a little bit of increased damage (<3%) to one-shot Stormvermin with the charge attack. It’s fairly easy to reach the clan rat breakpoint (12.5%) as well.

This is all for champion though.

i’ve been trying hard to synergise it with ranged weapons, but my main point of concern is that light attacks are just too slow and the angle of attack is not so good - it can’t handle hordes well. my verdict is that the glaive just outclasses it in every way (except dodge range), which is quite sad because a 1h sword would probably be my preferred setup. i thought maybe it would work out on shade because it would do easy targetted infiltrate strikes - but one heavy doesn’t even kill a chaos warrior.

haven’t tested on HM yet but am eager to try =)

1h sword with it’s slow staggerless low damage light attack is still just a gimmick weapon. Its armor damage is crazy good, but it is even worse at dealing with infantry than 1h axe. I mean it’s light attack is so bad, that even 4-5 pink rats become a problem. So yeah, the patch allows you to dance around the horde even better, but sadly dancing is all you can do when facing more than 2 enemies.

But I love to equip it from time to time to have fun with its charge attack, as well as j_sat it seems. Pay attention like he almost never uses light attacks, and also he never tries fighting a horde with this sword.

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I had a quick play around with the 1h yesterday on Champion (as Shade) and it kinda just felt aweful still (obviously Shade still broken but comments are excluding infiltrate issues).

Stormvermin regularly needed 3 charged headshot attacks.
Low stagger and cleave meant that even 3-4 enemies backing you into a corner resulted in you taking damage.

Sure dodging around when fighting bosses felt nice, or avoiding taking damage from chaos warriors if you had the space, but I certainly don’t feel it’s worth any consideration over other weapons right now, even after the changes.

It could be fun if you’re with a premade of people who you can rely on. But in a pug, if you’re ever alone with everyone else dead, it’s certainly only sensible to run and rez at that point.


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